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In the light of Quran · PDF file [Surah An-Nahl, 16:43 and Surah al-Anbiya, 21:7] Allah Ta‟alacommands the believers to do three things: 1.Acquire knowledge by asking, 2.Ask not

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Text of In the light of Quran · PDF file [Surah An-Nahl, 16:43 and Surah al-Anbiya, 21:7] Allah...

  • In the light of Quran

    Allah says in the Quran:

    “Ask the people of remembrance (knowledge) if you do not know.” [Surah An-Nahl, 16:43 and Surah al-Anbiya, 21:7]

    Allah Ta‟ala commands the believers to do three things:

    1.Acquire knowledge by asking, 2.Ask not just anyone, ask the People of Knowledge (Ahl al Dhikr), 3. Ask that which one does not know.

    This ayah points to the fact that Allah Ta‟ala Himself has prohibited a lay man from attempting to deduce rulings for himself from the Qur‟an and Hadith. As per this ayah, we must acquire knowledge of Islam from qualified scholars. Individual Muslims are not permitted to follow their own reasoning and desire. There is Ijma‟ (consensus) from all the Islamic Scholars that this means that the believers must take their Islamic knowledge from, and manage their affairs according to the rulings of those who are qualified scholars. Allah Ta‟ala gives them the honored title Ahl al Dhikr

    A new sect has cropped up in the last three hundred years, which is dividing the ummah, by asking each and every individual to understand and practice Islam in a way in which they deem permissible!

    As a result of this deviancy we find that people who do not have basic understanding of Islam start arguing about the Islamic laws. Some of them start writing books going against all the scholars in that last fourteen hundred years. As per these deviants, this ummah was not following Islam correctly in the last fourteen hundred years and only now these deviants have understood the Islam correctly!

  • Common Dress of Muslims and Jains

    Muslims wear Ihram which is similar to the dress of Jain Munnis .Now according to wahabbis , muslims should stop wearing Ihram because it is worn by Jains Munnis.

    May Allah preserve our Iman and Save us from the fitna of Ibn Abdul Wahab Najdi and Ibn Taymiyya…

  • Tawaf of Kaba Vs Circling Temples

    Muslims take tawaf of Kaba, hindus take circle around temples, according to these wahabis we should tawaf as well because it is similar act and resembles with hindus…..May Allah saves every muslims from these ignorant…….


    Muslims Carry Aab-e-Zam Zam while returning from Hajj.

    Hindus carry Ganga jal from their pilgrimage to Kashi and Kailash Mansarovar.

    Now according to wahabbis, muslims should stop doing this because similar act is done by Hindus.

    These Wahabbis can only misguide innocent Muslims and attack Iman (faith)of Muslims.

  • Sacrificing Animal

    In some parts of India, Hindus Sacrifice animals to celebrate. Muslims sacrifice animal during Id-al Adha. Now according to wahabbis, Muslims should stop doing this because it is done by Hindus..!These wahabis can only confuse young Muslims by there fake propaganda……

  • Shaving Head

    Now Wahabbis will say Muslims should stop shaving head in Hajj because it is done by Hindus when they visit their holy places like Kashi , Tirupati etc!

  • Approach and Methodology of Wahabis (So called Salafis)

    Wahabbis (Salafis): This sect labels everything which they can‟t understand as “Shirk or Bid‟a”! They make their own laws deciding what is permissible and what is prohibited.

    Qur’an: Allah says in the Qur‟an (translation):

    But say not - for any false thing that your tongues may put forth, - "This is lawful, and this is forbidden," so as to ascribe false things to Allah. For those who ascribe false things to Allah, will never prosper [Surah An- Nahl, 16:116]

    Wahabbis (Salafis): This sect uses those verses of the Qur‟an which were revealed for polytheists and then apply them to the believers.

    Hadith: Imam Bukhari [Rh] records:

    “The companion of the Prophet, Ibn „Umar used to consider them (The Kharijites) to be the worst of Allah's creation. He said, "They took verses which were revealed about the unbelievers and then applied them to the believers.

    [Bukhari, Chapter 92: Book of Asking apostates and those who separate themselves in obstinate rebellion to repent and fighting them.]

    Hence the Wahabbis are the modern day Kharijites.

  • Commonly quoted verses from Qur‟an against Muslims and its explanation

    Surah Yunus [ 10:106] ( Wahabbi Translation)

    Almighty Allah says in the Quran: “And invoke not besides Allaah any such that will neither profit you nor harm you, but if (in case) you did so, you shall certainly be one of the Zaalimoon (wrongdoers)” .

