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    DirectorDr. Patrick Gardner

    AdvisorDr. Peter R. Gillett

    20162017Senior Officers


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    and Development

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    Organizational Affairs

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    Glee GabThe

    The Official Newsletter of the Rutgers University Glee Club

    Inside This Issue

    Volume 35, Issue 1, Fall 2016

    Our Homecoming Pages 12

    Not Goodbye: See You Soon Page 2 Mason Gross

    School of the Arts

    The Rutgers University Glee Club is a performance ensemble of the Mason Gross School of the Arts

    I go to one college football game a year. Its not because I dislike the sportphoto albums at home can trace my life back to playing flag football as a five year old. I played on school teams up until I was a sophomore in high school, and since joining the Glee Club Ive practiced and played for the Soup Bowl team. On the days my lucky numbers are drawn in student ticket lotteries and I do win tickets to games, I usually have prior commitments and hand my tickets off to someone else who can make good use of them. Its for these reasons that I value Home-coming as one of the greatest college traditions. For a member of the Glee Club, Homecoming is an opportuni-ty not only to be a proud performer of the national anthem in front of thousands of peers and onlookers, but also to reconnect with old friends and brothers over Americas favorite sport.

    Homecoming has been going on for so long that weve almost taken it for granted. Colleges have been inviting their alumni back for abundant celebration and camaraderie since the late 1870s. The true origins of Homecoming, however, are still contested to this day. Baylor, Illinois, and Missouri all claim the title of Homecoming creators, with their first celebrations having been planned around 1910. While some of the facts are unclear, the characteristics of Homecoming have remained the same for over a hundred years, with current students and alumni coming together to take part in rallies, parades, dances, and, of course, a spirit- charged game of football. These first Homecomings were extremely successful, as they pulled together alumni from around the country in a fervid celebration of their Alma Maters. This initial success caught on all


    across the country, and by the 1920s Homecoming had planted itself in the heart of American collegiate traditions.

    Of all of the Homecoming stories Ive been told about, one football game in particular comes to mind: the Rutgers v. Virginia Tech Homecoming Game, 1992. In one of the most impressive displays of athleticism and courage, under overwhelming odds, the Rutgers University Football Team led by quarterback Bryan Fortay came back from a deficit of twelve points in the fourth quarter. Winning the game on the last play, the Scarlet Knights fought hard to defeat Virginia Tech 5049, even when students had begun to leave the stadium predicting defeat. What followed in the next few moments is one of the greatest displays of the jubilation of victory. The team rushed to swarm wide receiver Chris Brantley after his touchdown catch, while fans, including students and alumni, leapt from their

    Members of the Glee Club at Homecoming 2015

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    RUGC Performs In Washington, D.C.Page 6

    Our Latest CD and DVDPage 5

  • Mason Gross School of the Arts

    Ever ChangingYet Eternally

    the Same

    Mason Gross School of the Arts

    Rutgers University Glee Club The Glee Gab2

    20162017 Junior


    Executive SecretaryJoseph Haverlock

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    Technology CoordinatorRyan Morey

    SOE 18

    Public Relations Manager

    Larry FriedMGSA 19

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    HistorianMax Ohring

    SCI 18

    stands and met the team in celebration of the victory. Moments like these are a testament to the Rutgers community and their love for the sport and for their Alma Mater.

    Since the beginning of the Home-coming tradition, alumni have traveled across the country to rediscover that same sense of community and belong-ing that comes with the yearly cele-brations. All aspects of tradition are subject to change, however, once you throw time into the mix. The evolu-tion of Homecoming over the years has spawned new activities and celebra-tions that vary from campus to campus

    across the nation, my personal favorite being the Charity Bed Races on College Avenue. Traditions shift as interests change and new ideas of entertainment and camaraderie are created.

    With this understanding, I am happy to announce as Vice President of Alum-ni Relations and Development that the Rutgers University Glee Club will be hosting its first ever Homecoming Concert. Were inviting all of you, our esteemed alumni, to perform with us at Kirkpatrick Chapel on the day of the Homecoming Game, Saturday, October 15! In the first concert of its kind, you will be able to perform the national

    anthem alongside your brothers in song for the Homecoming football game, and again later that night for our loy-al concert audience. This is a chance to go to the most energetic football game of the year and reconnect with old friends. There will be time to go out with your friends before the concert, and to rehearse your favorite tunes. Not that youll need much practice! We hope youll join us in expanding the national traditions of Homecoming, and help us inspire others by singing classic Rutgers songs that we all know by heart and love to perform.

    The recent graduating teaching as-sistants, Colin Britt and John Wilson, have made a significant impact on the Glee Club in the past few years. While pursuing Doctoral and Masters degrees respectively, these two gen-tlemen have dedicated valuable time and effort to the Glee Club. From my personal experience working with both of these gentlemen, it was nice to see them progress as professional musicians during my time as a Glee Club member. Colin Britt entered the group three years ago to pursue a DMA (Doctor of Musical Arts) in choral conducting from the Mason Gross School of the Arts. It was the year after Daniel Spratlan, who had served as a TA for the Glee Club, finished his degree, and Colin was a perfect fit for the club. Colin is a man of outstanding charisma; he can make jokes and bring smiles to the faces of the choir without losing a sense of focus, a skill that sets him apart from most conductors. I per-sonally had the pleasure to sing with him for three years and play percussion for him for multiple University Choir concerts.

    I had asked for Colins thoughts about his experience with the Glee Club and he had this to say: What Glee Club means to me is that it is not only a defined musical organization, but the history adds significance to everything the group does. Its very well connected with the lineage but also the Glee Club is just a fun group of guys who care about each other. I felt very welcomed to the family! Colin is also

    a prolific composer and arranger, and was proud to have his piece Quem Vidistis Pastores performed by the Glee Club. Taking his experience with the Glee Club into the professional choral world, Colin will be serving as the artistic director and conductor for the West Village Chorale in New York City. He will also be conducting the wom-ens ensemble Amuse Singers, directing the North River Sing, and conducting three choirs at SUNY New Paltz.

    My former high school choir teach-er, John Wilson, entered the group two years ago, taking a sabbatical from

    teaching at Bridgewater-Raritan High School to pursue his masters degree in choral conducting at the Mason Gross School of the Arts. John Wilson has a lovable sense of teaching and truly enjoys every moment of the process. John is certainly an in-spiration to me personally, and I can speak for the group in saying that he has certainly brought members of the ensemble closer together. I talked with John about his time spent with the group and he spoke with high praise.

    There is a certain camaraderie that exists within this special group of gentlemen. Though members all have different majors, we all come together for the love of music and thats something I try to do any time when Im with a group of mu-sicians. I also asked him what Glee Club means to him and John com-mented: The motto Ever changing yet eternally the same really fits the lineage of excellence that exists here. Not only are you being a part of the group musically, youre mak-ing a contribution and being a part of Rutgers history. John will be

    returning to Bridgewater-Raritan High School as the choral director. Hes also working as director of the Westminster Community Chorus and the Princeton Girl Choir high-school level ensemble.

    I say with great honor that I get to call these two my friends, colleagues, and brothers in song. Remember this isnt a goodbye but rather a see you soon! We wish you all the luck in the world! Keep an eye out for these talent-ed performers in concert venues near you! Their work is really something to experience.


    Congratulations to our TAs! Heres to their