Higher Ground STEVEN HALPERN is recognized as Halpern Higher Ground STEVEN HALPERN is recognized as the founding father of modern sound medicine, and internationally acclaimed composer and recording

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  • Steven Halpern

    Higher Ground STEVEN HALPERN is recognized as the founding father of modern sound medicine, and internationally acclaimed composer and recording artist of music for relaxation, wellness, sound healing and inner peace. A pioneering sound healer, he is celebrating his 30th anniversary of promoting the healing powers of music through his recordings, books, media appearances and workshops.

    Halperns unique use of musical tone, time, and space has helped millions to reconnect with the oasis of peace that lies within each of us. Halperns music comes from a place of peace, and stimulates a similar feeling within his listeners that makes it easy to Be Still...and Know. The luminous sound quality and warmth of his recordings evokes a heart-centered resonance that youll enjoy for years to come.

    Stevens music is used in leading health and complementary medicine centers, hospitals, hospices, destination spas, and massage schools. Many therapeutic body workers, nurses and chiropractors, as well as psychologists, hypnotists and counselors play his music to create a nurturing background ambience that supports their own work.

    Steven has been a student of ancient sound healing traditions from India, China and Egypt since 1967. In 1971 he began pioneering research exploring sound, healing and consciousness.

    Halperns music is an ideal companion to yoga, massage, meditation, hos-pice work and healing arts practices of all kinds. His recordings are also used in homes, business offices and schools around the world.

    visit him at www.stevenhalpern.com

  • Notes on the Recording of Higher Ground

    HigHer ground i & ii On the way to a scheduled recording session, I spontaneously happened to stop in at my favorite music store. The chief salesman, who was familar with my music, said, Youve got to hear this new keyboard. It just came in this morning.

    Coincidence? You be the judge. As soon as he turned on the instrument, I was mesmerized by the sound. I played the chord that opens the album, and my head filled with music, as if I had tuned into a radio station. It was a wonderful feeling, and I was hooked immediately.

    Ill take it, I said. To which he replied, Dont you want to know what other sounds it has? This is all I need. Im in the zone already.

    Two hours later, I was in the recording studio. These songs came through during the sound check. I couldnt take my hands off the keyboard, and heard the entire compositions in an instant. My engineer knew there was magic in the air, and kept the tape rolling. The songs literally played themselves as the music unfolded in real time, as if they had a life of their own.

    Communion was inspired by a highly sensitive woman whom I first met in Egypt in 1980. Out of the blue, she called me in 1988 and said I bring a message from some old friends from far awaythe Pleiadians. That was the beginning of an extraordinary series of events. Brenda sat next to me on the piano bench in the studio. I was aware of an extraordinary delicacy of vibrational elevation, and this soundscape manifested to assist in our atunement with energies of light and love.

    48 Hours was composed live in the recording studio while I was being filmed for a featured segment on CBSTVs 48 Hours. I showed the producer and crew how I could amplify the meditative and relaxing effect of the music with the

    addition of sonic entrainment technology. These are the audio tones that produce the binaural beat effect at the beginning of this song. These matrix guides you into the deep alpha brainwave range of 7.83 cycles per second, which is.the Earth resonance frequency.

    They were blown away. We all looked forward to sharing this experience with mainstream America. Alas,

    when the segment finally aired, only a very brief snippet made the final cut. Now, you get to enjoy the entire experience.

    Crystal Cave enhances the sound of pure crystal bowls (which are featured on my album CRYSTAL BOWL HEALING with entrainment tones in the theta brainwave range.

    Pleiadian Consort i features Dr. Fred Bell, a former NASA scientist, bestselling author and contactee. He happened to be in town on the day that I was finishing the album. I invited him to drop by, and he added the special effects dialed in from his keyboard.

    Power Point ii & iii add the powerful effect of a Grandfather Rattle to the sound of the heartbeat drum. The combination provides an additional dimension to the overall experience that transforms and intensifies the trance-inducing effects.


    STEVEN HALPERN All keyboards, sonic entrainment matrix, Thunder Drum, & harmonic overtone chant.

    Brenda Winkler: interstellar liason Fred Bell: synthesizer effects Chief Sonne Reyna: Heartbeat Drum & Rattle

    1992, 2006 Open Channel Sound Company (BMI) q 1992, 2006 Steven Halpern / Inner Peace Music

    Making a copy of this CD for friends is a violation of federal and karmic laws, and does not support artists and record labels. Please buy or download additional copies from us or other vendors. We thank you for your integrity and support in keeping the music alive.

    Special thanks to: Tim Clifford (Producer), Victoria Corderi, and the entire crew from 48 Hours, Suzanne Doucet & Melanie Jordin,

    J.J. Hurtak, Andrija Puharich, Greta Woodrew & The Ogatta Group

    Recorded at The Music Annex Menlo Park, CA and Banquet Sound Studios Sebastopol, CA. Recording Engineers: Roger Wiersma &

    Robert Iriartborde (Music Annex) and Warren Dennis Kahn (Banquet Sound Studios)

    CD Mastering: Rainer Gembalczyk Enhanced with CLARUS Sound Technology

    Cover painting: Rick Faist Changing Color Line 1987

    L L

    1) Power Point I 4:482) Higher Ground I 5:333) Communion 4:254) 48 Hours 5:585) Crystal Cave 4:106) Pleiadian Consort 7:31

    7) Galaxies of Light 2:558) Voyager 4:219) Higher Ground II 8:3010) Power Point II 5:3311) Power Point III 8:3012) Whisper on the Wind 2:19

    We invite you to enjoy the entire STEVEN HALPERN discography, including:

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