    Wahabbi Understanding: The Vast majority of “Muslims” worship other than AllaH. Hence it is permissible to label them “mushrikeen”.

    Islamic Understanding

    "Nor call on other than Allah such as can neither profit thee nor hurt thee" (10:106) and similarly in the verse: "Call your witnesses or helpers!" (2:23). Calling on Allah in the sense of requesting is found the Qur'an says: "Call on Me and I will answer you" (40:60) and in the sense of a declarative statement: "This will be their prayer (da`wahum) therein: 'Glory Thee, O Allah!'" (10:10).

    As for "calling on someone" in the sense of summoning them (nida'), we find: "It will be on the day when he will call you(yad`ukum)" (17:52) and in the sense of naming someone we find: "Deem not the calling (du`a) of the Messenger of Allah among yourselves like the calling of one of you to another." (24:63).

    Direct Literal definition from the Quran that dua doesn't just mean worship, it also means "TO CALL":

    Falam yazidhum duAAaee illa firaran (Surah Nuh, 71:6)


    But my call has only caused them to flee farther and farther away [from Thee].

    This is from Surah Nuh, talking about Nuh, alaihis salam's CALL to his people. In fact that‟s how even Wahabbis translated the Arabic word "duAAee" into English... "call". Not a soul on Allah's green earth can deny that the word DUAAEE is used by Nuh alaihis salam as stated in the Quran....

    Nuh alaihis salam has explicitly stated he has made DUA to the disbelievers.... obviously his DUA to them is his call to them to embrace Islam.

    I think no Wahabbi after this can say "dua ONLY means worship”. The Quran clearly vouches for the fact it doesn't, without even us going into linguistics. If they say dua only means worship, what will they say about Nuh alaihis salam's "DUA" to his people?


  • Commonly quoted verses from Qur‟an against Muslims and its explanation

    Surah Al-Ahqaf [ 46:5-6] ( Wahabbi Translation)

    “And who is more astray than one who calls (invokes) besides Allaah, such as will not answer him until the Day of Resurrection, and who are (even) unaware of their calls (invocations) to them? And when mankind are gathered (on the Day of Resurrection), they (false deities) will become enemies for them and will deny their worshipping.”

    Wahabbi Understanding

    Vast majority of the „Muslims‟ do not worship Allah.

    Islamic Understanding

    This verse is talking among unbelievers and Idol worshippers. It was revealed about them. To use this verse upon Muslims is the trademark of Kharijites as recorded by Imam Bukhari and is mentioned above.

    The Ruling of the Prophet [ Sal allahu alayhi wa sallam]


    Prophet was sure that Muslims won‟t commit shirk after him!!

    Narrated 'Uqba bin 'Amr: The Prophet once came out and offered the funeral prayer for the martyrs of uhud, and proceeded to the pulpit and said, "I shall be your predecessor and a witness on you, and I am really looking at my sacred Fount now, and no doubt, I have been given the keys of the treasures of the world. By Allah, I am not afraid that you will worship others along with Allah, but I am afraid that you will envy and fight one another for worldly fortunes."

    (Bukhari, English Edition, Book 56, Hadith 795)

  • The sin of labeling Muslims as Mushrik

    The prophet of Allah ( Rasul Allah Sallala hu alai hi wasallam) said :

    “Verily, I fear about a man from you who will read the Quran so much that his face will

    become enlightened and will come to personify Islam. This will continue until Allah wishes

    when these things will be taken away from him when he will disregard them by putting them

    all behind him and attack his neighbor with the sword accusing him of Shirk. The Prophet

    was asked 'Which of the two was committing Shirk? The attacker or the attacked?' The

    prophet replied 'The attacker (the one accusing the other of Shirk).“

    [Narrated by Huzaifa Radiallah anhu; Recorded by Imam Abu Yala in his

    Musnad with a Jayyid (strong)chain and Imam Ibn Kathir in his Tafsir

    under Surah Al-Araf]

  • Wahabbis Objections-Hadith

    First Objection Hadith

    The Prophet (peace and blessings of Allaah be upon him) said: “Indeed those before you used to take the graves of their Prophets' and pious people as places of worship, so do not take the graves as places of worship, for certainly I prohibit you from that”, transmitted by Muslim in his Saheeh.


    1. No Muslim worships any grave.

    2. Prophet allowed visiting graves of Muslims.


    “Ibn Buraida reported on the authority of his father that the Messenger of Allah (may peace be upon him) said: I forbade you to visit graves, but you may now visit them…..” (Muslim, English Ed, Book 004, part of Hadith 2131)

    Prophet performed the funeral prayer near the grave of a woman.

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