I n t e r n a t i o n a l S c h o o l S p o r t F e d e r a t i o n Mi s s i o n M i s s i o n

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  • I n t e r n a t i o n a l S c h o o l S p o r t F e d e r a t i o n Mi s s i o n M i s s i o n
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  • Sport is one of the most effective tools to educate young people and to transmit important values
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  • 1 Moving to learn Education of values through sport is the first mission of the International School Sport Federation
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  • ISF organises sports events and conferences Therefore ISF organises sports events and conferences which are run with the principal objective of school sport being an important tool of physical, intellectual, moral, social and cultural development of the students
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  • About sports events The ISF restricts its activities to the secondary school sector It addresses its activities to pupils from 14 to 17 (18) years Target group are school teams, composed of participants of the same school Selected teams, composed of participants of different schools, can only participate in individual sport events and on condition a school team is registered first
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  • Sports events Even Years Badminton Cross-country Futsal (under the aegis) Handball Skiing Table-tennis Volleyball Odd Years Athletics Basketball Beach Volleyball Floorball (under the aegis) Football Orienteering Swimming Tennis Gymnasiade (every 4 years)
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  • PARTICIPATION Sport events 2010 2012 52 countries 718 teams 348 girls teams 48,5% whereof 73 selected teams 370 boys teams51,5% whereof 76 selected teams
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  • About conferences Symposia: Inter-School Bruges/Belgium 1980 Inter-ContactVienna/Austria 1984 Bridging the gapBrussels/Belgium1985 Sport MarketingNewport/Belgium1986 Applied Strategic Planning Waregem/Belgium 1992 Comparative study on school sportStrasbourg/France1998 Identity of the ISFPortimo/Portugal2000 Communication & SponsoringCagliari/Italy2004 Seminars: Further education of the members Bruges/Belgium1989 of the ISF Technical Commissions Olympia/Greece 1993 Olympia/Greece 1995 Athens/Greece 1999 Athens/Greece2003 Loches/France2008
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  • 2 Encouraging school authorities to enhance this philosophy 2 Encouraging school authorities to enhance this philosophy is the second mission of the ISF
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  • ISF promotes education of values through sport through its network in 74 countries the world over The number of member countries per continent are: Africa 9 America (North and South) 7 Asia 12 Oceania 3 Europe 43
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  • 3 Seeking close collaboration with international sports federations and with international organisations having similar aims is the third mission
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  • ISF is recognised by the IOC (International Olympic Committee) is a member of SportAccord (former GAIFS General Assembly of International Sports Federations) & ICSSPE (International Council of Sport Science and Physical Education) signed a memorandum of cooperation with UNESCO (United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organisation) cooperates with the European Handball Federation EHF
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  • in conclusion Not all of the pupils taking part in school sport will become Olympic champions, but all of them will, without any doubt, greatly benefit from sport. Jacques Rogge, IOC President