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1. Kids Fun Club Kids Fun Club 2. About Game Make little kids ready in Kids Fun Club, cute adorable kid needs your help so they don't want to go at Hair Spa, make-over salon and a fashion designer. They are asking you to be her personal assistant and as their personal assistant you need to be a real fusionist. Try this adorable game absolutely free. 3. Features This free kids fun club has seven make up categories to choose from, every kids categories has different fashion styles. o Shampoo: Towash their hair o Soap: To give pleasant bath o Mask - Moisturizing mask on face for flawless complexion o Hairstyles - Choose one of your hairstyles and try something you never tried before! o Eye shadow - Are you going for the natural look our something more exciting? o Kids outfit - When picking out kids outfit, look for an outfit that looks perfect with our stars in this kid's fun club - kid's game! o Hidden Object - And at last play mini game inside named hidden object. 4. zDownload