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Distinctive design, locally sourced


<ul><li><p>$10 INSIDE: PRIZE WINNER WASHERDRYER COMBOS DECLUTTERING</p><p>STARRY SIGHTS A VAN GOGHINSPIRED MAKEOVER </p><p>FEBRUARY </p><p>HOME MAKEOVERDISTINCTIVE DESIGN, LOCALLY SOURCED</p><p>HOMEMAKEOVERMAGAZINE.CA</p><p>Cornered: A linear look creates the hippest bathroom </p><p>Bright ideas: Learn how to select bathroom lighting</p><p>Back to the future: A second look at inspired design</p><p>Timber treasure: Fabulous furniture with a green hue </p><p>PM40</p><p>0692</p><p>40</p><p>0.00_HM10_FEBRUARY_new_07rab.indd 1 1/25/11 1:57:32 PM</p></li><li><p>Congratulations My House Design/Build Team! BEFORE</p><p>AFTER</p><p>renovations &amp; custom homes</p><p>Serving the Lower MainlandCall or visit us online today!phone: -Y(OUSEsinfo@myhousedesignbuild.com </p><p>7 Time Georgie Award Finalist for 2010 s"EST2ESIDENTIAL2ENOVATION5NDER s4IMEFOR"EST2ESIDENTIAL2ENOVATIONn s"EST2ESIDENTIAL2ENOVATIONn s"EST2ESIDENTIAL2ENOVATIONn s"EST+ITCHEN2ENOVATION/VER s"EST#ONDO2ENOVATION</p><p>3 Time SAM Award Finalist for 2010 s"EST+ITCHEN2ENOVATIONIN#ANADA s"EST7HOLE(OUSE2ENOVATION5NDERIN#ANADA s"EST7HOLE(OUSE2ENOVATION/VERIN#ANADA</p><p>www.myhousedesignbuild.com </p><p>7664</p><p> B</p><p>0.00_HM10_FEBRUARY_new_07rab.indd 2 1/25/11 1:57:36 PM</p></li><li><p>0.00_HM10_FEBRUARY_new_07rab.indd 3 1/25/11 1:57:40 PM</p></li><li><p>821</p><p>18</p><p>26DEPARTMENTS</p><p> 6 Editors note</p><p> 7 Prize winner</p><p>21 Green Change</p><p>26 New &amp; Now</p><p> 28 Professional insights</p><p>FEATURES</p><p> 8 On the cover: A star is born Vincent van Goghs Starry Night inspires a Fort Langley kitchen makeover</p><p> 14 Its hip to be square When it comes to making a small space work, its all in the details</p><p> 16 Turned on Bathroom lighting done right</p><p> 18 Second helpings In this followup to our coverage of the IDSwest show, we take a look at a few more of the local designers that made our heads turn</p><p> 21 Diving for timber treasure A local company takes wood salvage to new depths</p><p> 24 Polished pairs The best washer and dryer sets get the laundry done in style.</p><p>Cover: A kitchen </p><p>renovation inspired </p><p>by a painting. </p><p>Keith Henderson </p><p>Photography.</p><p>See story page 8.</p><p>CONTENTS</p><p>0.00_HM10_FEBRUARY_new_07rab.indd 4 1/25/11 1:58:20 PM</p></li><li><p>ECO stands for the balance between ecology and economy, achieved through the performance of WALLTITEECOTM.</p><p>Major prerequisites for renewable raw materials to become an alternative to fossil resources are their availability at competitive prices for industrial applications, without compromising food production and depleting the natural wealth. For its insulation material: WALLTITEECO, BASF Canada has chosen to use renewable content from non-edible crops that do not jeopardize global food production.</p><p>WALLTITEECO and foammastersTM are trademarks of BASF Canada. MAKE IT RIGHTTM is a trademark of Mike Holmes. EcoLogoTM is a registered trademark of Environment Canada. Now HouseTM is a trademark of the Now House Project Inc. coTerraTM is a trademark of Les Maisons Alouette. EQuilibriumTM is a trademark of CMHC. The GREENGUARD Certi cation ProgramSM and GREENGUARD Children &amp; SchoolsSM are trademarks of the GREENGUARD Environmental Institute.</p><p>WALLTITEECO is a medium-density polyurethane foam insulation/air barrier system designed to improve the energy ef ciency of any type of building. Its formulation includes recycled plastic, renewable content and a zero ozone-depleting blowing agent. WALLTITEECOs industry-leading performance results in substantial energy savings by maximizing the effectiveness of the building envelope, thus reducing energy costs.</p><p>WALLTITEECO meets the stringent requirements of the GREENGUARD Certi cation ProgramSM and GREENGUARD Children &amp; SchoolsSM certi cation, thus ensuring optimal occupant comfort and safety. </p><p>Optimised through BASFs life-cycle analysis tool, WALLTITEECO is the rst closed-cell spray polyurethane insulation to obtain the EcoLogoTM, North Americas most widely recognized environmental certi cation. </p><p>With the goal of promoting energy ef cient homes, WALLTITEECO has been used to meet the stringent energy performance requirements for the following homes participating in Canada Mortgage and Housing Corporations EQuilibriumTM (Net Zero Energy) Sustainable Housing Demonstration Initiative: coTerraTM, Now HouseTM, and the Alstonvale Net Zero House.