ICC T20 World Cup 2016 Prediction For England-Sri Lanka Match

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  • ICC T20 World Cup 2016: Prediction For England-Sri Lanka Match


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  • England and Sri Lanka are going to face each other today in Delhi. And here is my Numerology prediction for the match. The day looks favourable for England and as per Numerology, England has 75% possibility of winning the match.

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    What Does The Day say?

    26th March, 2016 Saturday is the day of Saturn and England has the Name Number 26, ruled by Saturn. So, good luck will be bestowed upon the team. England is getting benefits from the sides, day and the date. These dates have shown extreme results and something extreme should happen in this match as well like a new record. On the other hand, Sri Lanka is Name Number 18 i.e. ruled over by Mars. Mars and Saturn are bitter enemies. So does not look like Sri Lanka would do well in this match.

    Previously I had mentioned that Sri Lanka winning chances are 5 out 10 to win the ICC T20 World Cup 2016 whereas England possessed 6 out of 10. England has been the Dark Horse of ICC T20 World Cup, 2016.

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    I have been doing predictions of less but important matches and here are the predictions which I had made and have come true-

  • Australia V New Zealand

    New Zealand will win.

    India V Bangladesh

    Match will be very close as Bangladesh is lucky on the day.

    South Africa V England

    England is the dark horse and anything is possible today.

    Win of the Cup

    Everyone would have expected India and Australia to enter Semi Finals from the group however I had told in the beginning that New Zealand chances of winning the cup is highest.

    ICC T20 World Cup 2016: Prediction For England-Sri Lanka MatchWhat Does The Day say?Australia V New ZealandIndia V BangladeshSouth Africa V EnglandWin of the Cup


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