DECCAN POST June 17 - 23, 2011 flavours 16 RNI No.: APENG/2008/24134 HD/1099/2011-13 Printed, published and owned by V Raghavendra Reddy, printed at Kala Jyothi Process Private Limited, Survey No. 185, Kondapur, Serilingampally, Hyderabad 500 133. Published from House No. 1-2-234/13/39, Second Floor, Aravindanagar, Domalguda, Hyderabad - 500 029, Phone No. 040-30 42 43 47 Editor-in-Chief : Dr Goka Sridhar, Editor : V Raghavendra Reddy. Koena’s readies to lock with Kevin K oena Mitra is known for her bold attitude and definitely doesn’t believe in 'no on-screen kiss please' funda. The actress will be seen at Hollywood flick ‘Story of Naomi’ and her hot kiss with the actor Kevin Sorbo will definitely scorch the screen. Koena’s hot and steamy scenes with Fardeen Khan in ‘Ek Khiladi Ek Haseena’ also came into limelight but the actress believed that she doesn’t think it’s wrong if it’s the demand of the script. ‘Story Of Naomi’ is produced by Michael Hirshenson who’s’ credits include “When Harry Met Sally”, “Jurassic Park”, and “Princess Bride”. So, we hope Keona this time also you gather equal amount of attention and appreciation for your acting! Supermodel turned Bollywood actress Koena is definitely grabbing attention. The film produced by Michael Hirshenson, Vice President of The Casting Company; who’s’ credits include “When Harry Met Sally”, “Jurassic Park”, and “Princess Bride”. Michael while talking about Koena said, “It’s not easy to get work in worldwide cinema without a universal appeal and talent.” Sonakshi demands `3 Crores to romance Venki B ollywood beauty Sonakshi Sinha gave a big shock to Venkatesh, when the latter expressed his desire to work with his former in this year. It is a known fact that, Venkatesh was inclined in working with Sonakshi Sinha, in his forthcoming films, after ‘Bodyguard’. But the actress, who was less interested in acting with our uncle Venkatesh expressed that she has some date issues with her other film commitments and so cannot give a space to his film. After a couple of hours , it is added that Sonakshi Sinha contacted her PR house and said to Venkatesh that she is ready to act opposite to him, provided she is paid Rs 3 crores. It is now reported that Sonakshi Sinha gathered information about Venkatesh and she learnt that he was the man who recommended Suresh Babu to pay Rs 1.23 crores for Katrina Kaif, in order to sign her for his ‘Malleswari’. Citing the acting deal as a lucrative opportunity, Sonakshi Sinha gave the offer to Venkatesh, which is now in the hands of him, to make further decision. However, sources say that he is not inclined in recommending to the producer to pay such a big amount to a female lead, who hardly will occupy 6-7 scenes minus the songs. The whole talks in between the two stars happened at the recently concluded CCL match, in between Telugu warriors and Mumbai heroes, where Telugu warriors won. DP DP Desk Hyderabad’s Only English Newsweekly Vol. 4 Issue No. 19 June 17 - 23, 2011 www.deccanpost.in 16 Pages Rs.3 M embers of the High Powered Telangana congress delegation - including 13 MPs, 10 AP Ministers, about 28 MLAs and 13 MLCs - took turns to express their resentment over the central government's silence on the December 2009 assurance by union home minister P Chidambaram stating that “the process of formation of Telangana had begun”. The meeting that lasted for just about 12 or 13 minutes was a huge blow to the expectations of the Telangana congressmen. On his part, Chidambaram did hear out some of the Telangana leaders but in a hurried manner stated that he could only convey their views to the Congress Core Committee, that includes the Prime Minister, Sonia Gandhi, Pranab Mukherjee, AK Antony and Ahmed Patel; which An exclusive day for Music... p 8 is truly competent to take the final decision on the options suggested by the Srikrishna Committee that submitted its Nine Chapters Report to the union government on 30th December, 2010. Chidambaram is also known to have stated that “in any case, no decision was possible on the sensitive issue without the clearance of the party high command” obviously referring to congress president Sonia Gandhi. Later on, the same delegation which had a prior appointment with Pranab Mukherjee, the senior most minister in the union government met the union finance minister and conveyed their displeasure and disappointment about the manner in which they were treated by the union finance minister. Being a seasoned politician Pranab seems to have sufficiently mollified the hurt members and in the presence of Ahmed Patel has given a patient hearing to many members of the delegation. As usual, the veteran sought time as “party chief Soniaji was not in the country” and the members of the delegation have drawn their own conclusions. Now, another deadline has been set by the expert on deadlines. 1 - 16_Layout 1 6/16/2011 8:21 PM Page 1

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DECCAN­POST June 17 - 23, 2011flavours 16


Printed, published and owned by V Raghavendra Reddy, printed at Kala Jyothi Process Private Limited, Survey No. 185, Kondapur, Serilingampally, Hyderabad 500 133. Published from House No. 1-2-234/13/39,

Second Floor, Aravindanagar, Domalguda, Hyderabad - 500 029, Phone No. 040-30 42 43 47 Editor-in-Chief : Dr Goka Sridhar, Editor : V Raghavendra Reddy.

Koena’s readies to lock with Kevin

Koena Mitra is known for her bold attitude and definitely doesn’t believe in 'no on-screen kissplease' funda. The actress will be seen at Hollywood flick ‘Story of Naomi’ and her hot kisswith the actor Kevin Sorbo will definitely scorch the screen. Koena’s hot and steamy scenes

with Fardeen Khan in ‘Ek Khiladi Ek Haseena’ also came into limelight but the actress believedthat she doesn’t think it’s wrong if it’s the demand of the script.

‘Story Of Naomi’ is produced by Michael Hirshenson who’s’ credits include “When HarryMet Sally”, “Jurassic Park”, and “Princess Bride”. So, we hope Keona this time also you gatherequal amount of attention and appreciation for your acting! Supermodel turned Bollywoodactress Koena is definitely grabbing attention. The film produced by Michael Hirshenson, VicePresident of The Casting Company; who’s’ credits include “When Harry Met Sally”, “JurassicPark”, and “Princess Bride”. Michael while talking about Koena said, “It’s not easy to get work inworldwide cinema without a universal appeal and talent.”

Sonakshi demands `3 Crores

to romance Venki

Bollywood beauty Sonakshi Sinha gave a big shock to Venkatesh, when thelatter expressed his desire to work with his former in this year. It is a knownfact that, Venkatesh was inclined in working with Sonakshi Sinha, in his

forthcoming films, after ‘Bodyguard’. But the actress, who was less interested inacting with our uncle Venkatesh expressed that she has some date issues with herother film commitments and so cannot give a space to his film. After a couple ofhours , it is added that Sonakshi Sinha contacted her PR house and said toVenkatesh that she is ready to actopposite to him, provided she ispaid Rs 3 crores.

It is now reported thatSonakshi Sinha gatheredinformation about Venkateshand she learnt that he was theman who recommended SureshBabu to pay Rs 1.23 crores forKatrina Kaif, in order to sign herfor his ‘Malleswari’. Citing theacting deal as a lucrativeopportunity, Sonakshi Sinhagave the offer to Venkatesh,which is now in the hands ofhim, to make further decision.However, sources say that he isnot inclined in recommendingto the producer to pay such a bigamount to a female lead, whohardly will occupy 6-7 scenesminus the songs. The wholetalks in between the two starshappened at the recentlyconcluded CCL match, inbetween Telugu warriors andMumbai heroes, where Teluguwarriors won. DP

DP Desk

Hyderabad ’s On l y Eng l is h News week ly

Vol. 4 Issue No. 19 June 17 - 23, 2011 www.deccanpost.in 16 Pages Rs.3

Members of the High Powered

Telangana congress delegation -

including 13 MPs, 10 AP Ministers,

about 28 MLAs and 13 MLCs - took turns to

express their resentment over the central

government's silence on the December 2009

assurance by union home minister P

Chidambaram stating that “the process of

formation of Telangana had begun”. The

meeting that lasted for just about 12 or 13

minutes was a huge blow to the expectations

of the Telangana congressmen. On his part,

Chidambaram did hear out some of the

Telangana leaders but in a hurried manner

stated that he could only convey their views to

the Congress Core Committee, that includes

the Prime Minister, Sonia Gandhi, Pranab

Mukherjee, AK Antony and Ahmed Patel; which

An exclusive day

for Music... p 8

is truly competent to take the

final decision on the options

suggested by the Srikrishna

Committee that submitted its

Nine Chapters Report to the

union government on 30th

December, 2010. Chidambaram

is also known to have stated

that “in any case, no decision

was possible on the sensitive

issue without the clearance of

the party high command”

obviously referring to congress

president Sonia Gandhi. Later

on, the same delegation which

had a prior appointment with

Pranab Mukherjee, the senior

most minister in the union

government met the union

finance minister and conveyed

their displeasure and

disappointment about the

manner in which they were

treated by the union finance

minister. Being a seasoned

politician Pranab seems to have

sufficiently mollified the hurt

members and in the presence of

Ahmed Patel has given a patient

hearing to many members of

the delegation. As usual, the

veteran sought time as “party

chief Soniaji was not in the

country” and the members of

the delegation have drawn their

own conclusions. Now, another

deadline has been set by the

expert on deadlines.

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the stock market witnessed a minor declining trend inthe last one week from 18600 levels to 18200, where aminor recovery is seen. However the overall trend

remains cautious, as the host of macroeconomic indicatorscontinues to hit the markets.

The Industrial production data released on 10th May,though a slightly higher data; it suggests a possibleslowdown in the Indian economy. The major influencingfactor inflation data that is released again on 14th Mayindicates that there the general consumer articles are stillhigh, and there are no signs of decreasing prices.

Hence this indicates that the Reserve Bank of India, inits crucial meet on 16th May is likely to further increase inthe bank’s lending rates. In such a scenario, this is expectedto have a negative effect on the stock market. This isbecause; if the loan rates are increased then there would bea decrease in the demand for automobiles, housing and evenconsumer appliances. Incase of any positive surprise, andthen the stock market is expected to stage a turnaround toenter into an uptrend.

The latest American data indicates that there is aslowdown in the American economy, and there is noimmediate possibility of a revival, as the unemployment isincreasing to record levels and the growth rate on the other-hand is decreasing.

Market leader Reliance industries pulled down themarket on the negative news that is just developing that thefirm has indulged in irregularities, and it is now feared thatthere could be a deeper probe, that can even lead to a freshstorm.

The only silver-lining has the fresh purchases by theforeign funds, which are reported to have bought heavily at

current levels.

The trendsetter sector Software was seen in adeclining trend, as the slowdown in the Americaneconomy would lead to lesser orders to the Indian ITcompanies.

Market leaders banking stocks have turned cautious,and the next major direction in this industry woulddepend on the RBI move. Real estate would be furtherbattered incase of any hike in the interest rates.

Only growth sector Pharma was seen in a steadyuptrend, while there is no immediate light seen for theautomobiles industry.

The precious metals Gold and Silver are expected tomove in a declining and depressed trend in the next fewweeks.

The coming week is expected to see a major test forthe Stock markets and only incase of any firmness at theselevels, it would then indicate strength. The flow of macro-economic news in the next few days should be positive forthe markets to enter into an uptrend.

Technically, on the charts, Sensex only incase of anybreakdown below the key support of 18,200 levels, andthen it signals a further short-term down. Then below thiscrucial support, the short-term investors can considershort-term exit and can re-enter later at a lower levels.This strategy would decrease the average cost of theInvestor. Then the next major supports below are at17,700 and next at 17,200.

DECCAN POST June 17 - 23, 2011 15mArKet/BusIness

By V Sundar Raja

[email protected]

stock market awaits rBI decision

Note –Investors have to be aware of risks in the stock markets.


Life has come a full circle for the Indian Microfinance players

From being unknown to become a darlingin a short span and then only fall to faceignominy, life has come a full circle for

the Indian microfinance players. TheUS$4.3 bn sector which was once billed asthe next big thing in the Indian financialsector is now fighting for its survival. At itsheyday, the sector attracted big names likeGeorge Soros and fund arm of MorganStanley and Goldman Sachs to invest in thesector. Needless to mention about the IPOsuccess of SKS Microfinance.

