Get into Raw food and improve your health

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By reading this article you will learn the health risks of cooked food and the benefits of raw food which will improve your health


  • Get into Raw Food now and Improve Your Health

    From We have eaten uncooked food for millennia. It is only recently however that cooking food became the norm. Look at all the animals in nature. Do they eat cooked food? No they do not and do they suffer for it? No. The primary reason for the shift to cooked food was the belief that cooking killed off microbes. So people began cooking their apples, tomatoes, just about everything they ate. The reality is however that microbes will only set up shop where there is an environment for them to thrive. If we eat cooked food then this toxic environment exists. Take it away with a raw food diet and the microbes will go too. The process of cooking allows food to bypass the sensory safeguards we have in our bodies. I challenge you to take a piece of raw meat and give it to a big meat eater and tell then to eat it. I bet you they won't. The body treats cooked food like a toxin to be destroyed as white blood cells are deployed to do the job. Heated food is nutritionally inferior so people eat more of it and this leads to obesity. Cooking damages nutrients. Once food is cooked it can never be what it was before. Take protein for example. For it to absorbed into our body it must be broken down into each of it's amino acids. Well cooking food with fuse all the protein together rendering the food almost useless. Partially broken down protein is recognised by the body as a toxin to be eliminated. This is not easy for the kidney to do and can result it arthritis and other disorders. Overheat your toast and what happens? It turns black and this is a toxin known as carcinogen. That's what happens to any carbohydrate that is heated. The body can only use up to 70% of the energy potential of heated carbohydrates. As for fats well we all know the problems there, saturated are the worst, clogging arteries and capillaries. Even unsaturated fats when heated turn in to "trans" fats

  • another lethal toxin. The best water in the world is that found in fruit and vegetables so much more pure than any expensive bottled water. So if you heat a fruit the water is lost. Eat raw fruit and you have the perfect water source. Other nutrients such as vitamins,minerals and enzymes are also damaged by the cooking process. So you can see that whilst cooking is the norm in modern society, eating fresh fruit and vegetables is the way to go. Start now. FOR MORE INFORMATION ON THE RAW FOOD DIET GO TO


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