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  • Providing safety skills Promoting safety culture

    www.ifap.asn.au1300 432 700North Lake | Fremantle | Kalgoorlie | Geraldton

    providers of workplace health and safety solutions for all industries

  • At IFAP, weve been at the leading edge of workplace health and safety since 1962, continually setting the health and safety training benchmark for all industries.

    Focusing on safety, not profits

    Did you know were an independent, not-for-profit organisation? That means we only answer to our members and were free to focus on what matters most promoting health and safety best practice.

    Custom designed consulting solutionsIn addition to an extensive range of training courses and facilities, we also provide an array of specialised consulting services for organisations in all industry sectors. Our custom-designed safety and risk management solutions span the safety spectrum, including:

    Workplace Safety and Health Human Performance Improvement Industrial Hygiene Construction and Equipment Skills Offshore and Maritime Fire Safety and Emergency Response

    Belong, Be informed, Be safeBecome a member and demonstrate your commitment to health and safety in the workplace.

    We currently have more than 1,800 members within our not-for-profit organisation businesses and individuals with more and more joining us every year.

    Not only does IFAP membership demonstrate your commitment to health and safety at work, it also entitles you to a host of discounts on our consultancy services, courses, special events and other training activities, as well as regular IFAP publications.


    Going further to ensure safer, healthier workplacesOur suite of training courses isnt the only reason clients turn to us time and again to safeguard the wellbeing of their people. Its our ability to provide tailored training solutions that really makes us the training partner of choice for a growing number of companies and industries.


    With six training campuses and Work Safely centres across WA and Australia, we have the industrys finest practical training facilities, including an international-standard METS helicopter simulator, fire training grounds and Australias first free-fall lifeboat training facility.

    Moreover, with the proven capacity to deliver training on-site and overseas, were able to design and deliver the complete health and safety solutions your organisation needs, wherever you are.

    Today, we educate and train more than 23,000 people every year across a host of disciplines. In fact, we provide Australias broadest range of nationally and internationally recognised training courses.

    We also offer integrated health and safety consulting services, information resources and safety products, as well as organising industry networking events and conferences.

    Leading. Innovating. Adapting.

    Safety awardsIn our role as industry leaders, were responsible for the Safe Way Awards and SKILLED Safety Innovation Award. These highly prized industry accolades are coveted throughout Australia as the benchmarks for excellence in workplace health and safety.


    Established in 1979, the IFAP/CGU Safe Way Awards are held every year, encouraging all industrial and commercial enterprises, large and small, to improve their health and safety performance.


    Sponsored by SKILLED Group Ltd, the SKILLED Safety Innovation Award acknowledges and rewards organisations that have developed and successfully implemented an initiative that has contributed towards minimising the number of workplace incidents or improving safety culture.

    For more information about our safety awards, please visit www.ifap.asn.au

  • Our suite of nationally recognised training courses and programs are tailored to suit your organisations workplace and industry compliance requirements, whether the participants are new to your industry or experienced practitioners.

    Workplace Health and Safety Training

    Construction and Equipment Skills Training

    Offshore and Maritime Safety Solutions

    Fire and Emergency Response Training

    DiplomaofOccupationalHealthandSafety(BSB51307)CertificateIVinOccupationalHealthandSafety(BSB41407)Our Diploma and Certificate IV courses are designed to provide specialised knowledge in specific areas, enabling participants to perform as occupational health and safety practitioners.

    CertificateIVinTrainingandAssessment(TAE40110)Here, we give participants the competencies to deliver training in an industry area or area of subject matter expertise, as well as conduct competency-based assessments in a range of contexts.

    CertificateIIIinOccupationalHealthandSafety(BSB30707)This course provides participants with a good understanding of OHS principles and practices in the workplace.

    SafetyandHealthRepresentativeThis course is designed for elected SHRs to effectively represent their fellow employees and provide the basic knowledge and skills to perform their roles and functions according to legislation.

    SupervisingSafetyDesigned to provide the knowledge to implement and monitor an organisations OHS policies, this course focuses on procedures and programs in relevant work areas to meet legislative requirements.

    LeadAuditorRABQSAThis course is designed to equip participants with the knowledge, competencies and skills required to effectively conduct OHS Management System Audits.

    MockCourtDevised to provide an understanding of OSH management systems theory, this workshop course engages participants in a mock court scenario using role play with professional actors.


    Legal Responsibilities Managing Safety Surface Ventilation Technician Surface Ventilation Officer Injury Management

    Coordinator Course Manual Handling



    This course arms participants with the knowledge to safely and efficiently sling and direct loads handled by cranes, enabling the selection of the correct type of slinging or lifting equipment.

    Elevating Work Platform

    The High Risk Work Licence for Elevating Work Platform is required for any EWP with a boom capable of extension to 11 metres or more in height. We also recommend that operators of EWPs are trained in the safe operation of the equipment as part of the general Duty of Care required in all workplaces.

    Forklift Course

    This program is designed for participants with little or no practical experience operating a forklift.


    Our rigging course is designed to provide and assess the skills and knowledge required for the Basic, Intermediate or Advanced Rigging High Risk Work Licence.


    This course has been developed to provide and assess the scaffolding skills and knowledge required for the Basic, Intermediate or Advanced Scaffolding High Risk Work Licence.

    WorkSafelyintheConstructionIndustry(WhiteCard)Our Work Safely course provides a basic knowledge and understanding of the OSH legislation associated with construction work, including the management of hazards.

    We offer a range of training options focusing on the safe operation of equipment. This includes training and assessment for High Risk Work Licences, as well as construction and equipment skills courses aligned with National Training Package qualifications and Units of Competence.

    Online learning

    We offer the CPCCOHS1001A Work Safely in the Construction Industry online visit ifapelearning.asn.au to get started.

    With direct access to a protected harbour and open ocean areas, our Offshore and Maritime Training Centre (OMTC) provides world-class training and practical experience in sea survival. Our specialist resources are extensive, including Australias first free-fall lifeboat training facility.

    BasicOffshoreSafetyInductionandEmergencyTraining(BOSIET)This offshore survival training course is increasingly becoming the accepted international standard. It incorporates the use of survival and transit suits used in cold-water climates, a common offshore induction and the use of re-breathers (which enable underwater breathing during helicopter underwater escape).

    TropicalBasicOffshoreSafetyInductionandEmergencyTraining(TBOSIET)The TBOSIET is an internationally accepted warm-water course covering Helicopter Underwater Escape Training (HUET), related sea survival and an introduction to offshore work (permit to work, OSH regulations, first aid reminder etc).

    SafetyandHealthRepresentative(OilandGasIndustry)This course has been designed specifically for safety and health representatives working in the offshore oil and gas industry. It provides participants with the basic knowledge and skills to perform their roles and functions under current legislation.

    CommonSafetyTrainingProgram(CSTP)Focusing on essential safety behaviours, this program is recommended for all newly employed or contracted entrants into the offshore oil and gas industry.

    FreeFallLifeboatOperatorThis course provides the knowledge, skills and confidence to safely launch, operate and recover the free-fall lifeboat using systems and procedures appropriate to the particular craft. We are the only Registered Training Organisation (RTO) in Australia to have a free fall lifeboat training facility onsite.

    CertificateofSafetyTraining(STCWConvention,AsAmended)Created for anyone who intends to work in the maritime industry, this course is designed to meet the mandatory minimum requirements for seafarers for familiarisation, basic training and instruction in accordance with the STCW Convention. For those working overseas wit