</p><p>For more information:Eastern region: 1-866-474-3538 l Western region: 1-800-891-0671walltite.com l foammasters.ca l walltiteeco.com</p><p>When youre choosing insulation, make the right choice: WALLTITEECO, the purple insulation by BASF, The Chemical Company. </p><p>MAKE IT RIGHT </p><p>TM</p><p> MAKE IT WALLTITEECO</p><p>TM</p><p>0.00_HM10_FEBRUARY_new_07rab.indd 5 1/25/11 1:58:20 PM</p></li><li><p>EDITORS NOTE</p><p>So long, its been good to reno ya</p><p>Two and a half years ago I took on the editorial role at Home Makeover magazine with the goal of introducing readers to fantastic renovations, great decor tips and advice on everything from architecture to zebra wood. This is now my last issue as I turn my </p><p>sights to other adventures.Through 15 issues, I have delved into drywall and waxed on </p><p>about woodwork, often stepping over the thresholds into homes, stores and show rooms where no other decor magazine has gone.</p><p>Often, when introducing myself as editor of Home Makeover, at a store opening, home show or even to a random real estate agent or designer, I would invariably get the response, Oh, I love that magazine. I read it cover to cover.</p><p>Its that kind of fan reaction that has made the job so rewarding, as well as the fact that all our sources are local, so we are doing our part to promote the work of local designers, trades-people and retailers.</p><p>I have enjoyed working with our retail supporters to bring knowlege to our readers while bringing clients to their stores; with our contributors, who scoured backyards and back alleys to nd stories of interest; and our design team who consistenly went the extra distance to create a beautiful-looking publication that is a source of pride for everyone.</p><p>We started several new ventures in the past two years, including a new magazine (re-style), reno workshops, booth makeovers at the Vancouver Home Show and a prize every issue for new or renewing subscribers. As the magazine moves forward, there are even more initiatives in the works that will keep the pages engaging, contemporary and thought-provoking.</p><p>The new editor, Noa Glouberman, will be familiar to readers as the name behind the kitchen and bathroom renovation features, as well as numerous other articles ranging from green walls to paving stones. She brings to the table solid writing experience and a fresh view.</p><p>Im still oating around the BIV Media Group oces, but Ive taken o the HM hat as I build my other passion - a business as a life coach. I hope you enjoy the new names, the new look and the new content and may all your renos be a breeze.</p><p>Baila Lazarus, outgoing editor, </p><p>homemakeover@biv.com</p><p>Publisher: Doug Holt</p><p>Editor in chief: Baila Lazarus</p><p>Design director: Randy Pearsall </p><p>Copy editor: Renate Preuss</p><p>Contributers: Linda Chu, Noa Glouberman, Heather Kleim, Renu Singh, Grant Wing</p><p>Production manager: Don Schuetze</p><p>Advertising sales: Art Pouchet, Brett Stenner</p><p>Administrator: Katherine Butler</p><p>Marketing &amp; events co-ordinator: Paige Millar, Aly-Khan Virani</p><p>System administrator: Les Valan</p><p>Subscription manager: Veera Irani</p><p>Controller: Marlita Hodgens</p><p>Office manager: Dennis LeBlanc</p><p>President, BIV Media Group: Paul Harris</p><p>Home Makeover is published six times each year (February, April, June, August, October, December) by BIV Magazines, a division of BIV Media LP, 102 Fourth Avenue East, Vancouver, B.C. V5T 1G2, 604-688-2398, Fax 604-688-1963, www.businessinvancouver.com.</p><p>Copyright 2011 Home Makeover. All rights reserved. No part of this book may be reproduced in any form or incorporated into any information retrieval system without permission of BIV Magazines. The list of services provided in this publication is not necessarily a complete list of all such services available in Vancouver, B.C. The publishers are not responsible in whole or in part for any errors or omissions in this publication.