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Junior bowls news from Queensland

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  • Rohan Wilson and Sean InghamAustralias newest junior reps joined us for a chat AN ONLINE BOWLS MAGAZINE FOR JUNIORS

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    Jan-Feb 2012

  • 2Contributions:Are there any juniors going places at your club? Have a big under-18 event coming up that you would like featured?Any other junior related action happening in your area?Send us any junior related news so we can give your club a shout-out.

    Contact detailsEmail: qldbowler@bowlsqld.orgTwitter Account: @bowlsqldOfficial Facebook page: http://www.facebook.com/bowlsqueensland Phone: (07) 3355 9988


    31- April 5 Junior State Championships. Bundaberg District.

    Contact: Roxanne Bell - Bowls Queensland (07) 3355 9988.

    19 Sunshine Coast District Junior Training. Buderim Bowls Club.

    Contact: Ken Armitage - 5492 5780 Pam Diblasi - 5452 7742


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    Burnett Awards Aussie reps

    Junior champs

    Bill Cornehls

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  • Burnett Bowls Club acknowledged some of its best juniors in ajoint presentation day at the end of 2011.

    Boasting an incredibly talented junior crop, many of these winnersare not only the clubs best but some of the best in the state.

    Unsurprisingly, the formidable Millerick twins featured heavily amongthe trophies in their last year as juniors.

    Bolivia was named the Dell Bawden Memorial Junior Bowler of theYear and was also the Peter Walton Tyre and Batteries 14-18 Juniorsingles winner.

    Cassandra edged out her twin to take out the Del Baxter & BettyMurray 14-18 Junior Consistency Singles.

    The sisters also joined forces to take out the Barritts Butchery 14-18years pairs title over Paul Kajewski and Rikki-Lee Kemp.

    Another multiple award winner was Jennifer Boutell, who made thestep up to the 2012 under-18 Queensland squad.

    Boutell won the Ros and Des Kemp Most Improved Junior Bowlerand was runner-up in the 14-18 singles.

    The under-14 age group was dominated by Stephanie Buckholz andMatthew Bailey, who also teamed up to take out the BundabergTrophies pairs title.

    Runners-up Luke Thompson and Justin Holder, also came secondin the Under-14 singles and consistency singles, respectively.

    Bailey was also awarded the Under-14 Junior singles title overThompson and Buckholz received the Under-14 Junior Consistencysingles over Holder.

    2011s most inspirational bowler, Patrick Cotter, received the KeithWare Encouragement Award.

    After a long-term struggle to get on the green, Cotter now has a spe-cially made wheelchair for him to help him further his love of bowls.

    Georgia Melham-Mackay was the recipient of the Amy and DannyCummings Encouragement Award.

    With the Millericks turning 18 this year, it will be a tight race to seewho can take their mantle in Burnetts junior ranks.

    Bolivia named Burnetts best


  • 4Queenslanders to don green and goldGold Coast products Rohan Wilson and Sean ingham have both been selected as Australiasboys representatives for the upcoming Trans-Tasman test. The two talented players sat downwith us to talk about their selection and their final year in the junior competitions in Queensland.First of all, congratulations on being

    selected as Australias under-18 boys forthe 2012 Trans-Tasman test. What wasyour reaction?

    Rohan: It was good,yeah. When we firstmade it [into the under-18 development squad]in Victoria, I was surprised. There was fourQueenslanders in the squad, two boys and twogirls, so that was pretty good for Queensland.

    Sean: Well, we were playing bowls at thetime. Rohan must have got his call before mineand I was still playing and had like five missedcalls on my phone when Igot off the green.

    I was stoked to be able to represent yourcountry at something you love doing. Youdream about this sort of stuff.

    Were you surprised to get the call up overthe other squad members?

    R: Yeah, there was eight in the squad [pickedat Junior Nationals in 2011] so six had to missout. Its pretty hard in the juniors becauseeveryone is playing different disciplines so itwas hard to know if you would get in.

    Were you worried about the possibilitythat one of you would be picked and theother would miss out?

