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  • Promotion Overview This promotion is perfect for the start of the holiday season since everyone expects to see turkey items featured on the menu. To make things more exciting, we have decided to introduce some new and exciting ground turkey recipes with an ethnic flair to balance the traditional favourites that everyone still loves to eat. Our recipes answer the needs of consumers for healthy choices, seasonal ingredients and on trend ethnic choices. Your customers will be happy with the variety and you can offer the choices not only in the caf but for Impressions Holiday Catering. All units can easily launch the promotion. Items are offered from Fresh Grille or Culinary Table. No special equipment or additional staffing is required, making this an easy promotion to launch. Ground turkey is particularly useful to answer the healthy eating trend. Healthy recipes also tend to attract higher margins so be sure to price these recipes accordingly as outlined in the profit margin template. Be sure to mention in your advertising that the recipes are made with extra lean ground turkey. Nutritional Facts for Turkey Turkey is low in fat and cholesterol. A diet that is low in fat promotes a healthy heart and circulatory system. Turkey is an excellent source of protein providing the essential amino acids necessary for the renewal and maintenance of body tissues and providing food energy. Turkey is an excellent source of niacin, a factor in the maintenance of good health. Turkey is a good source of phosphorous, a factor in the normal development of bones and teeth.

  • Promotion Overview What better time to run a Turkey promotion then in December when the weather is starting to cool down. We recommend running the recipes for the entire month of December. Offer one or two options per day depending on your unit size and display space.

    Build profitable sales with the introduction of Lets go turkey! recipes and offer them for both caf, catering and take home purchase

    Build average cheque by featuring Lets go turkey! as part of a lunch or dinner combo with a premium price for a complete plate with side dishes or salads

    Build Customer Satisfaction when you offer favourite comfort foods using

    ground turkey upgraded with tasty additional ingredients. Customers will appreciate that you replace higher fat ground beef with lower fat ground turkey to offer healthy options before the overindulgence of the holidays

    Service Style: Served from Culinary Table or Fresh Grille depending on the recipe. Follow the links below for Steps to Launch Promotion and Quality Assurance. Timelines to Launch Promotion Quality Assurance

  • Food Standards

    Spicy Turkey Soft Tacos

    A new twist on an old favourite, this spicy taco replaces ground beef with turkey.

    All the other fixings are the same chopped tomato, shredded lettuce and shredded cheese.

    Offer with a salad and salsa or sour cream on the side.

    Cranberry Turkey Chili

    Cheesy Turkey Pasta Bake

    This is an adaptation of a recipe from

    the Dietitians of Canada Simply Great Food cookbook.

    The addition of dried cranberries to a traditional chili recipe makes all the difference the taste is sweet and hot at the same time! Serve with a green salad and some crusty bread for a delicious lunch.

    This is a great winter offering for Impressions Catering.

    Rotini with a savoury mixture of

    turkey, tomatoes, zucchini, mushrooms and three cheese blend (cottage cheese, cheddar and mozzarella) with a crunchy cheese topping is a cold weather comfort meal.

    Perfect served with a simple salad or seasonal vegetable medley. Another great winter option for Impressions Catering.

  • Food Standards

    Individual Turkey Tourtiere

    Turkey Bolognese with Penne

    A twist on the usual French Canadian Pork Tourtiere.

    Ground turkey makes it healthier but still delicious.

    Serve with a side salad or vegetable. Great for catering or to offer for take-

    home purchase

    Traditional Italian Bolognese sauce gets a makeover by replacing beef with low fat ground turkey

    Same delicious seasonings, vegetables and tomatoes provide a tasty sauce to be served over penne

    Delicious served with a side salad and garlic toast

    Turkey Burger with Cranberry Corn Relish

    A pleasant change from the usual beef burger, ground turkey makes a lean option and is delicious at this time of year served with cranberry corn relish.

    Sweet potato fries would make a great side dish or a green salad.

  • Feature Recipes Recipes for the promotion are linked to the smart recipe database. The costing and combo file with suggested retail pricing is filed separately on the Setting the Table website.

    RD identifies recipes suitable for Residential Dining K-12 identifies recipes suitable for Chartwells Elementary and High School

    Recommended Side Dishes Please look in the Retail Selling Excel spreadsheet for combo ideas and suggested pricing for all recipes.


