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Business ServicesTyler Groupof Experts and Professionals are acknowledged as the leading consultancy in providing hands-on assistance in connecting peoples to Barcelona through dailyupdatesin which will serve as your morning coffee,tipsor advices that could help you live with the Northeast coast of the Iberian Peninsula.Travel and Tours

It has always proved its will to be modern, to follow the latest international tendencies or be ahead of them.

The Tyler Groupis in giving the continuous evident especially in its architecture, which so well reflects the general approach to life in this always pulsating city- Barcelona. We will ride you on thebest itinerariesto discover monuments and historical remains around Barcelona, museums, to the most picturesque villages up to the exceptional landscapes and everything else that makes Barcelona a worth to visit, finest home for living and a best place to grow and discover your own expertise.The Tyler Group also gives you a handful of delight, a plate of love with the very best of Barcelonastraditional cuisine. A hub for you to have fun through those Barcelonasmost animated regions. And, dress you up with the popularcustomsand the most interesting festivitiesduring all the year in which will make a statement to an age of elegance and grace located in the heart of Barcelona.

Financial and Legal Service

Tyler Group is also a well- legal practiced which focuses on corporate/ commercial law, offshore structures, real estate transactions and international investments. Tyler Group has formed strategic alliance with experienced and respected counsel, from around the world, to assist us in meeting our clients needs in an efficient and effective way.The Tyler Group assists clients ranging from entrepreneurial companies to leading multi-national companies to improve and sustain competitiveness by establishing effective strategic management and leadership processes, including coaching, team development, and selection and assessment services in Barcelona such as financial planning, life insurance, banking and the like.

The Tyler Group also offers advice on areas such as taxation, formation of offshore companies, asset protection and trusts, real estate investments, banking and intellectual property.

The Tyler Group creates leaders and members that will accelerate efforts toward developing higher levels of performance.