Genders – un and une Objectives : To get to know the French genders

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Text of Genders – un and une Objectives : To get to know the French genders

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  • Genders un and une Objectives : To get to know the French genders
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  • Read this sentence. What does it mean exactly? Cest un crayon It is a pencil. Which of the words means a ? The word un means a . Now read this sentence. Which word means a this time? This time, the word une means a . Cest une rgle
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  • Genders un and une There are two words for a in French. Why? In French, all nouns have a gender. They are either masculine or feminine. The word for pencil (crayon) is masculine, so un is in front of it when we say a pencil . The word for ruler (rgle) is feminine, so une is in front of it when we say a ruler.
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  • Une gomme Un stylo Une calculatrice Un crayon Une rgle Un sac Un porte-monnaie Un agenda Un portable Un livre Ecoute et regarde
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  • Genders un and une But how can you tell whether a word is masculine or feminine? It is impossible to tell just by looking at it. UN UNE UN UNE You have to learn each word with the UN or UNE before it, once you know this, its not too difficult. You know that each word is preceded by something, and that UN is masculine and UNE is feminine. With time it will become a habit for you.
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  • Genders un and une Sometimes you will need to check in the dictionary. If the word is masculine it will have the letters nm next to it and if it is feminine you will find the letters nf next to it. Use a dictionary to find out whether the words below are masculine or feminine. What do they mean in English? Write it in the box provided Anniversaire Bibliothque Btiment Pomme Date Vrifie
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  • Genders un and une
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  • Plural - des DES To make a/an plural in French, we use DES (dont pronounce the S) in English you use some but sometimes you dont use anything. So if you want to say you have some books you will need to say: Jai des livres It does not matter if you dont know the gender (ie feminine or masculine des is used for both). Des rgles Des stylos Des dictionnaires Des portables Ecoutez
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  • Genders : le la - the Sometimes, you want to say the pencil , instead of a pencil. You must remember to check whether the word is masculine or feminine. If the word is masculine, you use the word le Le crayon If the word is feminine, you use the word la La rgle
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  • l If a word begins with a vowel (a, e, i, o, u), then you cant use le or la in front of it. Instead, you put l in front of it, whether it is masculine or feminine. Lordinateur Lagenda
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  • les the This is the word you use when you want to say the in the plural, whether the word is masculine or feminine Le chatles chats La rgleles rgles Lordinateurles ordinateurs
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  • les Find if these words are singular or plural 1. 2. 3. 4. 5.
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  • How to say something belongs to someone Helens ruler In French the sentence is slightly longer: the ruler of Helen You need to say the ruler of Helen La rgle dHlne Possession using de Le stylo de Martin Le portable de Simone
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  • Try to do this exercise - Write in the box below: How do you say in French: 1.Sophies ruler 2.Edwards cat 3.Christinas dog 4.Charles fish 5.Catherines book Possession using de Vrifie
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  • Possession using de
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  • Les jeux Sink the boatCar tune babelnet klbschool DC