</p><p>ISSN 1719-8712 PUBLICATIONS MAIL AGREEMENT NO: 40069240. Return undeliverable Canadian addresses to Circulation Department: 102 Fourth Avenue East, Vancouver, B.C. V5T 1G2. E-mail: subscribe@biv.com.</p><p>Next Makeover In April, we </p><p>feature all-</p><p>new kitchen </p><p>and bathroom </p><p>makeovers; a </p><p>small-space patio </p><p>reno; dishwashers; </p><p>and tips on </p><p>refurbishing </p><p>furniture from </p><p>local designer </p><p>and former </p><p>Bachelorette </p><p>Jillian Harris</p><p>DISTINCTIVE DESIGN, LOCALLY SOURCED WWW.HOMEMAKEOVERMAGAZINE.CA</p><p>FEBRUARY HOME MAKEOVER</p><p>Photo: Deo Cruz/DC Photography6 HOME MAKEOVER FEBRUARY 2011</p><p>0.00_HM10_FEBRUARY_new_07rab.indd 6 1/25/11 1:58:42 PM</p></li><li><p>Aesthetics are an important component of any interior design project, but a professional interior designer focuses on much more than appearance. </p><p>Designing, redesigning, or renovating an interior space involves a significant investment of time, </p><p>money, and effort. Hiring a professional interior designer is the best way to ensure you get value </p><p>for your investment. </p><p> Balance functionality with aesthetic considerations Help you define your needs and project goals and deliver engineered design solutions and </p><p>specifications catered to your needs</p><p> Get the most from your available space</p><p>To find out more about the IDI and for a list of your local registered professional interior </p><p>designers (RIDs) please visit our web site at idibc.org </p><p>WHY HIRE A PROFESSIONAL INTERIOR DESIGNER?</p><p>www. IDIBC.org</p><p>REGISTERED INTERIOR DESIGN (RID) PRACTITIONERS SHARE THE BELIEF THAT DESIGN ENHANCES OUR ENVIRONMENTS AND MAKES A POSITIVE CONTRIBUTION TO OUR LIVES.</p><p>Following on the subscriber lunch where Donna Sylvester gra-ciously accepted the subscription prize of the table setting as displayed on the cover of HM magazines October issue, Donna and her husband Brian invited my wife Tara and me for a </p><p>wonderful dinner at their beautiful North Shore home over the holi-</p><p>days. Fine food was served as Tara and I enjoyed the spectacular </p><p>view of Vancouver Harbour, Stanley Park and the city from their well-</p><p>appointed renovated dining room. Tara and I thank Brian and Donna </p><p>for inviting us into their home, and I welcome and thank Donna for </p><p>subscribing to HM magazine. 2011 promises to be an exciting year for </p><p>HM magazine, and I wish Donna inspired reading!</p><p>Doug Holt, publisher</p><p>Next issue, well feature the winner of our December give-away: an </p><p>Alessi silver bowl, as well as a set of Peugot salt and pepper grinders, </p><p>shown on our previous cover. </p><p>PRIZE WINNER</p><p>Setting a trendSecond winner of HMs subscriber award</p><p>This month, our draw prize is the glass table shown on the cover </p><p>Visit www.homemakeovermagazine.ca for entry details.</p><p>Publisher Doug </p><p>Holt with Donna </p><p>Sylvester, winner </p><p>of Octobers </p><p>subscriber prize.</p><p>HOME MAKEOVER FEBRUARY 2011 7</p><p>0.00_HM10_FEBRUARY_new_07rab.indd 7 1/25/11 2:53:36 PM</p></li><li><p>KITCHEN MAKEOVER</p><p>Vincent van Goghs Starry Night inspires </p><p>a Fort Langley kitchen makeover</p><p>Faced with the task of redesigning a Fort Langley kitchen to facilitate the homeowners passion for gourmet cooking and casual entertaining, Linda Jones of Vancouvers My House Design/Build Team turned </p><p>to a post-impressionist Dutch painter for inspiration.</p><p>When we met to discuss the project, the homeowner </p><p>brought out some of her daughters artwork, explained </p><p>the registered interior designer. She had done this little </p><p>copy of Vincent van Goghs Starry Night and I said, Thats </p><p>what we should use for our design concept. We wanted </p><p>to add some sparkle and interest to the kitchen, and the </p><p>painting reected that perfectly. </p><p>With van Goghs celestial swirls in mind, she and the </p><p>My House team, which included a second </p><p>designer Jerey Rebie, who is no longer </p><p>with the rm and builder Bruno Hoglund, </p><p>set out to make over the space, which Jones </p><p>described as poorly laid out and not very </p><p>functional.