    Turkey Bolognese Original with Penne 25775

    Turkey Bolognese with Penne - RD 25776

    Turkey Tourtiere (Individual) 25720

    Chunky Turkey Chili - RD 25860

    Spicy Soft Turkey Tacos K- 12 GG21060

    Cheese and Turkey Pasta Bake GG27090

    Turkey Burger with Cranberry Corn Relish GG32555

    Cranberry Turkey Chili GG25860

    Additional offerings!

    Stuffed Green Peppers (Turkey) LE20860B

    Hard Tacos (Turkey) 21000B

    Moussaka (Turkey) LE24170C

    Savoury Turkey Meatloaf 25340

    Chili Con Carne, Turkey 20720B

    Turkey Mini Meatloaf 25330

    Jumbo Turkey Meatballs GG21320

    Whole Wheat Spaghetti with Jumbo Turkey Meatballs


    Indian Turkey Burger Pita LEGG32560

    Indian Turkey Vegetable Meatloaf LEGG2140B

    Italian Turkey Meatloaf LEGG21400

    Mexican Turkey Meatloaf LEGG2140A

    Turkey and Squash Empanada GG23185

    Turkey Shepherds Pie GG20760

    Turkey Shepherds Pie with Sweet Potato Topping 25760

    Greek Turkey Burger with Spiced Yogurt 30310

    Turkey and Bean Burrito S21020B

  • Supplier Information Below is a list of product specifications for the new recipes for this promotion. In the case that a product is not on your MOG, we recommend that you choose a different brand or a slightly different product entirely. This is to ensure that all regions can participate in the program. If you have any questions regarding products please contact your Purchasing Field Service Representative. They will be happy to assist you. Promotion Specifications

    Item Brand Pack Size


    Extra Lean Ground Turkey Cold Springs 2 x 5 kg


    Shredded Medium Cheddar Black Diamond 2 x 2.5 kg

    1% cottage cheese Local Dairy Various

    Parmesan, Grated Black Diamond 2.27 kg

    Mozza and Brick Blend, Diced Black Diamond 2 x 2.27 kg


    Dried Cranberries David Roberts 4.54 kg

    Corn, Whole Kernel, Frozen Natures Cupboard 6 x 2 kg

    Brown Sugar Lantic 20 x 1 kg

    White Vinegar Reinhart 4 x 5 L

    Tomatoes, Crushed, Canned Primo 6 x 2.84 L

    Tomato Paste Primo 24 x 369 mL

    Worcestershire Sauce L&P 12 x 142 mL

    Mexican Chili Powder Clubhouse 12 x 600 g

    Ground Cumin Clubhouse 12 x 425 g

    Spanish Paprika Clubhouse 12 x 540 g

    Bay Leaf Clubhouse 12 x 60 g

    Chili, Red Crushed Clubhouse 12 x 350 g

    Dry Mustard Keens 12 x 454 g

    Taco Seasoning, Dry Mexicasa 6 x 255 g

    Thyme, Ground Clubhouse 12 x 375 g

    Sage, Ground Clubhouse 12 x 340 g

    Oregano, Ground Clubhouse 12 x 350 g

    6`flour tortilla Mission 24 x 12

    5`Pie Shell, Frozen Apple Valley 12 x 12.7 cm

    5`Pie Top, Frozen Apple Valley 120 pc

    Rotini Pasta Italpasta 9.07 kg

    Tomato and Basil Sauce Primo 6 x 2.84 L

    Tabasco Sauce McIlhenny 12 x 142 mL

    Red Kidney Beans Festino 12 x 532 g

    Fine Bread Crumbs Krusto 10 kg

  • Marketing Materials Promote! Promote! Promote!

    Marketing materials for this promotion are available on the Setting the Table website in the 8 x 11 format. Units are asked to print their own copies. Some units may receive 11 x 17 Easel/Poster in their Marketing Kits

    Order Profiles 8 x 11 sign holders directly from impulse signs. Click on the order form link below. http://www.impulsesigns.com/ProfilesNorthOrderForm.pdf

    8 x 11 Lets go turkey! Poster - Display the poster in your entrance board and at your station during the promotion. (Print from Setting the Table/Winter/Programs and Promotions/December)

    8 x 11 Lets go turkey! Flyer - Use the flyer to enter a menu item with the selling price or to pre-advertise date promotion begins. Insert your sector logo where indicated on the flyer. Display on your entrance board and/or at the appropriate station. (Print from Setting the Table/Winter/Programs and Promotions/December)

    11 x 17 Lets go turkey! Poster/Easel - Some units will receive an 11 x 17 poster in their marketing kits. Display at your station during the promotion.