Legend of the Lure

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Legend of the Lure. By Zoe . - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Legend of the lure

Legend of the LureBy Zoe

SDanielDaniels favorite thing is fishing with his grandpa. There is no other place he would rather be then in a boat, in the middle of the lake fishing with his grandpa. When his grand father passes of a terrible heart attack, all Daniel has left are the story's of big Larry , a monster fish that his grandpa has been looking for his hole life. When and if Daniel finds big Larry, that fish will not be the luckiest fish on earth!

SettingThe setting is mostly in the north of Michigan where the whether is warm and the breeze always blows. He is in his cottage next to lake Michigan with his mum, dad, grandma and of course his grandpa.

The story communicated to me becauseThe story communicated to me because it was a understanding of the time at his grandpas cottage. It makes so we all know how our summer vacation gos but he would never forget this one!

----- Meeting Notes (12/4/12 20:50) ----- 4It told me some thing about The story told me something about his life and what he thought of it when his grandpa died. He was a very happy person but when his grandpa died he was after that fish, he would do anything to catch him.

PlotThe plot is that his grandpa had a heart breaking heart attack and now he is passed on and Daniel needs to compete in the annual fishing contest and needs to catch the best fish he can find. Read the book to find out more!

----- Meeting Notes (12/1/12 15:26) ----- 6