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  • Ten Fundamental Truths of Marketing Higher



    Marketing Congress

    July 7, 2011

    Tom Hayes, Ph.D.

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    1) Marketing is often Found Like Some Find Religion

    It often times takes a near crisis to launce a marketing initiative in higher education

    If you do not have a crisiscreate one!

    If you do have a crisis, marketing is not a panacea but one important tool in the strategic tool box

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    2) Marketing is Rooted in Marketing Research

    You are not your customer

    ..either is your chancellor, vice-chancellor or administrative assistant!

    Research is an investment, not a cost!

    Research quiz

    School picture quiz

    Lifetime value of a customer

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    3) Marketing is More Than Communications

    We need to move beyond the publications and web page

    Marketing is misunderstood

    Marketing is integrated, well planned and information based

    7 Ps

    Productcourses, majors

    Pricetime, hassle social and psychological

    Placephysical or virtual

    Promotionmore and more internet based

    Physical evidence



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    Images Can be developed or changed but not overnight!

    It is often more difficult to live the brand than create it

    Academic reputation gets you considered, other factors close the deal

    Marketing is everyones responsibility

    4) Brand Image = Consistency of Message and Action

    Over Time

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    5) It is Difficult to Be Both Relevant and Distinctive

    Brands are based on Relevancy and Distinctiveness

    Relevance is about having meaning to your market

    Academic Rigor

    Personal Attention

    Connection to Industry

    Values and Ethics Based

    Who doesnt have this!

    It is ALL about Execution!

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    A short story.

    A father calls to set up an appointment for his daughters college tour (after 5 similar calls)

    Refuse to take information, told to go to the webIts Easier!

    A conversation ensues

    Systems and Processes should work for all parties

    If there is no flexibility, it doesnt work

    You are not the driving force

    There are multiple markets, the parents who pay the bill being one of them!

    6) Its Not About You!

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    Value = Benefits Costs

    Benefits = A Solution to a Problem

    Costs =









    7) Most of us are Playing the Value Game

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    Mobilize the believers

    Concentrate on the Undecided

    Give everyone else train speech!

    8) Understand the 20-60-20 Rule

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    Because you can add a program does not mean you should!

    Easier to add than subtract

    Market analysis which includes: ROI, competitive analysis, market share and trends.

    Avoid empire builders

    At the end of the day, a budget is a numerical representation of the planif it is not in the budget, it is not really in the plan

    9) Understand the Financials

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    10) Marketing Works Best from the Inside Out!

    Involve as many people in the marketing effort and process

    You can never communicate too much about the marketing process, goals and outcomes

    You have to love politics

    Never make a promise you cannot keep!

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