From absence of regulation to overregulation, the sector finds itself stifled.The industry players themselves are to beblamed for their current plight.Microfinance (MF) was originallyconceived to provide financial inclusion tothose poor people who are outside theformal credit ambit. The most importantobjective was to provide affordable credit tocreate and sustain livelihood so that greedymoneylenders can be kept at bay. In questfor growth, most of the players over lendmoney to rural people through multipleloans. The easy money led to diversion ofloans for consumption and other luxurypurchases rather than for productivepurpose. Recovery process got hit andcoercive collection took over forcingAndhra Pradesh government to issueprohibitory orders on due collections.

With no internal funds generated forfurther lending and no other sources to fallback on, MF got hit with funds crunch and

pile of bad debts. Banks failed to rescuethem as they perceived MF portfolio astoxic. Private equity investors did not coughup money due to ambiguity on theregulatory front.

It is not all gloom as RBI has now issueda new set of guidelines to resurrect andregulate the sector. It is expected that RBI

will be the only regulator for the industrysuperseding state level policies. Cappinginterest rate at 26% and limiting loan size forevery borrower, fixing loan tenure above 24months and flexibility in repaymentschedule for borrowers are some of thefeatures of the guidelines. Few playersforgetting their objective in financial

inclusion charged exorbitant interest ratewhich sparked off the crisis.

Few banks have agreed to restructuringof loans which they extended earlier to someof the troubled microfinance players byconverting into equity Despite having over25 million rural households as borrowers,the largest in the world, the penetration of

microfinance in India is still not in doubledigits. Given the limitations of banks inextending rural coverage, the above trendshows the massive potential for the sectorprovided the players learn the lessonsfrom the crisis. Foremost being, curbingover lending tendency. Self regulation isthe best way to start to bring the house inorder. Developing a centralized databaseof borrowers will go a long way instabilizing the industry from rampantlending.

Microfinance players should notmistake over reaching rural households ascreating an impact on poverty reduction.They should instead play active role increating and nurturing sustainable rurallivelihood and not seen as just anothermoney lender.

By Ananjan Chaudhury

The author is currently working withAvalon Global Research, Mumbai. The

views expressed in this article are author’sown opinion and not necessarily of the

organization he represents.


[email protected]

DECCAN POST June 17 - 23, 20112 Coverstory

Ultimatum to SoniaT-Congressmen serve

Astrong contingent of congressmen fromAndhra Pradesh State visited NewDelhi to have talks on early formation

of State of Telangana with the Union HomeMinister P Chidambaram and the UnionFinance Minister Pranab Mukherjee onWednesday, the 15th of June. The delegationcomprising about 70 Telangana legislators,AP State Ministers, MPs of the Congress onWednesday spent nearly one-and-a-halfhours in the conference room of the unionhome ministry discussing their demand for aseparate state. It was shocking to note thatthe union home minister P Chidambaramwho had agreed to meet this delegation todiscuss the “The Way Forward” about theformation of Telangana State had very littletime to spare. Precisely, the meeting betweenthe T-delegation and the union homeminister lasted less than 15 minutes. Thosewho attended the meeting were in a state ofshock and disbelief about the attitude of theUnion Minister who cited an excuse to leavemidway to attend a pre-scheduled meetingof the Lokpal bill drafting committee. Butthe members of T-congress delegationalthough deeply disappointed and hurt,seemed determined not to lose temper andnerves when tested by their unwilling hostknown for such typical temperament. TheTelangana MPs and MLAs/MLCs, includingministers, decided to stay put in theconference room and spent the next 75minutes comparing their 43-minuteaudience with the Prime Minister last weekwith the few minutes spared byChidambaram on Wednesday. As such“Room Number 119” in North Block,which has witnessed many brain-stormingsessions on critical policy matters turnedinto a forum for the high powered Telanganacongress representatives to air theirfrustration over the Centre's indecision overthe statehood issue and more particularly toslam the evasive tactics of the union homeminister.

There are some who remarked that“Chidambaram has enough time to attend aprivate function at an industrialist’s place inHyderabad” at the expense of the nation’sexchequer but no time in his own office todiscuss the issue of Telangana which hasconsumed hundreds of precious lives and anissue that keeps crores of people on tenterhooks . When some MPs and legislators triedto enquire and elicit information as to what’shappening with the T-issue; the unionminister is believed to have coldly respondedby asking them to meet the core committeemembers and also the Congress party leaderSonia Gandhi. Further, distancing himselffrom the announcement made on 9thDecember, 2009; the union home ministerreminded the delegation that the decisionannounced on steps to be taken for formationof State of Telangana was also reiterated inboth houses of the Parliament on the very nextday by both himself in the Rajya Sabha and theUnion Finance Minister Pranab Mukherjee inthe Lok Sabha. Since parties like TDP havebacked out after giving their consent, the onlyalternative was to work out a consensus. Theunion minister also reminded that the AICC

has not given their opinion leaving the wholedelegation dazed. Chidambaram, whoseemed getting late for the Lokpal draftingcommittee meeting, then requested to takeleave of the delegation by rising up from hischair and leaving the representatives behind.The home minister's hurry to end theTelangana meeting was but understandable,given that the Lokpal meeting was as crucial.But still, the Telangana MPs, who are underpressure from the civil society of Telanganarefused to budge even after Chidambaram hadleft. For the next hour and 15 minutes, thelegislators remained huddled in theconference room, making angry speeches overthe Centre's indifference and indecision. Thedelegation also discussed the agenda points fortheir meeting with the union finance ministerPranab Mukherjee, scheduled for thatevening.

Pranab extends deadline byone week

Having tasted bitter medicine the T-congressmen were in a rebellious mood whenthey happened to meet the Union FinanceMinister Pranab Mukherjee and Seniorcongress leader Ahmed Patel on Wednesdaynight. Both of them are known to haveassured Congress leaders from Telangana thatthe party would take a decision on thestatehood issue within a week. More than 60leaders including MPs, state ministers andlegislators met Pranab and Ahmed Patel, also amember of the Congress party corecommittee and Sonia Gandhi's politicaladviser. The meeting lasted for ONE HOURand 15 minutes as the two senior leaders gavea patient hearing to the delegation. TheCongress leaders hoped the party would take apositive decision on their demand for separateTelangana state but warned the leadership thatif it failed to do so ---they would be forced tochalk out their own action plan. Thedelegation reminded the two core committee

members that Jupalli Krishna Rao, a stateminister, who already resigned earlier thismonth will be emulated by other ministers tofollow suit if the centre delays a decision onthe issue.

Telangana leaders, who have set June 30as the deadline for the leadership to take adecision, warned that if it failed to take apositive decision by then, the congress partywould be wiped out in the region. Satisfiedwith the talks, the high powered T-delegationhad with the union finance minister Pranaband senior party man Ahmed Patel, some stateministers and MPs told the media waitingoutside that Shri Pranab Mukherjee assuredthem that he would apprise Madam SoniaGandhi of their sentiments once she returnsto Delhi. They claimed the senior partyleaders and members of the core committee

agreed with them that a decision on the issuecan't be delayed any further. MP representingNizamabad, Madhu Yaskhi said they made itclear that it was their last meeting on the issue."We told them that we will not come again andsubmit representations on the issue. We willcome only if the party invites us for taking adecision on formation of separate state," theMP said. Another MP, Komatireddy RajgopalReddy had strong words for the party highcommand. The first time MP from Bhongirstated that the “including the congress, everyother party that is not supporting theTelangana statehood would perish”. Manyministers expressed optimism about thefavorable outcome towards the formation ofTelangana State. Senior Congress MP KKeshava Rao said the delegation was earlierdisappointed that the union home ministercould not spare time to hear them onTelangana, but stated that the meeting withPranab Da and Patelji was cordial. Keshav Raoalso stated that “all parties” including the BJP ,TDP , CPI, TRS and Congress were in favourof a separate Telangana and there was no need

to dilly dally the issue.

Complete Cycle

The MPs had last week called on PrimeMinister Manmohan Singh, who assured todiscuss the issue with the party leadership.Telangana leaders demanded the governmentabide by its 9th December, 2009 statement onthe issue and table a bill in the ensuingparliament session to carve out a separate state.The Prime Minister advised the Telanganacongressmen to meet other members of thecore committee and also the union homeminister. With this visit to Delhi, the T-congress leaders have met all the members ofthe CORE Committee of the Congress partyexcept the actual decision maker- ShrimathiSonia Gandhi. When will they meet her? Willshe meet them? If so, what will she inform

them? This is what is being asked by everycongress party worker in the state. But there isa lot of criticism and abuse against thoseministers who deliberately did not join thedelegation.. While there is talk that the unionminister S Jaipal Reddy, has made up for hisrecent faux pas many party leaders are urgingthat the new Deputy CM, Geeta Reddy andSabitha Reddy must be kicked out of thecouncil of ministers. They have no business tobenefit in the name of Telangana when theydo not even show their commitment and theparty shall abide by the majority opinion inchoosing ministers and allotting portfolios.Disturbed at the talk of Telangana being haltedat the “X” roads, there is a move by somemembers of the congress party to break awayfrom the All India Congress party and begin aregional party on the lines of “TrinamoolCongress” and live up to the expectations ofthe party cadre and common public. Thatseems to be the only way for congressmen tosurvive in politics and emerge victorious. Is itthe end of the road for congress party led bySonia Gandhi in Telangana?

By Dr. T Sivaprasad Reddy


[email protected]

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Page 3: hyderabad news weekly

DECCAN POST June 17 - 23, 201114 3AfteR the leAkDECCAN POST June 17 - 23, 2011

Bringing disrepute to entire ‘Judiciary’,Mr. Justice BN Srikrishna, who headedthe Srikrishna Committee, has advised

the Center to induce, manage, suppress,manipulate and corrupt different sections ofleaders to stall the agitation for separateTelangana. When Anna Hazare and BabaRamdev are spearheading a movement againstbribery, gratification, inducement and blackmoney at the high level of Indian polity, it isstrange that Committee headed by formerJudge of Supreme Court; Justice Srikrishnawanted the union government to adopt everycorrupt means to keep the state of AndhraPradesh united in the midst of a passionateagitation by the people of Telangana seekingbifurcation of the state. Especially, when theunion government is engaging in legal battleby appealing over a strong directive fromJustice L Narasimha Reddy, Judge of AP Highcourt to put the ‘secret’ in public, the exposureof entire secret text made that exercise futileand redundant. In fact, the single judge Benchof High Court brought out the essence ofsecret recommendations of Justice Srikrishna,saying that “no greater security concerns wereinvolved to justify keeping the impugnedChapter VIII of the Committee secret”. Thehalf page in Page Number 423 of open reportof Srikrishna talks about a secret note given insealed cover based on one-to-one talk betweenMr V K Duggal, Member-Secretary of theSrikrishna Committee on Consultations onsituation in Andhra Pradesh and senior officersof 17 districts. This is what provoked a greatcontroversy which ultimately led to litigationand demolishing credibility, if any, of theSrikrishna Committee.

The Committee has mentioned in itssecret note that if state of Telangana is formed,as suggested in the 5th option, it wouldbecome an epicenter for Maoist violence andcommunal violence. The first para says:

This detailed note covers the likelyimmediate backlash/ law and order situationsthat get created in the State on the submission ofthe Report at the end of the month as a reactionto the perceived course of action by theGovernment of India on whatever option mayfinally get exercised. The note also discusses somemajor long term internal security related issues.The note suggests that Maoists will extend theiractivities to various districts of Telangana”.

The Supplementary Note has three partsand it reads: a) Political Management. (b)Media Management. (c) Full Preparedness.After discussing possible consequences of eachoption, the Committee concluded in thissecret note, as follows:

In view of the background of the complexsituation, it would be seen that under each of thescenarios listed above, there is a high possibilityof immediate agitational backlash in differentregions of the State. The following mechanism issuggested to control the law and order situationsthat may emerge soon after the report issubmitted and becomes public. The mechanismessentially should cover three areas i.e.

i) political management and sensitizationof political parties

ii) media management and

iii) High level of preparedness by the StateGovernment (Administration, Police,Intelligence, etc.) with needed and adequatesupport from the Centre.

Thus, the Committee traveled beyond theterms of reference in its endeavor to persuadethe Union of India, not to accede to thedemand for Telangana that is demonstrated ina three- page Supplementary Note, appendedto Chapter- VIII, in which it explained thedetails of these three management techniques.The note suggested the following:

Political Management(i) There is a need for ensuring unity

among the leaders of the ruling party in theState. There is also a need for providing strongand firm political leadership and placement ofrepresentatives of Telangana in key positions(may be CM / Dy. CM) (At the foot it wasnoted in November 2010 as ‘Since done’ thoughit was done only on June 10, 2011when HigherEducation Minister C Damodar Rajanarasimha got elevated as the Deputy CM).

