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  • 1. Goldilocks and the Three BearsRe-told by Robert Roth

2. Goldilocks was walking through thewoods, when she saw a house. There was nobody inside, so she went right in. 3. She walked in and saw some porridge, so she tried all 3 bowls.One was too hot, and one too cold, but the thirdone was just right. She took this bowl and ate it allup. 4. She went into the livingroom and found 3 chairs.The third one was just right, butwhen she sat on it, she broke it topieces. 5. Now she was really tired, so she headed tothe bedroom.The first bed was too hard, the second toosoft, but the third one was just right. She got into this bed and fell fast asleep. 6. While she was sleeping, thethree bears got home.When they entered, theywere shocked to findtheir porridge eaten! 7. They entered the living room and the Baby bearcried out when he saw his ruined chair. 8. Then, Golidlocks finallywoke up and saw thebears and panicked! 9. She screamed and ranhome, and neverbothered the bearsagain. The End