January 2012 Updates: Spending time with Dorothea

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January 2012 Updates: Spending time with Dorothea1

Dorothea spent time with the girls this month, and gave Barak and me some time to go out shopping or get things done around the house.They had some good girly fun with hair accessories...2

Barak and I went to IKEA at Rhodes shopping centre to look at things we might need for the new house (we couldnt buy anything until we got into the house and did some measurements). We enjoyed lunch at a Korean restaurant (left) and found this poster funny (read the students names aloud).3

The girls had a great time caring for the garden and playing with the frangipani flowers.

Dorothea had a great time with my camera and took fantastic photos youll see shortly.4


Alma in action, in and out of the sand pit.6


Hahgoot also enjoyed tending to the yard and watering everything in sight8


I taught the girls to play Gogoim, which is the name kids in Israel give to the apricots stones. The kids dry the seeds and then try to score points by catapulting them into holes or buckets.

(Hmm... - Barak) 10

Another day they baked pizza for lunch together. Alma found it very hard to stop eating the ingredients...We also had hot sahlab (a Middle Eastern porridge style drink)11


Both girls really enjoy gorgeous Dorotheas company (and I highly appreciate her help around the house!)

In our next presentation:Our last month in Mortlake before the big move13