Once a violated term of GentlemenAgreement, giving Deputy Chief Minister postto Telangana leader was once again done onJune 10. However there is little scope forDamodar to be happy, because the TP-JACand the TRS have already called upon peopleto force Telangana Congress persons torelinquish their positions if Center delays thedecision.

Inputs indicate that this agitation can betackled if Telangana Congress leaders do not givean impression indicating any covert/ oversupport to it. Hence the Telangana CongressMPs / MLAs need to be taken into confidenceand asked not to lend any form of support to theagitation. The Congress High Command mustsensitize its own MPS and MLAs and educatethem about the wisdom for arriving at anacceptable and workable solution. With theruling party and also the main opposition party(the TDP run by Chandra Babu) must bebrought on the same page, the supportmechanisms have a higher probability ofbecoming successful. The TDP must be advisednot to participate in any further meetings thatwould be called by the Centre. This could be aneffective stumbling block for any meaningfuldialogue on resolving the Telangana demand.The Andhra Congress MPs belonging toKamma caste must be encouraged to work intandem with TDP leadership which is nowcaught in a bad shape.

It is a shame that a body which issupposed to be judicious, draws out a strategyon caste lines as mentioned above. Thecheapest suggestion of unifying MPs andleaders belonging to caste of Kamma in bothCongress and Telugu Desham to opposeTelangana is also believed to be gettingeffectively implemented. TDP leadership hasalready decided not to attend the all partymeeting convened by Union Home Ministerwhich will help in delaying the process onTelangana. Then the Committee suggested to‘drag on’ as long as possible giving animpression that government is trying to discusswith all stake holders. In a way it advised theGovernment to deceive and cheat the people ofTelangan. That paragraph has to be quotedhere:

(ii) Further, on receipt of the Committee’sReport by the Government, a general messageshould be conveyed amongst the people of theState that Centre will be open for detaileddiscussions on the recommendations / options ofthe Report with the concerned leaders /

stakeholders either directly or through a Groupof Ministers or through important interlocutorsand that this process will start at the earliest. Butevery method must be adopted to avoid givingfinality to any discussions to drag on the matteruntil the agitation is totally brought undercontrol.

It is a paradox that Srikrishna tried toteach political manipulations to the 125 plusold Congress party. It did not even hesitate tohit ‘below the belt’. The fresh revelation of textof Eighth Chapter of Srikrishna Committee inTelangana media on June 10 has a strangesynchronization with the appointment ofDamodar Rajanarasimha, a Telanganalegislator as the Deputy Chief Minister of AP.This indicates that the center is complyingwith every deceitful and unreasonablesuggestion of Srikrishna without anyhesitation.

Second secret recommendation of theCommittee is manipulating the opposition andTelangana Rasthra Samithi. As it is, the linebetween Congress and main oppositionTelugu Desham is blurred. The YSR Congressparty blamed TDP as the handmaid of rulingparty which was revealed when both of thoseparties tried to fight ‘same target’ (YSJaganmohan Reddy) in Kadapa by-election andworked in unison in bailing out the rulingparty from the threat of ‘numbers’ throughelection of Assembly Speaker by open votingwith a whip so that the purpose of proposed‘no confidence motion’ is defeated muchbefore it is put to vote. The TDP continues tooppose Telangana through its non-Telanganaleaders while its Telangana forum concentratestargeting TRS in the name of agitating forTelangana. Though it is not known how therulers are ‘softening’ the TRS leaders assuggested by Srikrishna, but long drawnsilence of K Chandrasekhar Rao and absenceof serious agitation preparedness isstrengthening doubts about theimplementation of Srikrishna’s suggestion toremove the vigour from the TRS agitation.

Media ManagementThe secret supplementary note also

suggested managing the media, saying:

The main editors/ resident and subeditors,the Film world etc. are dominated bySeemandhra people. A coordinated action ontheir part has the potential of shaping theperception of the common man. However, thebeat journalists in the respective regions arelocals and are likely to capture only those events/news which reflect the regional sentiments. Thiscan be tackled by the owners of the media housesby systematically replacing the local journalistsby those from Seemandhra wherever it ispossible. The print media is hugely dependent onthe Government for advertisement revenue andif carefully handled can be an effective tool toachieve this goal. However, the RTI Act mayprove to be an impediment for the Governmentto deny due share of ads to publicationssupporting the Telangana demand.

The Government of Andhra Pradesh isalready doling out the advertisements tomedia. Any one can find plenty ofGovernment Advertisements in almost allnewspapers and TV channels. It is to bewatched whether Seemandhra ManagingDirectors and editors will replace the localTelangana reporters by Seemandhra Reporters.

However the Seemandhra Media has alreadyexhibiting its total opposition to Telangana bynot presenting the news of agitation andrepeatedly casting anti-Telangana statements.The TRS launched its daily ‘NamastheTelangana’ with 7.5 lakh paid subscriptionfrom ten districts of Telangana on the first day.This is described as indication of growingdissent at anti-telangana bias of media inAndhra Pradesh. To comply with suggestion of‘full preparedness’ the center has already sentpara military forces equipped with the armsand ammunition to suppress the agitation.

(c) Full Preparedness (i) As under each of theoptions there is a high possibility of agitationalbacklash, notwithstanding the actions taken inadvance as suggested in (a) and (b) above, anappropriate plan of deployment grid of police force(both Central and State) with full technical supportneeds to be immediately drawn up. Advancepreparedness in this regard would go a long way incontaining the law and order situation and minimizedestruction of lives and property.

Thus the secret commentary on theEighth Chapter discussed each and everyoption of its open ninth chapter only to say thatevery option is not workable peacefully. Sinceevery step would invite some or the otheragitation, the Committee wanted to treat entiresituation as just law and order and suppress itruthlessly, most undemocratic andunreasonable suggestion indeed. Thus thistruth-less committee wanted ruthlesssuppression of the people conceding some lossof life and property. The open report hasindirectly provoked the people of Telangana toagitate intensely since Center has expresslyrevealed through this committee that it is notinclined to give Telangana state withoutpressurizing agitation. The secret part of thereport on the other hand asked the UnionGovernment to suppress the agitation, corruptpoliticians and bribe the media withadvertisements.

Now, with none from the uniongovernment denying these revelations in themedia, no justification can be made to still keepthe report “secret”, as the report has beenalmost totally out in public domain, unlesssome thing else is written and supplied to theHome Ministry beyond this 21 pages of thecommentary and three pages of supplementarynote. It is not known whether secret isconfined to these twenty four pages only, butthe dishonesty of the state and crookedness ofthe political parties remained no more secret.The chairman of Committee Justice Srikrishnamight have secured another high power post-retirement alluring position and memberscontinue to enjoy the state patronage, butpeople do consider the whole committee asdiscredited and proved to be corrupt bysuggesting corrupt means and moves tosuppress a popular people’s agitation.

Today a even common man doubts theintegrity of Justice Srikrishna, asking how thechairman of this committee could haveoccupied the most honourable seat of judge ofSupreme Court of India and lead otherintellectual members. It is most unfortunatethat Center has not yet decided that it wouldnot fight appeal but reveal the entire secretchapter to respect the principles oftransparency.

Secrecy Reveals CorruptRecommendations

Hidden Report of Srikrishna

bY Professor Madabhushi Sridhar


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the return of cheque issuedtowards clearance of a legallyenforceable debt is made as

criminal offence under Section 138,of THE NEGOTIABLEINSTRUMENTS ACT 1881. Theact is enacted with an intention toprevent issuance of cheques without arranging sufficientfunds in the ones own bank account. The instances,where issuing cheques, without arranging sufficientfunds in the account has increased many fold. To curbthe same and to punish the dishonest persons fromindulging in such act the dishonour of cheque is treatedas criminal offence punishable with imprisonment for aperiod of one year or with fine up to the double theamount of dishonored cheque or with both.

Even though many are aware that the dishonour ofthe cheque, for insufficient funds attracts penalprovisions, many have doubts to the issue of how manytimes a cheque need to be presented. As per theprovisions of the law andthe law laid down by theSupreme court normallythe presentation ofcheque should be withinits validity period whichis generally for six months. However in some cases thevalidity period of the cheque is restricted to threemonths.

As per the provisions of law there is no bar in regardto the presentation of cheques. The cheque can bepresented for any number of times until the period ofvalidity. The Supreme Court declared that the chequecould be presented at any number of times.

However once notice as mandated under the act isissued demanding the payment of the amount the causeof action commences within fifteen days from the receiptof the notice. To constitute an offence under the act, thedrawer should have failed to pay the dishonoured chequeamount within the grace period of 15 days to the payee.

Dishonour of the cheque on each occasion of itspresentation does not gives rise to a fresh cause of action.After the receipt of the notice for dishonor of cheque andfailure to make payment within 15 days from date ofreceipt of notice gives rise to cause of action, as declaredby the courts.

On each presentation of the cheque and itsdishonour a fresh right and not cause of action accruesin favour of the person to whom cheque is issued.However once a notice is issued under clause (b) of Sec.138 the cause of action arises and the complaint has to befiled within the mandatory period of 30 days. Afterissuance of the notice if once again a cheque is presentedand notice is issued for the second time the complainantwould not get any cause of action as he has alreadyforfeited such right by not filing the complaint withintime having issued the notice. If no action taken on thefirst notice and if the cheque is presented again and asecond notice is sent the complaint filed basing on thesame would not withstand the legal scrutiny and wouldcertainly fail.

[email protected]

By Chandra

Shaker Arcot

Cheque can bepresented many times

DECCAN POST June 17 - 23, 20114 PolitiCs

Ever since, the Bosta Satyanarayana became thePresident of the APCC he has been acting like a manin great hurry. The transport minister in the six-month

old Kiran Kumar Reddy government Botsa Satyanaraya @Sathi Babu @ Bosta has almost become a de-facto chiefminister for the time being. Already, Bosta started taking uppolitical classes for the cabinet ministers as to how theymust take the issues and publicity to the masses. Bostabegan boasting that he already made a dent into the groupof YS Jagan Mohan Reddy. He brushed aside Jagan sayingthat he is no heavy weight in front of him and can take onhim any time. It looks like he wants to order the chiefminister also to do -such and such a thing-. He feels thechief minister Kiran Kumar Reddy must consult himregularly and must work under his direct guidance.Supporters of Bosta are saying that if the CM Kiran wantsto make a policy decision, then Botsa would like to stophim saying that “the party would take up the scheme or thedecision to the masses through the party circles”. Whethera typically arrogant Kiran Kumar “REDDY” that too beingthe reining chief ministerwould allow an over-enthusiastic Botsa to comeanywhere near his authority isan interesting matter forpolitical observers from nowon. While assuming charge asthe PCC chief, Bosta suggestedthat the CM should give duerespect to the party and itsleaders. Though they ruled outof having any differencesbetween them, many believethat Botsa is going to makeattempts to topple KiranKumar Reddy in the days tocome.

In fact Botsa is throwinghis weight everywhere being inthe party and also in theGovernment depending on thesituation. Majority of theministers who detest CMKiran’s arrogance are also ofthe opinion that Botsa will finally grab the top post in notime and that it would be wise for them to join him as theycannot fight him. As it is many ministers are not happywith the attitude of the chief minister. This time the highcommand could be a mute spectator and the change in thechief ministership will be effected here in Hyderabad withthe majority of the legislators supporting Sathi Babu. As heopenly announced and also with the Kapu lobby preparingthe sketch to be worked out there are many plans beingprepared. With Chiranjeevi’s merging his 18 PRP MLAsinto the Congress; Bosta sees an added advantage as out ofthe 18 MLAs; about 12 are Kapu MLAs. All these KapuMLAs are now excited with Bosta becoming the party Boss.Earlier, these MLAs were not confident about their future.It is learnt that Ganta Srinivas Rao and Kanna Babu workedbehind the scenes to see that Chiranjeevi merges his PRPwith Congress. Now that the merger process is completedthey are now interested in sharing power. CRamchandriah, an MLC from Kadapa District and GantaSrinivas are hecticly trying to become ministers. Although,Vanga Geetha has a good chance but the real question iswhether Chiranjeevi would stay in the state or sent out byBosta? If Chiru stays in the state and becomes a powerfulminister in the state cabinet; it would mean that Bosta hasto play second fiddle to Chiranjeevi. But if Chiru can beasked to go to centre then Bosta will grab all theopportunity. Of course, there is a danger in Chiranjeeviresigning his Tirupathi seat as the congress is not in aposition to win the seat if a vacancy arises. However, Bostawould want Chiru to resign so that he can kill two birdswith one shot. First, it would be exit for Chiru from stateand secondly it would be a huge political set back for chiefminister if he is unable to get the party nominee elected.For Bosta, he can easily blame both Chiru and CM Kiranfor the defeat.

