Group fitness in Bundoora

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Butts n Gutts is built on the proven fundamentals of exercise training, focusing on strength, cardio, functional and core fitness. - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Page 2: Group fitness in Bundoora

• Butts N Gutts is the best boot camp centre in Bundoora & Greensborugh providing group fitness classes.

• We focus on strength, cardio, functional and core fitness.

• Stronger muscles will protect you from injuries later in life with the added benefit of feeling more powerful in day to day activities.

• Our boot camp will assist you with weight loss, increasing muscular strength, improving muscle tone, strengthen core muscles, strengthen and tone your lower body and provide guaranteed results

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Fitness Boot camp Workouts

• Butts N Gutts provide various types of fitness training suitable • for all ages and fitness levels

• We Like to place a big emphasis on the core muscles. • Having strong core muscles prevents lower back pain, makes you functionally stronger and gives you a flatter looking stomach. • Butts N Gutts will have you feeling and looking great in no time! BE FIT – BE STRONG – BE HEALTHY

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Weight Loss Boot Camp

• Butts N Gutts boot camp will have you burning serious calories.

• We include strength training which is the most efficient way for increasing your metabolism while strengthening your tendons and ligaments.

• Butts N Gutts is suitable for all fitness levels catering form the absolute beginner right through to the highly fit individual.

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Contact Information

Company Name: Butts N Gutts Boot Camp

Address: Watsonia Primary School240 Nell Street Watsonia 3087

Email: [email protected]

Website: http://www.bngbootcamp.com.au/