</p><p>Their rst order of business was to </p><p>remove a wall that separated the kitchen </p><p>from a small, adjacent sitting room. With more square </p><p>footage to work with, the team was able to add such fea-</p><p>tures as a walk-in pantry, coee bar and larger island to </p><p>the kitchen.</p><p>The old island was too small, Jones noted. We </p><p>installed an eight-foot island with seating for four, so </p><p>BY NOA GLOUBERMAN</p><p>star is born</p><p>A </p><p>Vincent van </p><p>Goghs Starry </p><p>Night.</p><p>Left image: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/File:Vincent_van_Gogh_Starry_Night.jpg</p><p>Before</p><p>8 HOME MAKEOVER FEBRUARY 2011</p><p>0.00_HM10_FEBRUARY_new_07rab.indd 8 1/25/11 1:59:28 PM</p></li><li><p>After photos: Keith Henderson Photography</p><p>The eight-foot </p><p>island by Columbia </p><p>Kitchen Cabinets </p><p>includes seating for </p><p>four and is topped </p><p>with a maple </p><p>butcher block from </p><p>Richelieu Hardware.</p><p>The kitchens new </p><p>coffee bar includes a </p><p>Franke Kindred sink </p><p>with a Hansgrohe </p><p>Talis S faucet, a </p><p>built-in beverage </p><p>cooler and cabinetry </p><p>by Columbia </p><p>Kitchen Cabinets.</p><p>HOME MAKEOVER FEBRUARY 2011 9</p><p>0.00_HM10_FEBRUARY_new_07rab.indd 9 1/25/11 2:00:06 PM</p></li><li><p>people can eat there or gather around the </p><p>cook. Its topped with an eight-foot maple </p><p>butcher block for chopping vegetables and </p><p>doing prep work, and includes a built-in </p><p>microwave so the children can warm their </p><p>own snacks.</p><p>To further indulge the clients cooking </p><p>capacities, top of the line appliances </p><p>including a 48-inch, eight-burner Viking </p><p>gas range with double ovens, a Sub-Zero </p><p>Preservation refrigerator and an extra-large </p><p>stainless-steel Franke Kindred sink with </p><p>industrial-style Hansgrohe Axor Citterio </p><p>faucet were selected and arranged in an </p><p>ecient work triangle.</p><p>Focus was also placed on increasing the </p><p>amount of storage space in the kitchen. A </p><p>pull-out spice cabinet to the left of the gas </p><p>range and a pull-out knife rack to the right, </p><p>for example, create hidden places to tuck </p><p>everyday items neatly away. And the new </p><p>pantry, says Jones, is perfect for storing bulk </p><p>items.</p><p>The independent coee bar adds further </p><p>storage with a wet bar, built-in beverage </p><p>cooler and shelving for stemware. It also </p><p>allows for hot and cold beverage service </p><p>with a round prep sink and Cosmic Black granite counter-</p><p>tops, as well as a backsplash of multicoloured, recycled </p><p>glass tiles.</p><p>The backsplash and granite counters run throughout </p><p>the kitchen, tying the bar to the main cooking area and </p><p>creating a sense of continuity, Jones added. We also </p><p>included custom-painted maple cabinets up to the </p><p>To indulge the </p><p>homeowners </p><p>passion for </p><p>gourmet cooking, </p><p>a 48-inch Viking </p><p>range complete </p><p>with double overns </p><p>and eight burners </p><p>and a Sub-Zero </p><p>Preservation </p><p>Energy Star-rated </p><p>refrigerator were </p><p>installed.</p><p>A pull-out spice </p><p>cabinet to the left </p><p>of the gas range </p><p>and a pull-out knife </p><p>rack to the right </p><p>create extra pockets </p><p>of storage space </p><p>throughout the </p><p>kitchen.</p><p>A stainless steel </p><p>Franke Kindred sink </p><p>with an extra large </p><p>capacity is great </p><p>for lling big pots </p><p>and features a solid </p><p>brass Hansgrohe </p><p>Axor Citterio semi-</p><p>pro faucet.</p><p>KITCHEN MAKEOVER</p><p>10 HOME MAKEOVER FEBRUARY 2011</p><p>0.00_HM10_FEBRUARY_new_07rab.indd 10 1/25/11 2:00:47 PM</p></li><li><p>Freedom 95</p><p>Gas Furnace</p><p>AccuCleanTM Whole House Air Cleaner</p><p>Heritage Heat Pump</p><p>ACONT Comfort Control</p><p>Beauty is in the Eye o...</p></li></ul>