    R: I wouldnt have been too worried [if Seanhad made it], because I was just happy tomake the squad and if Sean got in, I wouldve

    been happy because it would at least therewould be a Queenslander in the squad. Itsalways been New South Wales and Victoria soits about time Queensland dominated a little.

    Are you nervous about the test?S: Weve never played for our country before

    so its going to be good. With state games weknow what to expect, you get the feel for it. Thenerves are going to be there [in the lead up tothe Test].

    R: Theres only three tests as well. So, if youlose the first one, its going to put morepressure on you to win the second and thirdtests.

    Does it ease some of the nerves playingwith someone you know really well?

    R: It wouldve been a bit weird to play withsomeone from a different state because yourenot sure how they play and what shots theywant to play. Sean and I have played districtstogether and a couple of state events so weknow each others games pretty well and weknow how the other likes to play.

    This is obviously going to be a massivechallenge for you guys. How are you goingto prepare?

    S: [Ill] have a couple of rolls. We play heapsof bowls on weekends, representing our clubs.

    R: It sort of makes it harder because itsPremier League and Super Challenge seasonand the Australian Opens coming up andtheres all these different events to play andwith work and everything its sort of hard to fitit all in.

    Last year, you went to Auckland as part ofa development squad with state coach BillCornehls. How will that experience helpwhen you head to Invercargill in March?

    S: When we went to Auckland, we got a feelfor the different surfaces over there. Its crazywhat some of those guys there have to playon. Scoring range over here is really close, likeits really tight. Over there, youve just got toget them within a metre. Its harder to get themreal smack bang on target.

    R: It was all right. We found they played a dif-ferent style of game to us. We play more of ayard shot, while they sort of had more of twotypes of shot, so you either draw or you drivebecause its harder for them to do the yardshots. Thats what probably caught us out onthe first day. We were trying to play the yardand they were playing more aggressive shotsat the head, and more draws.

    S: Its harder over there because of the sur-faces. Over here, its a bit easier to play thatyard shot because the greens over there turna lot more than they do here.

  • 5Age: 17Club: HelensvaleGreatest bowls moment: Winning the state boys singles in2011Best achievement outside bowls: getting my drivers licenseand finishing schoolBest advice received: Trust your draw and back your driveGreatest Influence: My dad, Cameron.Favourite sport outside bowls: Cricket, rugby league andAFLPre-game routine: If Im at Helensvale, I usually have a roastbeef roll and chips and just try to relax Most dreaded opponent: My dad because of his sledging.

    Rohan Wilson

    Ingham shows his talentin last years state juniorsingles final.

    S: They always think were not going to go so well down south be-cause the greens are so slow. Some people get the idea thatQueenslanders cant play on slow greens

    R: They think that all our greens are quick. But when we go downthere, like NSW, we play on slow tracks and especially in Victoria,where its even slower.

    How do you think the Maroons will go this year with the extra at-tention from the other states?

    R: I think this years going to be pretty good for us. Weve got fourguys from the team last year who are still eligible this year. But, someof the main ones from New South Wales and Victoria are turning orhave turned 18, so they wont be there. So, were going to be the oldiesof the bunch.

    S: Yeah, theyve got a lot of younger people coming through. Thesides that we played against this year at nationals were all really expe-rienced sides and all their players had played top grade down in theirstates for their clubs. So, this year, weve got that advantage. Thenagain, they could have those players there that we dont even knowabout yet.

    A lot of the boys in the side this year will have played againstand with you, not only at state, but also at district level. Is there abit of rivalry between the Gold Coast guys?

    S: In the state side, four out of the five of us are Gold Coast players.We all play in the same district so whenever district championshipscomes around, were always out to get each other. But at the end of itwere all mates.

    R: Its tough because if Seans not in a final or Im not in a final, thetwo Leese boys are in the final. Were always around if not gettingbeaten in the semis by each other.

    S: The competition definitely helps your standard of bowls go up. Youknow youve got to play well to beat them.

    R: Its good for your state. Because four of us are Gold Coast boys,we know each others game and were all good mates