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Lets Get Ready To. STUDY ABROAD!!!. Processing time for a new passport can run about 4-6 weeks; apply early to avoid expedite fees of $100.and stress!!! If you have a passport, it must be valid 6 months beyond your return date - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


Ready, set, goabroad!!

Lets Get Ready ToSTUDY ABROAD!!!

Processing time for a new passport can run about 4-6 weeks; apply early to avoid expedite fees of $100.and stress!!!

If you have a passport, it must be valid 6 months beyond your return date

IP will need a copy of the identification page or your actual passport

Application instructions in your packet-dont delay!!!!!

Participant List Summer 2014NameHome addressHome phone

Smith, Joey1433 College Ave, Point 608-999-9999

NOTE: your first and middle name should be your legal name as on your passport. If they dont match, you could be denied boarding on the airplane.

Home address: emergency contact address and phone # Please make changes on your MyPoint, under MyProfile


Renew your 2014-15 FAFSA no later than March 15DONT DELAY!Revise your award to include your additional study abroad educational expenses with the UWSP Financial Aid OfficeCheck your current 2013-14 financial aid award for possible direct loan funding due to change in class standingCommon types of student loans after Perkins or Direct are PLUS Direct (Parent) or Alternative/Private Student Loan Complete loan instructions can be found at www.uwsp.edu/finance/loans.shtm

SAMPLE Financial Aid AwardAid ProgramSummerFallSpringTOTALPell Grant$1000$2000$1000

4000Sub Fed Direct Loan$1833$1833$18345500Unsubsidized Direct Loan$666$666$6682000Wisc Higher Ed Grant$0$563$5621125Other Loan (alter-native or private student loan) 3000003000STUDENT LOANSPerkinsAwarded on a need basisDirect (subsidized/unsubsidized)maximum award for juniors and seniors $7500 for academic yearInterest rate is fixedPlus DirectIf your parent is interested in borrowing in order to assist paying for your study abroadComplete instructions on financial aid websiteAlternative/Private Student LoanRepayment not expected until you are out of schoolNot every lending institution offers the alternative student loan program. View options on FastChoice on www.uwsp/finaid/loansFinancial aid website has more information. Carefully compare all aspects of program, not just the interest rateInterest rate: variable & fixedDecember 1PAYMENT SCHEDULE

$400.00 non-refundable Arrangement Fee is applied toward program costFeb. 15$1,500.00 -- ALL Students, including those students receiving financial aid, are required to make this first payment as it is needed for your airline/housing reservations in Europe and CWES fee.

Financial Aid Students: renew your FAFSA for 2014-15 no later than March 15. NOTE: If you did not accept all your current 2013-14 student loan funds OR you changed class standing after Fall 13, check with the Financial Aid Office to see if you are eligible for more funds.Awarding of 2014-15 financial aid (includes summer 2014) will begin the first week of May. Complete Study Abroad Financial Aid Revision Form and submit to he Enrollment Service Center, room 106, SSC . Bring in revised award to Linda, IP for issuance of Deferred Payment Form. March 15April 15$1,000.00$1,000.00May 15$1,000.00June 15final balance: approx. $2200-2700 for Wisconsin residentsPLEASE WAIT UNTIL YOU RECEIVE A FINAL BILL BEFORE SENDING IN YOUR LAST PAYMENT. (bills handed out while at CWES)


Tuition surcharge for non-residents is $500 (instead of approx. $1,900 for on-campus students)

Minnesota resident surcharge around $175 with approved Minnesota reciprocity

Program Costs/PaymentsYour final program cost is calculated and announced in May. At that time, we finalize group costs and participant numbers with our overseas universities and travel agents, receive final invoices, and lock in exchange rates with our final payments

Payment Schedule is included in todays packet. Final payment is due June 15; cost estimate $7100-$7600 for Wisconsin residents.

FORMS PACKETFlight ballot; flight schedule needs to be exactly the same.Course registration formBank deposit formLegal formsComplete all forms and turn in Feb. 18FINAL TIDBITSLook at your current award on MyPoint, finances, financial aid award & status to check for availability of direct loan fundsUnusual circumstance form (loss of income)www.uwsp.edu/financeIndependent students (24 yrs. +) are eligible for possibly more grants and $5000 unsubsidized Direct LoansIndividual advisingplease bring in your award

An investment in your futureDont let finances stop youthey didnt