Late Adulthood

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Late Adulthood . What is Late Adulthood. About 65+ Physical Changes: Wrinkles Skin folds Senses less sharp Health Problems Energy Low Why???. Why does the body Age?. Programmed Theories: Age is a result of genetics. Biological clock Hereditary Cellular Damage Theories: - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Late Adulthood

Late Adulthood What is Late AdulthoodAbout 65+Physical Changes:WrinklesSkin foldsSenses less sharpHealth Problems Energy LowWhy???

Why does the body Age?Programmed Theories:Age is a result of genetics. Biological clockHereditaryCellular Damage Theories:Cell Malfunction because of damageFrom internal body changesExternal traumaMaybe Free Radicals unstable molecules Cross Linking proteins in cells bind together to toughen tissue = breakdown

What are other non-physical changesCognitive Changes:Dementia loss of cognitive functionsMemory declineSocial Changes:RetirementGrandparents Living independently or not?

Success!!!!!!!!!!Success:Ego Integrity the belief that life is meaningful and worthwhile even while your physical abilities deteriorate.Life SatisfactionDeciding what is importantFinding a new challenge.

DeathStages: Formed by Kuber-Ross1. Denial2. Anger3. Bargaining4. Depression5. AcceptanceDying with dignity:Feel cared for and supported Relief from painSituation at home ready financially and legally

DeathThe end of life:Hospice a possibility?Euthanasia?Living Will?

Funeral acknowledgement that someone has died and a chance to say goodbye and gain closure. Bereaved the people who are in mourning