When it comes to taking on Jagan, Botsa has alreadytaken the insider from YSR that Sureedu into his fold andit is learnt that Sureeda is spilling the beans against Jagan.Although, it is highly impossible that Sureedu can reallyditch YSR’s family. That is now identified with Jagan. Evenif Sureedu is shunned by Jagan; it could always be a ploy tofool others. Therefore, whoever is claiming to part wayswith Jagan are just doing so only for the purpose ofstrategic reasons.

The PCC chief has announced his time table . Hesaid if he is in Hyderabad, every day during the first sessionhe will be at Gandhi Bhavan looking after party affairs andin the second session will be at Secretariat interacting withMinisters. Whether, he can make any impact on the partyand Government, his appointment as PCC Presidentcertainly makes the Chief Minister Kiran Kumar Reddyfeel insecure about his chair, because when he was offeredthe transport ministry to Botsa and other unimportantportfolios to seniors, he was the one who raised his voiceagainst CM.

Botsa who assumed charge as PCC president got thefirst blow from Amalapuram MP Harsha Kumar. Harshawrote a letter to Sonia Gandhi to reconsider the decision ofappointing Botsa as he is facing charges in Volkswagonscandal, involved in liquor syndicate, land encroachmentand other illegal activities. Harsha Kumar charged thatBotsa who is against the SC, ST communities is unfit to bethe PCC Chief. He suggested it is rather better to offer theseat to some Telangana person. The decision of appointingBotsa as PCC president not only sends negative message topeople of the state but also turns suicidal in Telanganaregion. Responding to the criticism Botsa said ‘When allthe people in the party are appreciating my appointment, ifone goes against me it makes no difference for me or party.

AICC beleived that Botsa is the person who canhandle all type of issues and also be friendly with theleaders in the congress and would take everyone in onepath. Admitting that a wide gap is prevailing between thegovernment and the party after the demise of YSR, thenewly-appointed PCC chief, Botsa promised to setthings right within the next three months to ensure a true“Congress-led government” image. But the fact is thatthe central leadership is interested in burying the imageof YSR, while Botsa is reminding the people about lateYSR and his schemes from time to time. He said that hewould talk to all the leaders from the three regions in thestate on a priority basis to find an amicable solution to thestate bifurcation issue which would then becommunicated to the Congress central leadership.Satyanarayana clarified that the Telangana issue was ofutmost concern for both the party and government asseveral political issues would be automatically resolvedonce the Telangana issue is resolved.

Botsa’s desperate to

replace CM Kiran ?By U Srinivas


[email protected]

Val Shipley was recently in Hyderabadfor a power packed performance atLeonia. What sets him apart from other

musicians is his ability to connect withaudience and his natural showmanship! Thisability enables him to provide a sense offamiliarity to the audiences while providingthe crowd with an entertaining experience.The musicians in Val's band are all top of theline studio and stage people with loads ofexperience. Val is also the first Indian to bepremiered on the Internet on the Eve ofIndia's 50th year of Independence. His styleof music ranges from Rock & Roll, Jazz,Funk, Blues, and Live remixes Jazz-Rockand contemporary Indian music DeccanPost was fortunate to catch up with thispony-tailed dynamo that had the audienceeating out of his hand and dancing to hismany tunes.

Your repertoire of music is extraordinary.

What inspires you?

My heroes since childhood have been JJ Cale, Clapton, Mark Knopfler(who Ifondly always refer to as Guruji), Al DiMeola, Ritchie Blackmore, His ExcellencyMr.B B King, Beatles(especially GeorgeHarrison), David Gilmour, Johnny Winter,Albert Lee, John Mayer(now), Robben Ford,CSN & Y,Jeff Beck. The list is endless butwhat’s common about all these greatmusicians is that in addition to the skill,technique, thought and talent, they have

been blessed with the most importantingredient of them all – the soul. You havethe same notes on the guitar/piano butwhere do you look for the soul in yourvoice/instrument? All the above mentionedheroes have walked the line and know about

the price one has to pay to be able to sing andplay the blues.

You are said to have started at a very early

age. How was this possible?

A: I was born into a family with veryrich musical heritage and got initiated intomusic at the age of four years when I gavemy first live concert in Lucknow. I am thenephew of the famous Van Shipley popularlyknown as "Man with the Golden Guitar andmagical Gypsy Violin", who is one of thepioneers of instrumental music in India.

Tell us about your early years.

A: I got a Tear Fund Scholarship on therecommendation of Sir Cliff Richard tostudy Music. I have traveled all acrossEurope and played with various Pop, Rock,Ethnic, Folk and Jazz outfits. On my returnto India, I worked with the likes of Mr. LouisBanks and Astaad Deboo and with GrammyAward winner Pandit Vishwa Mohan Bhattand also played with India's No.1 Rock Band- Parikrama.

We heard that unlike other famous musicians

you are trying to give back to society?

A: I am associated with variousCharities, NGOs and Foundations to workfor issues that I deeply feel about likeEnvironment, AIDS awareness, SocialResponsibility and Autism.

Do you also teach music?

A: I teach students music at myAcademy called Valentine Shipley Academyof Music & Performing Arts in New Delhiand have also started a successful MusicAcademy in Nagpur at Bishop CottonSchool teaching Guitar/ Drums/ Keyboards/Vocals and so on. I am also the foundermember of the now famous "Friends ofMusic" which is the only music club of itskind in this country to provide a platform toyoung artists for the promotion of originalmusic and bringing together performersfrom various genre of music on a commonplatform.

So how many instruments do you actually


A:I am proficient in playing variousinstruments like 6 and 12 string AcousticGuitar, Keyboards, Mandolin, Drums, SlideGuitar, Bass Guitar, Tabla, Piano, ElectricLead Guitar and Banjo.

What is your advice to budding musicians?

A:I feel all of us have to try and find ourinner voice and write and play songs that wefeel deeply passionate about and spend asmuch time with our instrument to know itinside out and round and round to be onewith it physically, emotionally, mentally andspiritually. You will see what healing,quietness, peace, joy and harmony it bringsto your lives and souls.

Man with the Golden Guitar By Beyniaz Edulji


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DECCAN POST June 17 - 23, 2011 13trEndz

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5DECCAN POST June 17 - 23, 2011 CurrenT affairs

[email protected]

The Eamcet students have bungled the entrance exam forthe year 2011. Only 5 percent of the students havesecured more than 80 marks for 159 this time. It never

happened before. 95 percent of the students who appearedfor the EAMCET entrance got less that 80 marks in theEngineering stream. The managements will have a toughtime to fill the seats under management and also convenerquota. 20 new Engineering colleges are coming to the stateand also new courses will be added in the existing colleges.There are 707 colleges for Engineering and last year 80000seats fell vacant. This time there will be about 120000 seatsvacant. The students and the parents should not worry as faras the Engineering streams are concerned. A mela arrangedby the Kab consultancy at the Nizam’s college failed to drawthe crowds even as they announced that the transport wouldbe free for the students and no donation.All seats at convenerfees. But when it comes to Medical stream the scenario is

tough. All may not get into top 10 colleges, but all will get theEngineering seat. Some colleges like ICFAI, Gitam arecharging about 8 lakhs. But even colleges like the popularSRM of Chennai are also charging 8 lakhs only for 4 years.But if one can negotiate properly they are bound to comedown this time as there is no demand for ICFAI and Gitamthis year. There are reports that with the apprehensions ofagitations and violence in Hyderabad most of the studentshave already migrated to Chennai and Karnataka.

The parents do not want the children to get carried awayby the agitations, violence and suicides in the name ofseparate state and other forms of agitations. People who usedto get their children trained at the Nallakunta educationalinstitutions have shifted their base to Vijayawada and otherplaces in Andhra. They do not want the children to be nearerto Osmania university campus. The reasons for poorperformance in Eamcet is that the students have got vexedafter preparing for the IITs, AIEEEs and other entrances.Eamcet which was on May 8 was postponed to May 22 dueto Jagan’s election at Kadapa.

By this time the students have lost their steam andinterest in the entrances. They just bungled it and nearly 50percent of them did not get even 50 percent of the stipulatedmarks. The application status at OU has come downdrastically. The dead lines of KCRs, Nagams and others havebrought down the level of the education in the campuses andpeople do not want to come to Hyderabad for differentreasons. When it comes to education of BTech stream assuchthe Centre permitted companies registered as non-profitentities to establish technical institutions and reduced theland requirement for non-rural areas to 2.5 acres from theexisting 3.5 acres, in addition to allowing vertical expansionbarring engineering colleges. In a move that could enhance

the intake of students in technical colleges, includingengineering, substantially, the All India Council forTechnical Education (AICTE) has allowed an increase in thenumber of seats to provide for larger number of seats andoptimisation of resources without having to set up newinstitutions in the area. Some colleges are trying to have asecond shift keeping the demand in mind. But this would beviable for the top 10 to 20 colleges only. As of now, differentprogrammes – one each – were allowed to be integrated intoa single campus so that resources could be shared. Now, thisfacility has been extended to accommodate more than onecollege in the same stream on a single campus. All companiesor corporate houses registered as non-profit entities undersection 25 of the Company's Act, 1956 can set up technicalinstitutions but no joint ventures would be allowed in suchcases. As of now, only registered trusts and societies could setup educational institutions.

Public-private partnership will be permitted for settingup technical institutions or institutions can be establishedunder the build-operate-transfer (BOT) system. Theseschemes will be allowed in 241 districts where currently noAICTE-approved institution exists. To make technicaleducation more inclusive, the AICTE has made the tuitionfee waiver scheme mandatory upto 5 per cent for allinstitutions as against 10 per cent earlier which wasvoluntary. Under the scheme, 10 per cent additional seatswere meant for economically weaker sections where onlytuition fee was waived.

However, the Floor Space Index and the Floor AreaRatio would be considered for vertical expansion. “TheAICTE has been making a conscious effort to facilitate thestakeholders on establishing good technical institutions. Inorder that a planned and coordinated development isensured in technical education, the AICTE will implementthese relaxed norms from the coming academic year.

The new norms also allow institutions to start stand-alone post graduate courses and granting Indian degrees incampuses of Indian institutions abroad subject to local laws.Overseas campus can be set up subject to local laws andclearance by the Indian side. All post graduate diplomacourses will have to be of two-year duration except forexecutives where the duration has been fixed at 15 months.

As part of social responsibility, the AICTE-approvedinstitutions will also be permitted to conduct eveningcourses for skill development based on expertise areaspossessed by the respective institutions. These institutionsare expected to form clusters with other institutions in theneighbourhood and collaborate with the industries in theareas in running these skill-based programmes.

By U Srinivas

eaMCeT bringsthe standard down ?


Gopal the Crusader

MG Gopal the name is old but the position is new.He was with APPSC for some time later withthe Governor of AP, but took all of them to task

including the top gun YSR. In fact YSR wanted to takeGopal alongwith Bhanu but YSR was no more. Afterhaving a field day with waterworks in TDPs regime,Gopal was put in loop line but he changed the game

everywhere he made his presence felt.Now he is withHigher education Department, When the Btechadmissions are on . As Principal secretary HigherEducation he can change things for the welfare ofparents and also thestudents. He canmake the Interweightage to 50percent. He can puthis foot down on them a n a g e m e n t sordering that they must take only one lakh fees underthe management quota, and not 10 to 20 lakhs as beingdone by Gokaraju, Vasavi, CBIT and other top tencolleges. He can make the Btech education affordable.Clean up the so called useless colleges without staff andinfrastructure. Bring down the Inter education toaffordable levels. Lets hope he puts his mark on theEducation department as such for the benefit of thestudents in General. He was chatting with media infront of C block saying that he would clean up the messin the department.

Happy days forB Tech students

are the students studying for Eamcet. This time itlooks they prepared for other entrance tests andscored very low in the local entrance. The statistics

show that only 5 percent of the students scored above80 marks. For 159 only 5 percent of them scored above80 marks that is more than 50 percent. That means 95percent of them scored less than 80 marks for 159.

