History of Latin America Natives European Conquest Independence

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  • History of Latin America Natives European Conquest Independence
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  • Native Empires Before European explorers came to the Americas, 3 empires flourished in what we now call Latin America Maya Inca Aztecs
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  • Mayan Civilization
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  • The Maya 250 AD 900 AD in Southern Mexico & Northern Central America Many cities Greatest = Tikal (Guatemala) Pyramid temples priests & nobles ruled ruins of over 40 found, many are tourist attractions today Economy based on agriculture & trade Contributions Math, calendars, astronomy Glyphs: picture writing on stones Wrote their history & honored gods
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  • Mayan Pyramids
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  • Aztec Empire
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  • The Aztec Arose in 1300s AD in Central Mexico Capital was Tenochtitlan on island in lake (today Mexico City) Developed class system, emperor & military leaders ruled Farming: corn, tomatoes, cacao beans food of the gods (chocolate!) Spanish slaughtered Aztecs
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  • Human Sacrifice
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  • Aztec Calendar
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  • Drama Mask
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  • Mexican Coat of Arms
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  • Inca EmpireInca God
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  • The Inca From Ecuador-Central Chile, same time as Aztecs Capital - Cuzco (Peru), Machu Picchu is a huge tourist attraction today Built enormous temples, fortresses, roads into mountains Irrigation systems Many killed by Spanish
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  • European Conquest Europeans explored the Americas & colonized much of it Spain & Portugal first Britain, France, Netherlands later Conquistadors (conquerors) destroyed Aztec (Hernan Cortes) & Inca (Francisco Pizarro) Spain took over the most territory Portugal settled in Brazil
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  • Changing Culture European missionaries converted (forced?) Native Americans to Catholicism Catholic is main religion in Latin America today Taught European languages Spanish & Portuguese are main languages throughout Latin America Some English & French Set up schools & hospitals
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  • Spanish Colonial Society See Chapter 8 Section 1 of World Civ Book