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Javed Iqbal. MCS-09-17. Boot Menu Buttons:. For Dell is F12 For Hp is F10 For ACER is F2 For INTEL is F9. Insert the DVD and restart the computer. Backup and Recovery:. How to create backup in windows Seven? How to restore in windows seven?. How to start:. - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Javed Iqbal

Javed IqbalMCS-09-17Boot Menu Buttons:For Dell is F12For Hp is F10For ACER is F2For INTEL is F9

Insert the DVD and restart the computer

Backup and Recovery:How to create backup in windows Seven?How to restore in windows seven?How to start:Click on start and then open control panel and the screen appears.

How to restore?Press F8 to restore from created backupIf recovery menu does not appear then insert System Repair disk and press F12 to boot from CD-ROM