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Feria de Energa Solar Fotovoltaica 2013 en Chile



PV Insider LATAM 20131st Latin America PV Conference & Exhibition 201310-11 September 2013, Ritz Carlton, Santiago Chile

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Develop finance and build commercially successful PV plants to secure your share of the solar opportunity in Chile Develop winning projects: Connect with mining companies and utilitydecision-makers to perfect your project pitch and guarantee a PPA!


Utilize cutting edge technology: Maximize module performanceand minimize costs to build accurate and profitable financial models to secure critical investment

Transmission troubleshooting: Boost your projects prospects withadvice on grid connection, site locations and transmission costs

Build profitable partnerships: Collaborate with national andinternational experts to secure funding, get PPAs and build PV plants!

Design a profitable plant: Ensure your plant profits from Chiles solarresource with plant layout and O & M strategies specific to the rural context

5 Reasons PV Insider LATAM 2013 is ESSENTIAL for your business1. Perfect your O & M strategy for Chile: Learn about the specificmodule degradation, climate and plant design to optimise yield. Get crucial grid intelligence: In-depth profiling of the Chilean Hear from 25+ PV experts: Youll get to speak and listen to Over 15+ hours of networking: Dedicated time to buildThe conference provided an excellent opportunity to meet and collaborate with industry experts to discuss key issues associated with improving PV plant value to customers.First solar

2. grids with technical specification to avoid costly mistakes 3. individuals with first-hand PV experience

4. relationships essential for your ventures PV success in Chile 5.Be part of the Chilean PV hub: And get up to date information on GHI/DNI and the projected costs of electricity to learn how your project will meet electricity demand

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A historic year for PV in ChileMaking PV the power of choice in energystarved ChileIn 2013 at least 50MW of PV power will come online in Chile making it one of the fastest growing PV markets in the world, an incredible growth from only 1.3MW in 2012. Chile is seen as a market with huge opportunities but with several large hurdles to get projects off paper and into production

Reviewing the situationUnderstanding the specific details of the landscape for project development is essential. The climatic conditions of Chile as well as the rural geography require a plant design and monitoring strategy tailored specifically to the region. Community relations, construction materials and a cost-effective O&M strategy all entail conditions unseen anywhere else in the world. These country specific variables offer companies the chance to innovate to reduce costs and fill the niche for adapted products.

The dream solar resourceWith on the ground measurements as much as 3,500 kWh/m2 and a relatively even coverage across the northern region developers have a much larger amount of flexibility in site location. Whilst much is said about the DNI/GHI rates in the northern provinces, there are PV opportunities to be found at the northern points of the central grid as well. This grid is much larger with a far higher capacity indicating that this may be one of the areas with the best prospects. The unparalleled solar resource of Chile has meant that the electricity can compete with gas without the need for subsidies, where else in the world can you say that?

Getting real about financesCaution and hesitancy are the two buzzwords of the current financing PV market in Chile and international banks are expected to lead the way with solar financing as they have more experience. This means that projects will be subjected to higher levels of scrutiny due to the added risk of Chile as a new market with few precedents. Thus, whilst the current project pipeline in Chile does include developers with the ability and nous to get their projects into production, many will stay at an early stage of development. The impact of not taking into account grid connection and project development constraints specific to Chile is that projects are far less likely to be financed. International developers require regional staff with an in-depth knowledge of the energy market and procedures to fully take advantage of the solar opportunity. To get the holy grail of financing plants currently need a PPA and even then the off-taker needs to be viewed as credit worthy.

PV at a profitable price!In Chile there are currently two different customers for solar power; Utility companies and the mining community. In 2010 law 20.257 came into effect requiring 10% of power output from producers to come from nonconventional renewable energy, opening up a market opportunity market opportunity. AES Gener and E-CL (power companies) have both recently launched tenders or submitted applications for PV power plants. Whats more several mining companies have agreed PPAs for PV projects with more expected to follow suit. As these companies currently use off-grid diesel generators to meet their 24/7 energy needs, PV presents a lower cost, greener opportunity. So far PPAS have been signed for 18MW, 25MW and 100MW plants to help mining companies dramatically cut the day time electricity costs for their operations, and with the mining industry continuing to grow in Chile, so will the opportunity! Whats more, the low cost of energy has also led to the slow but certain development of the spot market. Whilst the business model is certainly riskier due to the lack of set price, it can offer a viable way of working with utility companies and profiting from the resources, building trust and credibility which can only have a positive effect on the whole industry.

Get answers to take your plants off paper and into productionWith an unrivalled track record of producing PV events in South Africa, USA, India and Europe PV Insider is bringing its commercially focused conferences to Chile. Our conferences have 3 unique hallmarks to make sure your business achieves its goals: Substantive Agendas: At PV Insider events the devils in the detail and we strive to provide expert speakers on technical issues to help you solve real, practical dilemmas. High-level and relevant attendees: With over 200 senior figures from the worlds biggest and most successful solar companies, youll get to meet VP and CEO level individuals with the power to make a real impact on your business Dedicated networking time: Over 8+ hours of networking time to give you the time to meet delegates and take longer meetings to give you the time to communicate properly.

The PV bottleneckThe combination of large resource and clear customer base has attracted over 100 solar developers and EPCs to launch ventures in Chile. Whilst over 3.1GW of projects have been approved by the SEA- (Chiles national environmental agency) this number does not accurately reflect the number of projects likely to get developed. After all, if all 3.1 GW of approved solar projects were installed in Chile, 36% of power supplied to the CDEC-SING grid would be PV within 7 years. Growth that fast has never been achieved in any other market and whilst not impossible would require large-scale upgrading of the grid infrastructure in Chile. So if not all projects will get to construction stage, what gives some projects a competitive edge over others?

PV Insider LATAM 2013 (10-11 September) is the event to help companies take their projects to the next stage in Chile, and to give them a sure technical and financial foundation to make winning proposals to potential customers. No other event offers in-depth technical and commercial advice to get your projects into production in 2013 and beyond. Not only will you save time, money and human energy but will make dozens of valuable contacts vital to your success in Chile.

Getting to grips with the gridGetting connected to the Chilean grid is currently a major hurdle for developers. With over 30 individual permits, and several authorities it can add huge delays and costs to a project. Whats more, uncertainty over additional upgrading to the grid can also leave projects in limbo. To be a viable energy supplier to mining companies, developers need to demonstrate a detailed understanding of the transmission system for both grid-connected and distributed systems as well as the pursuant costs.

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Position yourself as a PV leader to get contracts and new commercial opportunitiesBE SEEN AND BE HEARD IN FRONT OF PV DECISION-MAKERSD emonstrate yourself as a thought leader: Highlight your wealth of experience in markets and technologies to show why you should be the first choice for new ventures C ommunicate your solution: Get on stage to show your product to the whole PV community, more importantly make sure you are heard by key energy decision makers in Chile, no VoIP protocol can match that! B randing: Your company logo and description will displayed on the event website for 20+ weeks, it will also appear on 15,000 printed copied of the brochure and a