How can you use podcasting in your classroom?

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How can you use podcasting in your classroom?. By Emily Davenport. Interviews:. Students can research a famous person and then have a set of questions to ask another student about that person. - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


PowerPoint Presentation

How can you use podcasting in your classroom?By Emily Davenport

PLAYStudents can research a famous person and then have a set of questions to ask another student about that person.

This will help students work on their speech, research and reading skills. This will also be a more involved way of learning a topic. Interviews:

Book ReportHave the students read a book of their choiceAnd thenHave the students give a book review report on the book that they read. This will work on their reading skills along with their receptive reading skill.

~Apple ~Insect ~Courage

WordoftheWeekGive the students a new vocabulary word each week to work on. Have the students look it up and different students record what the word means, where it came from, spell it and then have a few students use the word in sentences.This will focus on researching skills, increase vocabulary and speaking.

Keep Students who are out of class for extended time up to date on classroom activitiesThis task could help students with their social skills and reiterate their learning by re-teaching it to a classmate. They could also increase their confidence in learning, communication and understanding of content.

Weekly Announcements

The students will read what will be learned in the different subject areas throughout the week. They will be able to add their own creative style to the announcement without changing the message that is being given.

This has the ability to increase a students creativity, gets them involved in their learning. This also helps students who are listening to the announcements work on their attention span and receptive skills.

Weekly RecapStudents are able to re teach their peers what they learned in different subject areas that week in class. Each student will get a subject to teach so that there will be diversity in the perspectives and creativity.This will help students learn better by re teaching it to their peers. This project would also help improve public speaking without having them stand in front of the class. This will also give different perspectives of how the lesson was learned and received.

Lesson plan outlineOutlining the lesson step by step would help students who have trouble with multiple step directions. It would also reinforce memory and facilitate learners who need the verbal prompts along with a visual model.

DebatesStudents would research a topic and the teacher would designate a team that agrees with the topic and a team that would disagree with the topic. This would make the students more engaged in learning about different topics and also work on understanding different

opinions and that there isnt always a right and wrong answer. Having a debate would also help develop speaking skills and increase confidence because they are on a team rather

than on their own.

Taking NotesStudents would be given anassignment. And as they researchthey would be asked to record theirnotes and findings via podcast.This would help them if theywere then asked to write a report or do a project on their topic assignment.

This would also help classmatesFollow their peer on how theyWent about researching a topicSo that next time they are askedTo do the same they may be able To do it in a different way.

Meet the Author!Have students pick two different books by the same author and compare how they are the same and how they are different. By assigning this the students is working on their reading skills, comparing and contrasting and becoming engaged in reading.

Book ClubHave small groups who are on the same reading level read a book and then discuss what they thought of it, what it meant to them, and how they felt after reading it.This will help them work on their reading and discussion skills. They will be able to discuss and get other points of views about they same book that they themselves may not have thought about.

Today in historyEach day a student will look up and find a fact that they like about that particular day. This will help students with their researching skills and also engage them in history because it is something of their choosing, that THEY find interesting.

Throughout the week a student will give clues as to where they are in the world. Giving a new clue each day. The other students will have to try to figure out where their classmate is based on the clues that are being given. At the end of the week the student will announce where they have been hiding. I feel that this will help students work on their geography. It will also help the other students work on problem solving and maybe even research so that they can figure out where their classmate is hiding in the world.Where in the World