255000 of them took the test and just about 13000could get more than 80 marks. Where are thestandards? What are the so called Narayanas,Chaitanyas doing for the Eamcet like BIE they ignoredEamcet. They aim for the IIT but will not get qualifiedeven for the Eamcet. Last time 80000 seats fell vacant inthe Engineering colleges, this time with new collegesand courses adding up then you might have about120000 seats falling vacant. Last year some collegesoffered 4 years education of BTech for Just Rs 35000,this year stalls at Nizam college also promised freetransport.SMS are pouring in with offers to give seats atconvener rates . Then why do we need Eamcet. Whynot the Govt go for increasing the Inter weightage from25 to 50 percent this year. This will increase weight forthe inter education . This will do better for theeducation rather than encouraging marks of Eamcet.

By U Srinivas

DECCAN POST June 17 - 23, 201112 HealTH

The prostate, a walnut – sized glandlocated just below the bladder, is thesource of many male urinary problems,

including cancer, benign enlargements, andinflammation (prostatitis). Urinary tractinfections, lifestyle habits, and a high fat dietseem to predispose a man to some of theseproblems, but often, factors that are beyondour control are more instrumental. Theprostate reaches its adult size by the age of 20and weighs a little less than one ounce. It isstimulated to grow during the teenage yearsby the male sex hormones which becomeactive during puberty. For reasons that arenot well known, the prostate again begins togrow at about age 45 or 50 and continuesgrowing throughout the life span of the man.

As men age, the prostate tends toenlarge, a condition called benign prostatichypertrophy (BPH). About one-third of allmen over 50 experience the non cancerousenlargement that can cause severeobstruction of urinary flow. Prostate cancer,

with an estimated 18,000 new cases, a year, isthe most common male malignancy. Iftreated in an early stage, it is highly curable.In many cases, however, it may spread toother organs by the time of diagnosis. Forthis reason, Cancer societies urge men over40 to undergo annual or biannual screening,starting with a digital rectal examination. Ablood test to measure prostate -specificantigen (PSA), a possible indicator, is alsorecommended, starting at the age of 50.

Diet may play a role in maintainingprostate health, and may help ward offcancer. A recent study of nearly 48,000 menfound that this substance, found in suchfoods as tomatoes, tomatoes products, redgrape-fruits and watermelons appears toreduce the risk of prostate cancer. Thesefindings support the recommendations toincrease consumption of fruits andvegetables, which are high in otherantioxidants and bioflavonoid pigments thatprotect against various cancers. Cooking

appears to release more of the lycopene intomatoes, so tomato based pasta sauces andsoups may be especially beneficial.Lycopene is fat soluble so it is betterabsorbed when eaten with very little fat.

Vitamin E is known to reduceinflammation and may protect againstprostate cancer. Men, especially smokers,who have low levels of Vitamin E appear tobe at an increased risk. Good sources includemargarine, vegetable oils, nuts and seeds,wheat germ, and whole grains. Seleniummay also protect against prostate cancer. Theantioxidant is found in nuts, especially Brazilnuts, seafood, some meats, fish, wheat bran,wheat germ, oats and brown rice.

Soy products can help prevent prostateenlargement, may help protect againstprostate cancer, and may slow tumorgrowth. The effect is attributed toisoflavones, plant chemicals that help lowerdihydrotestosterone (DHT), a male

hormone thatstimulates theovergrowth ofprostate tissue. Eatlots of cruciferousvegetables, omega3, and other foodsthat protect theprostate. Fish and vegetable oils high inomega-3 fats seem to reduce the risk ofprostate cancer. A diet that is high insaturated animal fats has been linked to anincreased incidence. Vegetables from thecruciferous family such as broccoli, cabbage,and cauliflower contain isothiocyanates,phytochemicals, all of which play a role inthe prevention of cancer.

Plenty of water or non-alcoholic drinksshould be consumed by those suffering fromenlarged prostate. Intake of coffee and teashould be reduced.

Natural diet for prostate problem

Jyothi Chabria


[email protected]

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DECCAN POST June 17 - 23, 20116 EdiT paGE

Will Telangana bea reality?

Chapter 8publication is agreat effort done

by Deccan post. It wasunbelievable in thebeginning. You madestartling revelationsand did a fine job inexposing the details.People have come toknow about the evildesigns of Sri Krishnacommittee. But Deccanpost must tell us ifTelangana is coming in

the near future. Will Telangana be a reality?

Sashi Kala, AS Rao Nagar

Wake upGovernment!

The centrespread on childlabour is a good gesturefrom Deccan post. From

time to time you take up suchissues so that the Governmentwould wake up from the sleep.Eradication of child labor isalso one of the importantaspects. The children must goto school and play; insteadthey are wasting time in the

work fields from time to time. Poverty isone of the main causes for the child labour.

Roshan Sharma, Chanda Nagar

Real Flavour…

The last page issimply superbwith the

curves of Vidya.People arecomparing Vidyawith Silk Smitha,but Vidya is different. Silk was vulgar andsexy. But Vidya is like a siren . The photosdisplay is good and make up isexcellent.keep it up.

S Madhav, Nagole

Timely subject!

Games fouls and winners is also a goodanalysis. Goka Sridharji has dwelt thesubject in depth. As you said if secret

ballot was done in the assembly then therecould have been somereal voting which wouldhave kept the rulingcongress party introuble. People expecteda lot to happen in thisspeaker and deputy

speaker election. But the no confidencemotion was not finally taken up.

Mahalaxmi, Banjara Hills

Readers are requested to send in their feedback to

[email protected]

Ever since, the Srikrishna Committeesubmitted its report to the uniongovernment on 30th December,

2010, many political changes werenaturally expected as part of “politicalmanagement” suggested by theCommittee that had spent Rupees 20Crores belonging to the nation. Therewere many challenges before theCongress led UPA government and theway -- scam after scam began surfacingcompelling the Judiciary to take thingsinto their domain and start controllingthe disinclined “executive” machinery.Such deterioration in the situation wasnothing short of squeezing the 126 yearold congress party into its tightest fitever. The party had many issues tohandle nation wide and the situation inAP was no better. The congress wasfacing two problems in the state; thelong pending problem of Telanganastatehood demand is something whichwas being tentatively endured cleverlyrather than being permanently resolvedwisely. While the problem of Jagan is aself created one with no practicalmethodology to convince him about hisambitions and all attempts to confusehim seems to have back fired after hedecided to quit the party and to provewhat a “nuisance” he is capable of as wasseen in the outcome of Kadapa by-polls.The congress had no proper strategy toaddress problems in the state, althoughpolitically AP is the reason for congressto rule at the centre since last sevenyears.

The congress was more interestedin the outcome of the results in TamilNadu than any other state. Congresswas in the forefront in Assam and Keralawhere the results came in favour of theparty and also the historical win byMamatha Banerjee in West Bengaldislodging the well entrenchedcomrades was a cause for celebration.

But the loss of Tamil Nadu has beensomething which is causing bignuisance to the congress led UPAgovernment. Isn’t it just another stateand so what’s the big deal? After all,people of that state are known foreffecting change of regime every fiveyears. But why is Tamil Nadu importantthan other states? The state of TamilNadu has many peculiar features butthe outcome of this election where theDMK and Congress alliance gotdefeated by the AIADMK and allies isappearing to be a thorn in the flesh forthe present union government. Thenew chief minister of Tamil Nadu, JJayalalithaa in her very first visit toDelhi has unleashed her politicalagenda. There are three things whichseem to be her priority apart from thenormal development any CM of a statewould pursue. Jayalalithaa has hit outagainst the Union Home Minister PChidambaram and called his election asa fraud on the nation. She demandedthat union minister P Chidambaram hasfraudulently managed to win hiselection as an MP in the 2009 generalelections. She terms his continuation inthe union cabinet as “untenable”. IfChidambaram had condemned thesedemands as “utter contempt for courts”besides accusing of always starting witha wrong foot; the day is not far away fortruth to emerge as the election petitionchallenging Chidambaram’s win is nowgoing to be decided by the courts soonerthan expected. She also demanded thatUnion Minister Dayanidhi Maranbelonging to DMK also must be sacked.Finally, she referred to the issue ofSrilankan Tamils and the way they arebeing ill-treated by the Sri Lankanarmed forces. This is the mostimportant thing that could be worryingthe union government for its allegedtacit silence during the war againstLTTE by the Sri Lankan government

exactly two years ago, which obviouslyis now being raised by Tamil Nadu chiefminister Jayalalithaa, who had no lovelost for either the LTTE or itsleadership.

On the other hand, there areenough leaders in the congress whoseem to be wishing to replace PChidambaram as union home ministerbut it is to be seen how things take shapein view of JJ pursuing him. With astrong regional party chief ministercoming to power in Tamil Nadu, itwould be extremely difficult for thepresent union government to fiddlewith the powers of the states in thefederal concept. Jayalalithaa would urgethe union government to strictly abideby the scheme of the constitution notdiluting the police power of the states. Itappears that there would be manyunderhand deals that would see PCgetting a transfer to some otherportfolio; especially after carefullyobserving and analyzing things that arequite open. If important partyfunctionaries like Digvijay Singh istaking on PC on issues like “Greenhunt” and the flawed policy of pursuingthe internal security aspects; there areothers in the government like theenvironment minister Jairam Rameshwhom seem to be at cross with theunion home minister. Of course, thecivil society is no less unhappy with thehandling of issues like the secret reportof Srikrishna Committee and themanner in which the selection of PKThomas as CVC was done. Besides,there is an investigation ordered by theapex court over the manner in whichthe Maoist leader Cherkuri @ Azad wasallegedly bumped off while engaged intalks with the union government.Swamy Agniwesh who is involved in allthese issses has much to say. If all thisrefer to Mr P Chidambaram’s

involvement in many significant issues;what concerns the people of AndhraPradesh is the shabby manner in whichthe public representatives got allegedlytreated by none other than the unionhome minister. All those 65 to 70member delegation said to comprise tenstate ministers, 14 MPs, 40 MLAs andMLCs hailing from Telangana regionwere at the receiving end when theywent to discuss “ the way forward” forseeking the formation of Telangana stateas announced by the union governmenton 9th December, 2009. They areagitated at the humiliation and areunanimously of the opinion that Mr PChidambaram ought to have behaved asa responsible union home minister andnot like a private lawyer who is entitledto charge and also impress his clientswith his great intellectual arrogance.Whatever might happen from now on,the people of Telanagana and also theAndhras like Jagan and Chandra Babuwould have enough reasons to castigatethe congress party for humiliating thepride of Telugus in Delhi. In the end, itmay prove tough to salvage the fortunesof congress party even if PC is sacked asthe politicians in AP would not lose thisopportunity to take on the congress.Therefore the moral of the story is PCwill surely get scapegoated for hispatented “style of functioning” ifanything goes on wrong with thefortunes of Congress in AP &Tamilnadu. If one were to find a quidpro quo for the intellectual arrogance ofPC they must have to look up at JJ’sstyle of treating people like PCs. Onother hand if the Congress MPs feel thatthey have any self -respect they must askfor the home portfolio to be given to S.Jaipal Reddy as that would mean notonly a small gesture of reciprocating towhat they got from PC but also to provethat they too matter in the scheme ofthings.

Conducting “ the Way Forward ”

DECCAN POST June 17 - 23, 2011 11miNd spaCE

A N S W E R S Sudoku-171

Winner of Sudoku 171: Nagraj N, Mailww







SuDoku 172


w t

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‘Rathotsavam' (chariot festival),observed on the penultimate dayof the nine-day annual

Brahmotsavam of SriGovindarajaswamy temple, wasconducted amid fanfare here onMonday. Govindaraja is revered asthe elder brother of Lord SriVenkateswara.

During the three-hour sojourn,the mammoth wooden chariotcarrying the deity of LordGovindaraja and His two consorts -Sridevi and Bhudevi - was pulled onthe four streets encircling the templeand forming the outer precincts. Thedeity was carried in a procession fromthe temple in the early hours and was

mounted on the chariot by 3.50 a.m.,when the auspicious ‘Mesha Lagnam'was in vogue. By 7.10 a.m.,

the chariot started inching ahead whenthe hundreds of devotees pulled the

huge rope connected toit ‘in one go'. As is thegeneral belief, devoteeshurled pepper and rocksalt on the chariot, as itis believed to bring

fortune and rid one of allills.

