HIgh School Carpentry Lesson Plans- Hand Tools

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HIgh School Carpentry Lesson Plans- Hand Tools

Academic Challenge

Erin Hunter


1) Learning objective: Introduction to Hand Tools

2) Targeted Critical Skills: Collaboration

3) Grade Level and Subject: 11th and some 12th, Year one Carpentry students

4) Grouping: 4 groups of 4 I will let them form their groups with the requirement that they work with at least one person from a different school. This will be in the first weeks of school so the students wont know each other well. This will give them the opportunity to get to know each other better and start building an inclusive community.

5) Time of year: First few weeks of school. Probably the first full week.

6) Length of time: One class period = 2 hourswith the option for negotiating more time if necessary.

Challenge: Hand Tools in Construction

Essential Question: What hand tools will help you be a master craftsman?

Hand tools are the backbone of the construction trades. They are used every day on job-sites. Hand tools should be properly used and maintained at all times. Safety is also an important part of using hand tool. Tools should only be used for the job they are designed to do. This helps to prevent accidents and injuries.

Your challenge as a team is to generate a list of the hand tools that you would need on a construction job to help you be a master craftsman. Your presentation should include:

1) What are the tools and what are they used for?

2) How are the tools maintained properly?

3) How are the tools used properly and safely?

Additionally, at the end of the challenge you will be assessing your personal contribution as a member of your group. Be thinking about the ways you:

Contribute ideas,

Take responsibility for your share of the work and

Treat others with respect

Note: Creativity is encouraged.


Students will write a journal entry at the completion of the challenge reflecting on the ways they contributed as a group member (as noted in the challenge).

I will include students in designing the quality criteria for their presentation. Since this is the first challenge I will keep it as simple as possible. I will make a check list from their criteria with room for comments from me. See example:

Checklist Rubric for Hand Tool Presentations


___ spoke clearly

___ eye contact

___ audience was engaged

___ audience was informed

___ organization of the material was evident

___ creativity



___ information is accurate

___ list is comprehensive

___ includes what the tool is and what it is used for

___ shows how the tool is maintained properly

___ shows how the tool is used safely



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