High Flyer Intermediate Workbook

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English grammar and language

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IIPearson Educ.tion LimitedEdinburgh Gate, Hartau, CM2a 2JE Engtand 'lser. and Attoclat?d Compallies throughoat the uorla. www.longman.comi


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Firsl published 1996Fourtheenih impression 2009


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Prinrcd in Malaysia. KHLlsBN 978-0 582-07943-4

Acknowledgementj We are grareful to the following for permission to reproduce coplTight material j Cambridge I nrrersity Press for an adapted extmct lrom Onre Upon o Time byJohn Morqan and Mario Rrnvolucri. Care tor the Wild for an -adapted ertracr fr^om.rheir.Tiger Adoption programme.: \-aflron tJooks Lrd tor.ldapted exEacls from l-antunl( Fartt by John Murrel: Hodder Headline plc lor an adapred extracr from t}re publicrry handout for Hergi and bi: Creation by Harry Thompson; Jessica Kingsley publishen for an extract from 'The Will