Joint Executive OfficerN. Yuvaraj, Chief Vigilanceand Security Officer M.K.Singh, Chief EngineerChandrasekhara Reddy andDeputy Executive Officer(local temples) Jhansi Ranitook part in the procession.

Husband and wife are like 2tyres of a vehicleIf 1 punctures, the vehiclecan’t move furtherMoral: Always Keep aSPARE TYRE….***Mr.Bean ScienceMajor Rohail:I was stuck in ELEVATORfor 3 hrsDue to electric failureMr.Bean:Ya me tooI was stuck on

ESCALATOR for 5 hrs***Santa: Look a thief hasentered our kitchen and he iseating the cake I made. Banta: Whom should I callnow, Police or Ambulance?***Banta : Wo Ladki DeafLagti Hai. Main KuchKehta Hoon, Woh Kuch AurHi Bolti Hai.Santa : Kaise?Banta : Maine Kaha I LuvU, To Woh Boli ‘Maine KalHi Naye Sandal kharidehain’

Vrischika-asana, The scorpion pose

Vrischika, a Sanskrit word, means ‘scorpion’.While doing this asana, the postures of ourbody looks like a scorpion. Thus it is named


How to do The Scorpion Pose

• While doing this asana, you are tokneel. Then let your body be in a forwardleaning posture. Simply put your forearms andelbows just on the floor, in flat position. Ensurethat the palms are facing the floor. Keep distancebetween arms as per the size of your shoulder.

• Thereafter get you head a bit forward,keeping it lifted in high position. Then slowly tryraising both the buttocks. Do as per the strengthof your body. Then you get your feet on thebottom of your toes. Hold it for a while.

• Now take the breath inside and try toswing both the legs upwards. To get you bodystraightened in upward position you can wait.Meanwhile keep your body in balance.

• Now start bending your knees, anddrop the legs in the direction of your head. Youare not to hurry at any stage. If you feelexhausted or uncomfortable, you can take somerest.

• When the bottoms of you feet (thesoles) are over the head, your posture would looklike a scorpion. The Vrischika-asana (ScorpionPose) is complete here. You can hold this posefor ten to twenty seconds.

• For restoring the normal position, thefirst one, you are to do all the actions in theirreverse order.

Benefits of doing Vrishchikasana:

All the asanas have their general benefits.They help increasing health and vitality ofhuman body. If we cannot do this posture in full,we can do it in half. It is called the ArdhaVrishchikasana or Half Scorpion Posture. TheVrishchikasana has its peculiar benefits, too.Here are some of the benefits of both of theseyoga postures.

• Obviously, it makes the muscles ofhands and arms stronger, as the entire weight ofbody is to be balanced on hands. It is needless tosay that your palms and the wrists get morestrength by regular practice. • As your body inthis posture gives much work to the abdominalmuscles, the disorders of abdomen would beeliminated gradually. It helps in keeping yourspine flexible and more elastic. It would makeyour body looking shapelier. • Scorpion poseinvolves the strength of almost all the muscles ofyour body; thus if you practice it regularly youwould find yourself more energetic.

Aries: Venus glides into a fabsector, and along with the Sun givesyour word skills extra vibrancy.Expect to be very busy, and to be indemand. This can see travelopportunities, and some of thesecan come out of the blue. Animprovement in finances ispossible.

Taurus: You can start to feel surerof yourself and of your abilities andtalents. You also need other peopleto recognize you too, and this ispossible, and monetaryimprovements can show it, but alsoa sense that there are firmerfoundations being laid.

Gemini: If you haven’t yet put anew start in training, this week youwill. This can be anything from a

personal makeover, to developing afresh love interest, to taking up astimulating hobby. Yet one facefrom your past can seem to keepcoming into your mind.

Cancer: The Full Moon thisweek suggests that you can havesome nagging worries holding youback. If so, this is a good time toshare them with someone you cantruly trust. Some unspokenassumptions can cause realmischief. Focus on the facts Cancer.

Leo:Job introductions can comethrough a pal too. Yet if you are onthe move this week, nearer to homeor overseas, do double check thearrangements before heading offLeo. Fortunately, with Saturnending a backward journey, all sortsof glitches seem to clear.

Virgo: Higher education, on thejob training, or a residential skills

course, can transform yourfortunes. Even if this is a step intothe unknown, believe in yourselfbecause this can be life changing.However, shared finances mayrequire some patience and tact.

Libra: Yours is the sign ofbalance, and this week, with yourruler now in your sector of truth,for romance to be truly content,you need to know where you stand.By gently prising out how a partnerfeels, and asserting your side ofthings, life can blossom. This mayeven see an existing tie move to adeeper, more sincere level.However, for now, you may want tokeep this private betweenyourselves.

Scorpio: You can gain from apartner's good fortune, and they canbe extremely generous too. SultryVenus is priming the deepest part ofyou, and this can draw you close

with someone very special andmagnetic. Settled? Work at payingdown debts. You can have theMidas touch, so use it.

Sagittarius: The Full Moonoccurs in your sign midweek, and ifyou feel restless around your lovelife, this may see you think offinishing the tie. However Archer,do give the healing powers of Venusa chance to work their magic inyour situation. Things can improve,if you are prepared to listen to apartner's viewpoint, andcompromise with them.

Capricorn: Someone you workwith may be more hyper-criticalthan you realize. The problem isthat they may not tell you, but othercolleagues. If you sense that theatmosphere is not good try tosummons up all the diplomacy thatyou can muster, and don’t try totackle them head on. Instead look at

how you can step up your efforts.

Aquarius: Venus moves into atruly wonderful location, giving youa great zest for life and loving. Thisis great if you are getting togetherwith friends for a barbecue, or ifyou hope to create greater spark in acurrent involvement. With Saturn,your co-ruler, finally movingforwards after a five monthretrograde, you feel you can expandat last.

Pisces :The desire to beautifyyour home, or to makeimprovements to your garden oroutdoor area, can see you workinghard. Your eye for great colourschemes and decorative touches isgoing to be high. Yet your work-lifebalance may be out of kilter, and ifso, this will need addressing. Workfor yourself? Prospects arebrightening.

asTRo FoCus

Laugh out loud

My wishes are silent but true,Every where they will followyou, Luck is yours, wishes aremine, I wish your present andfuture will always shine.Happy Birthday Aruna.

From Sudheer. ***Hai VeenaI love you are just three words, Which mean so much on ouranniversary.So this is what I want to say,Live in my heart and thereforever stay!

From Kranthi Kumar.

Hi Nyamath,I finally got my past, presentand future tenses correct today. Iloved you. I love you. I will loveyou forever.

From Salim.

***Hi TonyHearts could only love for awhile, Feet’s could only walkfor some miles, Clothes won’tforever be in style, But having you as my Friend isforever worthwhile.

From Renuka.

Lovey - Dovey yy

Grandeur marks chariot festival at TTD

6 - 11_Layout 1 6/16/2011 8:16 PM Page 1

Page 7: hyderabad news weekly

7DECCAN POST June 17 - 23, 2011 FoCUs

The Andhra Pradesh State Congress party that isrunning the state government has been in a state ofCOMA since a long time. Usually, that is normal for

the state PCCs when their party is running the governmentas influential and powerful party functionaries desire to bein government and only those who have noaccommodation there seek to get appointed to the PCCs asthe second best option. The outgoing President of theAPCC, D Srinivas, lost his seat in the state assemblyelections in 2009, which saw the party retaining powerunder the combination of YSR-DS leadership; the partycontinued DS as the party chief for more than two years.As the party was voted to power, DS was actually trying toget into the cabinet at the earliest. He sought a seat in thecouncil but when deniedthe same in 2010, tried hisluck in the by-polls heldin July 2010. After losingthe election twice in lessthan 15 months the party high command was not inclinedto provide any berth in the cabinets of Rosaiah and also thatof Kiran Kumar Reddy who had taken over as state chiefminister in November, 2010. The recent blow in theKadapa by-polls and the handling of the T-issue made theparty look for alternatives. DS seemed a disillusionedpolitician who didn’t bother about the party exceptthinking of accommodation in the state cabinet. This pavedway for people who are already in the state cabinet likeKanna Laxminarayana, Ponnalla Laxmaiah and BostaSatyanarayana to try their luck aspiring for the position ofparty chief or the President of the APCC hoping to retaintheir berth simultaneously in the cabinet. In the end it wasa clever Bosta who pipped others at the post and managedto get the rise. All this did not happen just like that as in thecase of our reluctant chief minister. Bosta is believed tohave succeeded only after managing all those who have arole in these things. He tried every trick and put to usepeople like even Chiranjeevi who normally like things theother-way around. After experiencing the domination ofYSR and the way DS obliged YSR-KVP requests forconsideration; The high command has reverted to its oldformula of having rival power centres in the states where itis in power even if a reluctant chief minister like KiranKumar Reddy is holding the reins.

Within a few hours after being nominated as thePresident of the APCC, the state Transport Minister in theKiran’s government, Botsa Satyanarayana, has beganpursing his life time ambition. Bosta declared quitecandidly that he desires to become the chief minister of astate; either unmindful of the multifold challenges that heneeds to overcome or rather unable to hide his burningdesire; Bosta’s wish of being a ‘CM’ cannot be taken lightly.Whether he means to head the united AP state or thebifurcated state of Seemandhra is not clear at the moment.But being a CM is what he dreams of and doesn’t feel likehiding it for obvious strategic reasons. Hailing frombackward Toorpu Kapu caste and backward Vizianagaramdistrict, Bosta’s rise in politics is phenomenal. He was astaunch follower of veteran Penmatsa Sambasiva Raju whotrusted him to the core which enabled Bosta handleeverything in the district. After his maiden victory in 1999as an MP, he switched loyalties and turned a staunch YSRfollower till his death. Later, Bosta had no difficulty inchanging priorities. Bosta’s raging ambition to rise inpolitics makes him pursue relationships with all those whomatter. Of course, he is known to dump them later if theyturn outdated. Today, Bosta has many Ladder - Gurus in thecongress. He swears his loyality to KVP, DS, KK and nowunion minister Jaipal Reddy. All these leaders who areknown to be too conservative in enabling even their closestfollowers to rise despite opportunities beckoning them nowseem to have contributed to the rise of one single mancalled “Sathi Babu alias Bosta”. But the million dollarquestion is how did Bosta manage to use them all soappropriately? That reveals a special trait of Bosta tosucceed in getting things done. There are many who allegethat he has only agenda and that is “use and rise” no matterhow many ladders are used and abandoned. He simpledoesn’t care. That’s him.

By Sridhar Goka

[email protected]

With the launching of National Rural LivelihoodsMission (NRLM) it is expected that country willbe free from rural poverty. In other words no

household will be living Below the Poverty Line (BPL) inrural India. Mrs. Sonia Gandhi, UPA Chairpersonlaunched NRLM in Rajasthan on 3rd June 2011. Whilelaunching she informed that, “The Union Governmentwill set up an independent financial institution to givefunds for effective functioning of SHGs and betterempowerment of the rural poor.” It is heartening tomention that government of India has arranged “fundsseparately for the scheme” which is a laudable step as manybanks were reluctant to extend fund to the SHGs in thecountry particularly in poverty-stricken states. As a resultSGSY could not make much dent to eradicate povertyacross the states uniformly. To justify the statementnecessary data can be provided here. As per PlanningCommission statistics, rural poverty ratio in AndhraPradesh was 11.2 percent in 2004-05, whereas Bihar(42.1%), Chhattisgarh (40.8%), Madhya Pradesh (36.9%),Jharkhand (46.3%), Uttar Pradesh (33.4%), Uttarakhand(40.85), and Orissa 46.8 percent during the same period.

