Latin American studies

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Latin American studies. Unit 6: cuban revolution May 6, 2011. Blackboard configuration. Do Now: Grades/missing work check-in Objectives: To understand Cuba after 1959 and the United States ’ response To define and discuss counterinsurgency To work on the research paper Homework: - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Latin american studies

Latin American studiesUnit 6: cuban revolutionMay 6, 2011

Blackboard configurationDo Now: Grades/missing work check-in

Objectives:To understand Cuba after 1959 and the United States responseTo define and discuss counterinsurgencyTo work on the research paper

Homework: Cuban Revolution Quest on MondayRough draft of paper due 5/11Cuban revolutionLesson 5: 1959 and beyondReview from the moviePop quiz!What was the essential revolutionary virtue?

What was Ches condition for participating in the Cuban Revolution?

How would you define guerrilla warfare? What was it like for the Cubans during the Revolution?

What was the relationship between Che and Fidel like?

Purging of Indiscipline(Heroic Guerrilla)Reveling inIndiscipline(Hippies/Jipis)New Lefts Spectrum of Cultural Practices1959: revolutionizing the governmentBatista fled Cuba 12/31/1958

Guerrillas take Havana 1/1/1959

Communist or not?Che was never aligned with the communist party

HOWEVERBeliefs in land reform and work against economic imperiism Marxist base

Alternative markets in Russia

1960: Castros trip to New YorkEconomic tensionCuba and russiaNew market for sugar

Bought Russian oilCuba and the united statesUS embargo on sugar

Refusal to refine expropriated

1961: Bay of pigs invasionCIA trained anti-Castro Cuban exiles try to invade Cuba

Soundly defeated

Did not spark an internal rebellion

May 19611962: Cuban missile crisisUS spy planes photographed nuclear missile installations under construction

JFKs ultimatum to the RussiansWithdraw or else

Agreement between the US and the Soviets

What were the Lessons of the Cuban Revolution(for the Latin American Left)?1. Revolution is possible2. Peasantry as soul & strength of revolutionary movements3. Revolution will be globalCounterinsurgencyA combination of military, paramilitary, political, economic, psychological, and civic actions carried on by a government in order to destroy any movement of subversive insurgencyCivic Action ProgramsPrograms of civic military action [aim at] trying to obtain the loyalty of the population toward the government, and at the same time, to undermine the roots of insurgency among the peasants.

Return toOrder! (Revolverat the ready)May 1965School of las americasCreated in 1946 at the US-controlled Fort Amador in Panama

Officially became its name in 1963Expanded

Purpose of the school: To train individuals in counter-insurgency and military skills

Day of theHeroic Guerrilla(October 8th)Distributed by the OrganizationFor Solidarity with the Peoples ofAfrica, Asia and Latin America(OSPAAAL); by Elena Serrano, (1968)Commemorates capture of Che on Oct. 8, 1967 by the Bolivian Army23homeworkQuest on MondayRough draft of paper due Friday