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Mil Truths

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  • Try to look unimportantthe

    enemy may be low on ammo and

    not want to waste a bullet on you

  • Nevershare a foxhole with

    anyone braver

    than yourself

  • Never forget that your weapon was made by the

    lowest bidder; staffed by engineers who could not qualify for any other job

  • a Fivesecond fuses

    always burn in

    three seconds

  • The easy way is


  • Teamworkis essential;

    it gives the enemy

    other people to shoot at

  • If you are short of everything

    but the enemy, you are in the

    combat zone

  • Incoming fire has the

    right of way

  • Nocombat ready unit has ever

    passed inspection

  • Noinspection ready


    has ever passed combat

  • If the


    within range, so are you

  • The only thing

    more accurate than incoming enemy fire is

    incoming friendly fire

  • Tracers work both ways

  • Professional soldiers

    are predictable; the world is

    full of dangerous amateurs

  • Military Intelligence is a


  • Minesare

    equal opportunity weapons

  • When in doubt, empty

    your magazine

  • The sidewith the

    simplest uniforms wins

  • Combatwill occur on

    the ground between two adjoining maps

  • The sidewith the

    simplest uniforms wins

  • The most dangerous thing in the world

    is a

    Second Lieutenant with a map and

    a compass

  • The more

    a weapon costs, the farther it goes for


  • The complexity of a weapon is inversely

    proportional to the IQ of the weapon's operator

  • If enough

    data is collected, a board

    of inquiry

    can prove anything

  • The weapon usually jams

    when you need

    it the most

  • The bursting radius of a

    hand grenade is always one foot greater than your jumping range

  • There is no such place as a


  • Success occurs when no one is looking,

    failure occurs when the General is watching

  • Things that must be together to

    work can never be shipped together

  • The quartermaster has only two sizes,

    too large and too small

  • If you have a

    personality conflictwith your superior:

    he has the personality, you have the conflict

  • If you

    enter CO's office with an idea, you will leave

    his office with his idea

  • Two rules of the army.One: The boss is always


    Two: when in doubt applyrule one

  • Want to share

    military truths/ knowledgecontact: facebook/colsenguptamail: [email protected]