The recent data on poverty calculated by SureshTendulkar, which has been accepted by the Government ofIndia, reveals that the percentage of the people livingbelow the poverty line has gone up, 37.5 percent which ishigher than 2004-05 (27.5%) and even higher than 1993-94 (36%). It is very unfortunate that in spite of scalingdown the ratio, it has gone up. A country like India withhuge number of population a little increase in ratio leads tohuge increase in absolute number as a sequel moreresources are required to eradicate poverty from thecountry. However based on Tendulkar Report, ratio hasgone up by 10 per cent in recent years than 2004-05implying more number of poor persons both in relativeand absolute terms. Any rational human being knows forany welfare state, responsibility lies with the Governmentto address the problem of poverty as it is directly related todeprivation. In our country, Swarnajayanti GramSwarojgar Yojana (SGSY) launched from 1st April 1999was a step to tackle rural poverty by creation self-employment through income generation activities througha combination of bank loan and government subsidy.Swarnjayanti Gram Swarojgar Yojana (SGSY) as aprogramme was launched by merging six self-employment programmes viz., Integrated RuralDevelopment Programme (IRDP), Development ofWomen and Children in Rural Areas (DWCRA), Trainingof Rural Youth for Self Employment (TRYSEM), Supplyof Improved Toolkits for Rural Artisans (SITRA), MillionWells Scheme (MWS) and Ganga Kalyan Yojana (GKY) .One of the reasons of merging all these programmes intoSGSY was that these could not make much dent toeradicate rural poverty. For example, under IRDP from1980-81 to 1998-99, an amount of Rs 11267.00 crore wasdisbursed as subsidy against bank credit of Rs 21344.00crore. In spite of this huge investment, less than 20 percent beneficiaries could cross poverty line as shown byvarious Concurrent Evaluation studies on IRDP carriedout by the Government of India – First Round was in 1985(Oct.,) – 1986 (Sept.,), Second Round (1987), ThirdRound (1989), Fourth Round 1992 (Sept.,) – 1993 (Aug.,)and Fifth Round (1995 , July- 1996, June) .

The same question arises for SGSY. Although SGSYhas been implemented with ‘care’ in the states like AndhraPradesh, Kerala, Tamil Nadu, but absence of ‘care’ wasobserved in many of the states like- Bihar, Chhattisgarh,Jharkhand, Rajasthan, Orissa, Madhya Pradesh, UttarPradesh etc., as a result poverty ratio is still high in thesestates, as mentioned already.

For better implementation of rural developmentprogrammes in Andhra Pradesh, a separate organizationunder the banner of ‘Society for Elimination of RuralPoverty’ (popularly known as SERP) has been createdfrom 2000 by the Government of Andhra Pradesh, underthe chairmanship of Chief Minister. The works are carriedout under the leadership of a senior IAS officer. Moreover,by reorganizing blocks, long ago mandal has been createdwhere one block has been trifurcated to three on anaverage. The mandals in Andhra Pradesh are much smaller

than blocks in Bihar, UP, West Bengal etc. As a resultplanning, implementation and monitoring of any ruraldevelopment programme in Andhra Pradesh is better thanmany other states. Further visiting to a block headquarter,for a villager living in an interior area of Bihar, UP or WestBengal is botheration in comparison to Andhra Pradesh.With the small size of mandal vis-à-vis with theintervention of SERP inter alia with others poverty ratio inthe state has been declining.

Credit is also an issue in many states of the country.The self-help groups in rural areas of Andhra Pradesh havebeen getting several cycles of loan by preparing their ownplan called ‘micro credit plan’ as a sequel percentage ofcredit disbursed in Andhra Pradesh is many times morethan many other states. For example, under SwarnajayantiGram Swarojgar Yojana (SGSY), percentage of creditdisbursed was 140.53 in 2007-08 against Bihar (32%),Jharkhand (49.99%), UP (82%) (Source: Annual Report,2007-08, Ministry of Rural development, Govt. of India).It simply means requirement of credit is more in Bihar,UP etc., but supply less, as a sequel poor echelons of thesociety suffer. Reasons inter alia, are cited non-cooperationfrom bank officials in the high poverty states, under staff inrural bank branches, bank staffs are posted fromurban/semi-urban areas thus having lack of knowledge/ noknowledge about SGSY etc. Absence of SERP type oforganization in the above mentioned states is also ahindering factor of implementation of SGSY. The ProjectDirector of DRDA/CEO who is the key person forimplementing of SGSY in the district of poverty-strickenstates is at the mercy of their political bosses as they do notknow when they would be shifted to other department.Many of them could not even complete one year term.Moreover, many of the Project Directors have to be busywith convening and /or attending meeting than visitingfield as a result they lack knowledge about field situation.To address these issues, the Report of the Committee on“Credit Related Issues under SGSY” is an important step.This Report has been prepared under the chairmanship ofProf. R. Radhakrishna where it has been suggested thatSGSY should be re-christened as National RuralLivelihood Mission (NRLM) for ‘rapid increase in thecoverage of rural poor households under self-employment’. To facilitate the same, few of the suggestionsmade in the report are: “The Banks and District RuralDevelopment Agencies (DRDAs) are presently ill-equipped in terms of professionalism and manpower forsocial mobilastion of the poor. Therefore, Committeerecommends an agency or umbrella organization at thestate level.” Another important recommendation is that“Increase the branch network by commercial banks andRegional Rural Banks, particularly in un-banked blocks”and introduction of “Agency Banking” and reinvigorationof Lead Bank Scheme for promoting various bankingactivities in the district are the other suggestions. TheCommittee’s suggestion for opening of branches inremote areas is laudable as stated by the Committee, “inorder to encourage banks to open branches in remote areaswhich are considered unviable government may providesuitable incentives”. Mitigating the credit-related issues,decision to set up independent financial institution by theGovernment of India for providing credit to SHGs is anappreciating step.

We should have poverty free India. It should bepossible by targeting seven crore BPL households,ensuring financial support under NRLM to the familiesconcerned to come out of poverty trap. The government isreportedly optimistic about accomplishing the missionover next six to eight years. In fact today’s poverty in Indiainter alia, may be attributed to colonial rule. In thiscontext Lord Macaulay’s address to British Parliament on2nd February 1835 may be referred. By traveling entireIndia he wrote, “I have not seen any person who is abeggar, who is a thief ”.

Hope with the launching of NRLM, poverty ratio inall the parts of the country will come down.

Author is an Assistant Professor, National Institute of Rural Development (NIRD).

[email protected]

National Rural Livelihoods Mission Launched

another programme foreliminating povertyBy Dr. Shankar Chatterjee


Use and risepolicy worksfor Bosta

DECCAN POST June 17 - 23, 201110 Career

Bank Officer and Jr. Assistantin Repco

The Repatriates Co-Operative Financeand Develpoment Bank Ltd ( Repco Bank )invites applications for the following posts.1) Officer Scale-I : 45 posts, Age : 21-30years, Pay Scale : Rs.14500-25700/- JuniorAssistant/Clerk : 193 posts, Age : 18-25years. Fee Details : Rs.450/-(Rs.350/- forSC/ST/ Repatriate candidates) for the postsof Officers and Rs.350/-(Rs.250/- forSC/ST/ Repatriate candidates) in the form ofBank Pay Order or Bank Demand Draftissued by a Scheduled Bank payable atChennai and should be drawn in favour ofREPCO BANK RECRUITMENT CELL.The applicant should write his / her nameand address on the backside of the demandDraft / Pay Order. Application procedureand further details http://www.repcobank.com/pdf/ advertisement.pdf Deadline: 9-7-2011


AIATSL invites applications for thepost of Assistant Controllers on contractbasis for 3 years and is inviting applicationsfrom eligible Indian nationals : AssistantControllers : 140 posts (UR-73, OBC-35,SC-22,ST-10), Qualification : Graduatewith 55% marks in Engineering,Management, Mathematics, Statistics,Physics, Aviation or Computers from arecognised university., Age : 25 years,relaxation in age as per rules. ApplicationProcedure : Apply Online at http://www.epostonline.in from 10/06/2011 to 25/06/2011. Take the print out, send it with fee andother relevant documents by Speed post/Ordinary post to The Advertiser, Post boxno. 781, Circus Avenues Post Office, Kolkata- 700017.Website: http://www.epostonline.in

HLL Lifecare Limited

HLL Lifecare Limited invitesapplications for the various posts. 1) Regular/Fixed Term Contract at Senior/ Middle/Junior Level for Civil/ Electrical/ MechanicalEngineers/ Arch/ designer/ CAD Operator/Hospital Administrator/ Facility Managerand Support Staff for posting at Noida/Delhi and various project throughout thecountry. Application Procedure : ApplyOnline or or before 23/06/2010 Furtherdetails see http://www.lifecarehell.com

Indo-Tibetan Border Police Force(ITBP)

Indo Tibetan Border Police Force isinviting applications from eligible candidatesfor filling up the following posts fromIndian citizens. Head-ConstableCombatised Ministerial : 328 posts (UR-168, OBC-88, SC-48, ST-24), Age :Between 18 to 25 years Fee Details: Rs.50/-in form of Central Recruitment Fee Stamp(CRFS)/ IPO/ Bank Draft in favour of“Inspector General (Special) Frontier, ITBP,payable at SBI, R K Puram, New Delhi,Code No -1076.. No fee from SC/ST andEx-servicemen candidates. ApplicationProcedure : Application in the prescribedformat should be sent to reach the InspectorGeneral (Special) Frontier, ITBP, WestBlock, Wing-2, Sector-1, R.K.Puram, NewDelhi - 110066. Deadline: 14/07/2011Further details see Webiste: http://itbp.gov.in


The Repatriates Co-operative Financeand Development Bank Ltd. (Repco) TheRepatriates Co-Operative Finance and

Develpoment Bank Ltd ( Repco Bank )invites applications from Indian Citizens forthe following posts as follows in RHFLwhich is a subsidiary of Repco Bank: 1)Officer Scale-I : 45 posts, Age : 21-30 years,2) Junior Assistant/Clerk : 193 posts, Age :18-25 years. 3) Fee Details : Rs.450/-(Rs.350/- for SC/ST/ Repatriate candidates)for the posts of Officers and Rs.350/-(Rs.250/- for SC/ST/ Repatriate candidates)in the form of Bank Pay Order or BankDemand Draft issued by a Scheduled Bankpayable at Chennai and should be drawn infavour of Repco bank recruitment cell.Theapplicant should write his / her name andaddress on the backside of the demand Draft/ Pay Order. Application procedure :Application complete in all respects shouldbe sent to the following address. Deadline:09/07/2011 : The General Manager (Admn.),Repco Bank Ltd., Post Box No.1449, DoorNo.33, North Usman Road, T.Nagar,Chennai – 600017http://www.repcobank.com/pdf

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Heavy Engineering Corporation (HEC)Limited requires hardworking anddedicated technical workers in the varioustrades : Technical Workers :382 posts invarious trades. Qualification : Class Xth orMatriculation; and (ii) Industrial TrainingInstitute (ITI) or All India Trade Test forApprentices pass (National ApprenticeshipCertificate -NAC). Age : 30 years,Experience : 3 years experience. Stipend andPay Scale : All India Trade Test passedApprentices shall be paid consolidated wageof Rs. 7500/- per month and Rs.8500/- inthe first and second year of trainingrespectively. After successful completion oftraining, All India Trade Test passedApprentices shall be absorbed in the regularestablishments as Grade ’E’ worker in theScale of Pay of Rs.4540-6698/- and ITIpassed candidates shall be absorbed in theregular establishments as Grade ’F’ workerin the Scale of Pay of Rs.4440-6365/-.Application Procedure : Application in theprescribed format should reach the office of“The Senior Manager (P&A) / Hqrs, HECLtd, Plant Plaza Road, Dhurwa, Ranchi-834004. Deadline: 30-6-11 Further detailssee Website: http://www.hecltd.com

State Bank of India 4987 Po's

State Bank of India invites applicationsfor the Recruitment of 4987 ProbationaryOfficer (PO) in Associte Banks State Bankof India (SBI) (State Bank of TravancoreSBT, State Bank of Bikaner and Jaipur SBBJ,State Bank of Hyderabad SBH, State Bank ofMysore SBM, State Bank of Patiala SBP etc.): Probationary Officer (PO) : 4987 posts invarious states in India (SBBJ-1000, SBH-1416, SBM-843, SBP-1328, SBT-404) (seedetailed advt. for detailed Bank-wise, State-wise and Category-wise vacancies).Qualification : Graduation in any disciplinefrom a recognised College / University, Age: 21-30 years. Selection Procedure: Finalselection will be made on the basis ofperformance in the written test on07/08/2011 and Group Discussion &Interview for selected candidates.Application Fee : Rs.500/- (for SC/ST/PWDRs.50/- only) to be deposited in any branchof SBI by a prescribed deposit slip and getreceipt up to 23/06/2011. Details of thepayment should be entered in onlineapplication form. Apply : Apply Online atSBI website. Deadline: 25/06/2011.Important Dates : 1) Last date of Onlinesubmission of Application : 25/06/2011 2)Date of Written Examination : 07/08/2011http://www.sbi.co.in.

