Lesiker’s Business Communication Solution 3

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Lesikers Business Communication Solution


  • Lesikers Business Communication Solution

  • Chapter-2: Critical Thinking Exercises

    9. The preponderance of the businesspeople we consulted envision signs of improvement from the current siege of economic stagnation.

    10. If liquidation becomes mandatory, we shall dispose of these assets first.

    11. Recent stock acquisitions have accentuated the companys current financial crisis.

    12. Mr. Coward will serve as intermediary in the pending labor-management parley.

    9. Most of the business executives we talked with think the economy will improve.

    10. If we need to raise cash, well sell

    these goods first.

    11. Recent stock purchases have

    increased the companys money problems.

    12. Mr. Coward will facilitate the upcoming labor-management talks.

    Using Familiar Words