State Bank ofIindia SpecialOfficers

Applications are invited from eligibleIndian citizens for appointment in followingSpecialist Cadre posts in State Bank of India.Manager (Law) : 16 Manager (Economist) :03 Dy. Manager (Economist) : 02 Dy.Manager (Security) : 30 Assistant Manager(Systems) :100 Assistant Manager (Law) : 15posts Permanent Part-Time Medical Officer: 41 posts Application Fee : Rs.500/- (Rs.50/-for SC/ST/PWD). Candidates are requiredto go to any CBS Branch of State Bank ofIndia and pay the amount throug a paymentvoucher of prescribes fees and get receiptfrom the branch. Selection by Written Examon 24/07/2011 followed by GroupDiscussion & Personal Interview for selectedcandidates. Apply: Apply Online at SBIwebsite from 08/06/2011 to 30/06/2011 atSBI website only. Take the printout of thesystem generated application form.Application and its enclosure should be sentin an envelope superscribed “Application forthe post of _____________” to reach PostBox. No. 7480, Jogeshwari (East), Mumbai -400060 on or before 07/07/2011. Furtherdetails see Website: http://sbi.co.in/


Applications are invited fromEngineering Graduates male Indian citizensfor 114th Technical Graduates Course(TGC), Post Graduate (Non-Engineering)entry into Army Eduction Corps (AEC) and38th/ 9th Short Service Commission (SSC)(Technical) course for Men and Women inthe Indian Army : 1) 114th TGC : 68 postsin various Engineering Branches

2) 38th SSC (Tech.) for Men : 50 posts

3) 9th SSC (Tech.) Women : 43 postsApplication procedure: Apply Online atArmy Recruitment websitehttp://joinindianarmy.nic.in from13/06/2011 to 11/07/2011 only. Aftersubmitting your details, take two printout fothe system generated registration form, sendone system generated Application Formsalong with relevant certificates, signed,pasted a recent passport size photograph andsend it to the following address to reach by20/07/2011 by registered post/ speed post to

Additional Directorate General ofRecruitment (Rtg-6), TGC Section, WestBlock-III, R.K. Puram, New Delhi - 110066.For Military Farms only : Applications inrespect of candidates applying for MilitaryForms category will be forwarded directly toDirectorate of Military Farms (MF-1),QMG’s Branch, West Block-III, RK Puram,New Delhi-110066. Further details seeWebsite: http://www.joinindianarmy.nic.in.

Indian Air Force

Indian Air Force invites applicationsfrom bright young Indian Men and Womenfor following SSC/ PSC Officers to join inthe following courses in Flying, Technicaland Ground Duty branches through IndianAir Force Common Admission Test(AFCAT) to be conducted on 28/08/2011 : 1)81st Aeronautical Engineers Course (AEC)Men Permanent Commission TechnicalBranch 2) 10th SSC Flying Branch for Men

3) 53nd Short Service CommissionCourse (SSC) Men & Women TechnicalBranch 4) 132nd Ground Duty OfficersCourse (GDOC) for PermanentCommission for Men 5) 25th GroundDuty Officers Course (GDOC) for ShortService Commission (SSC) for Men 6)39th Short Service Commission (SSC)Flying Branch for Women 7) 41st GroundDuty Officers Course (GDOC) for SSC forWomen If you meet the requirements, applyon plain A4 size paper (typed or handwriten)in English in the prescribed format and postthe application to the any of the 7 addressesgiven in the detailed advertisement byordinary post to reach latest by 11/07/2011.(18/07/2011 for the candidates from far-flung areas) Application sent to: 1) AFCATCell, HQ Western Air Command IAF,Subrato Park, New Delhi - 10 2) AFCATCell, HQ Central Air Command IAF,Bamrauli, Allahabad (UP) - 211012 3)AFCAT Cell, HQ Eastern Air CommandIAF,Nong Lyer, Shillong - 739009(Meghalaya) 4) AFCAT Cell, HQMaintenance Air Command IAF, Vayu SenaNagar, Nagpur (Mah) - 440007 5) AFCATCell , HQ South Western Air CommandIAF, Sector-9, Ghandhi Nagar (Guj) -382009 6) AFCAT Cell, HQ TrainingCommand IAF, JC Nagar, PO Hebbal,Bangalore - 560006 7) AFCAT Cell, HQSouthern Air Command IAF,Thiruvanantpuram, - 695031 (Kerala)http://careerairforce.nic.in/applicaton_forms

Indian Coast Guard

The Indian Coast Guard, an ArmedForce of the Union, offers you a challengingand inspiring career as a Group ‘A’ GazettedOfficer. Registration and PreliminarySelection will be carried out on the spot atMumbai, Chennai Kolkata and Noida forthe the following posts : 1) AssistantCommandant General Duty (GD) Male 2)Assistant Commandant General Duty (Pilot/Navigator) Male/Female 3) AssistantCommandant General Duty (Pilot -Commercial Pilot License (CPL) 4) Holdersfor Short Service Appointment) Male/Female 5) Assistant Commandant Women(General Duty) for Short ServiceCommission 6) Assistant CommandantTechnical (Mechanical/ Electrical) MaleThe upper age limit is relaxable by 5 yearsfor SC/ST candidates and 3 years of OBCcandidates. Apply : On the spot registrationand selection will be between 0800 hrs to1100 hrs as the dates prescribed in thedetailed advertisement from 24/06/2011 to 06/07/2011. http://www. indiancoast guard.nic.in/

Build a meaningful career!


- SP

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DECCAN POST June 17 - 23, 2011DECCAN POST June 17 - 23, 20118 Music day 9

The Fete de la Musique, also known as World Music Day,is a music festival that takes place on June 21. The seedfor this festival was laid by American musician Joel

Cohen, in 1976. He was then employed by the nationalFrench radio station France Musique. Cohen proposed an all-night music celebration at the moment of the summersolstice. The idea was taken up by French Music andDance director Maurice Fleuret on behalf of theMinister of Culture Jack Lang in 1981 and the firstcelebrations took place in 1982. Amateur andprofessional musicians are encouraged to perform atany public places.The slogan Faites de la musique(Make music), is used to promote this goal.Many freeconcerts are organized, making all genres of musicaccessible to the public. Two of the caveats to beingsanctioned by the official Fête de la Musiqueorganization in Paris are that all concerts must be freeto the public, and all performers donate their time forfree.

Music is played for peace. The good example isWoodstock Music & Art Fair which was a gratest musicfestival, billed as “An Aquarian Exposition: 3 Days ofPeace & Music”(August 15-18, 1969). Music is a formof art and has been defined it as “organized sound”.Music expresses our feelings as well emotions in amelodious and pleasant way. “Every human being cancome under the spiritual light of Sufi Music,irrespective of religion, caste or community. The Sufisongs connect with people and touch their soul. Music is thebest way spreading love and peace between humanity of theworld.India and Pakistan are of course a part of this wholeworld family. Music is the gift of God,” says Abida Parveen,Sufi singer. “Fete De La Musique (World Music Day) iscelebrated in France every year on 21st June. It is a festival anddelight for musicians like us because of the deep interest and

involvement of institutions like Alliance Francaise inorganizing the World Music Day celebrations.In fact ,musichas no language barriers or boundaries.This is demonstratedby the joining of the Goethe Zentrum (German Centre) andthe US Consulate General in organizing of the music day

celebrations.This day helps all musicians to send across themessage of peace and unity through music,” says JaywantNaidu, creator of ‘Jaywant Guitar”.

Today’s youngsters are also interested in music. Singer,song writer cum actress Shruti Hassan talks about music,“Music is universal. Outside India, I find people are open to

all kinds of music.There is more freedom and you can expressyourself more honestly. There is space for everyone and thereis a genuine desire to create something new between allmusicians,” says Shruti Hassan.

Trilok Gurtu the world famous percussionist, talks aboutthe present status of classical music in India. He says,“Music is fast becoming a side dish in our country. Onmany occasions, it’s not the main form of programanymore. There is nothing called classical music? Is itmusic for the class people? We have a rich heritage of“Shastriya Sangeet”. There is a very deep and devotedneed to protect this heritage.”

What is the present trend in music all over theworld? “Firstly in India, Bollywood takes over 90% of themusic scene, in terms of listening and also space onelectronic media.This is a very powerful medium andunfortunately electronic media has very little time forclassical music broadcast. I have travelled to nearly 40countries and find that there is a lot happening in termsof experimentation in music theatre and films,” saysRahul Sharma, Santoor player and son of PanditShivkumar Sharma.

Even today people think that music is divine, “I ama messenger of God to spread the rhythms of Ghatamand I thank my father for choosing this instrument forme. A Ghatam player can take it up as his career and beassured of a happy living,” says Vikku

Vinayakram,Ghatam player.

The origins of Indian classical music can be found in theVedas, which are the oldest scriptures in the Hindu tradition.Indian classical music has also been significantly influencedby Indian folk music and Persian music. The Samaveda, oneof the four Vedas, describes music at length. Indian music is

very exciting and spiritual. “There is so much melodious playand bending in the musical notes. I feel like God reachesinside me and is twisting around, when I touch the notes ofsome Ragas,” says Lili Haydn,Violinist.

Zila Khan, daughter of the Legendary Sitar maestroUstad Vilayat Khan hails from a rich legacy of music. Hergreat grandfather Ustad Imdad Khan and her grandfatherUstad Inayat Khan have already set a very high tradition inclassical music. “It’s a dream to organize Internationalmusic festivals in India. The biggest goal is to createlivelihood through music. And of course, I can see nothingelse but “MUSIC” as my future,” says Zila khan.

Different types of music help in soothing one’s soul, inthe growth of concentration and also help us to live life tothe fullest. There are varied genres of music as people havedifferent tastes. For e.g., classical music, rock, jazz, metal,rap, folk, techno, hip hop, trance, etc.

Susmit Sen of the popular music band “Indian Ocean”talks on the present music scene in India, “ Every categoryof music influences all of us. Rap and Techno music is notthe right kind of music and should deserve less attention.There are a lot of remix albums being made today and theproducers call it their own. I think this is very unethical andsuch form of music should be banned. There is a need forthe label record companies in India to get their act togetherand also see that the artistes are paid well for the hard workput in by them. We have recently decided to put one songfree of cost for download every month on our website. Thiswill finally be cut as a disc called “16/330 Khajoor Road”. Thisis the road where we all practiced for nearly fourteen years.”Guitarist Larry Coryell says, “Indian music is very rich and isa big form of music. There is no one style of playing. Thereare different rules and a sub-set of rules for playing Indian

music. The South Indian music is very deep intomathematics. There are very sophisticated and scuttlemovements in Indian music. It is very necessary to learn theart of business alongside the art of music. A musician alsoneeds to work on earning his pie along with the hard work he

puts to keep upgrading his musical output. There is a need tolearn the commercial aspects of entering into contracts,marketing, and promoting the music and create a demand forit. The numbers of recording opportunities are reducingbecause of the self-styled recordists existing all around the

country. A computer with software like Pro-Tools orNuwendo makes anyone who feeds the required sounds andcreates a music track; a recordist.The personal touch of a livemusician is slowly fading out of film recordings.”

“There is space for all musicians to show their talent,Practice, practice and practice!!! It is a very greatopportunity for any musician to perform in India. Theaudience appreciates all forms of creativity and does nothave any pre-determined approach to any program. I stayin the countryside of India in Auroville and therefore amnot affected much by the hardships of big cities. But I cansay that this is a land, which is rich in culture and heritageand there is space for all musicians to show their talent,”says Holger Jetter,Violinist.

Ustad Asad Ali Khan can be called the man behindrudra veena’s persisting stature, who religiously believedthat this instrument could do wonders when playedsoulfully. He belongs to an extraordinary lineage ofmusicians, people who were even venerated by theemperors. And owing to such illustrious background, AsadAli is but naturally gifted with talent to continue.

Noam Vazana, a multi-talented musician fromMunster says, “Music is one of the best communicators inlife. I sing in many different languages. People sometimesdon’t know the language, but they get the message of thesong. It is very important to be a better person in life.Listen to your heart. Make peace on Earth. As you grow, itis important to lose ego, if any. There is a need to calm

down. Respect each other. You will definitely get your goal. Alittle music will definitely add spice to your life.” All thesequotes hold good for the citizens of our city who cometogether every year to celebrate World Music Day.

By Askari Jaffer

“If music be the food of love, play on”-William Shakespeare.

“Music is my religion”-Jimi Hendrix.

Music can change the world because it can change people-Bono.


[email protected]

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