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C M Y K MAMBALAM TIMES The Neighbourhood Newspaper for T. Nagar & Mambalam FREE 824th Issue : March 26 - April 1, 2011 Vol. 16, No. 44 Now the T. Nagar - Mambalam edition of Mambalam Times can be accessed in www.mambalamtimes.in

MAMBALAMmambalamtimes.in/admin/pdf/1301058611.26-3-11.pdf · The film was also the first Hindi mythological of AVM ... Later Meiyappan dubbed his Tamil and Telugu films into Hindi,

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    TIMESThe Neighbourhood Newspaper for T. Nagar & Mambalam

    FREE824th Issue : March 26 - April 1, 2011Vol. 16, No. 44

    Now the T. Nagar - Mambalam edition of Mambalam Timescan be accessed in www.mambalamtimes.in

  • MAMBALAM TIMES March 26 - April 1, 2011Page 2


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    T. Nagar / Mambalam

  • MAMBALAM TIMES Page 3March 19 - 25, 2011

    WEST MAMBALAM CENTRENew 19 (Old 9), 1st Floor, Jubilee Road.

    U can see improvement inC oncentrationM emoryA ccuracyS peed ...... in your child.

    ABACUS PROGRAMUCMAS 94440 43783 / 98408 43783

    Centre open on weekdays 5.30 - 7.30 p.m Weekend 9.00 a.m - 5.00 p.m

    Precious gift toyour child

    New Batchs from 15th April 2011

    Correspondence course on Gandhi

    By Our Staff ReporterGandhi Study Center (Tha-

    kkar Bapa Vidyalaya Cam-pus, 58, VenkatanarayanaRoad, T. Nagar will conduct acorrespondence course on Letus know Gandhi.

    A. Annamalai (Director) toldMambalam Times that no edu-cational qualification is re-quired and there is no age limit.Course material in Tamil orEnglish will be provided free of

    charge.The question paper will be

    sent to candidates who canwrite the examination in theirresidence itself and send theanswer sheets to the center.The examination will be con-ducted on June 6, he added

    Certificates will be issuedbased on the performance inthe examination.

    He said that the registrationand course fee of Rs. 150 may

    be sent through money order/DD drawn in favour of the Cen-ter. No other fees will be col-lected.

    The last day for registrationis April 20. The appliciationsform can be downloaded fromthe website www.gandhistudycentre.org. Annamalai saidthat the course has been ex-tended to Maharashtra fromthis batch. It is already beingconducted in Tamilnadu,

    Kerala and Andhra Pradesh.He said that the course was

    started in 1999 and more than6000 persons have appearedfor the examination so far.

    Annamalai said that hun-dreds of books on Gandhji areavailable in the centers librarywhich can be utilized for refer-ence by those interested.

    More details can be had inphones 2434 0607 and 9444183198.

    By Our Staff ReporterEdufusion (9, 2nd floor, Maha-

    devan Street, West Mamba-lam) offers free counselling forstudents seeking a career inarchitecture from 10 a.m to 6p.m daily.

    Those interested may regis-ter their names in phone 9841017290, S. Lakshminaaraya-nan (Managing Director) toldMambalam Times.

    Free counselling on career in architecture HanumanNakshatra poojaon FridayBy Our Staff Reporter

    108 musk fruits (kirini)astothram will be performedfor Lord Hanuman at 11 a.mon Friday, April 1 in SriSanjeevani Peetam, 16/45,BRP 1st Street, West Mam-balam as part of Sri HanumanNakshatra pooja.

    There will be chanting of SriHanuman chalisa.

    All are welcome.More details can be had in

    telephone numbers 2471 2231and 98404 45633.

    Firm provides counsellingon investmentBy Our Staff Reporter

    ithought (Ankur Plaza Base-ment, 113, G. N. Chetty Road,T. Nagar), an equity researchand investment strategy firm,provides assistance for longterm investment according tothe needs of the customer.

    Its promoter Shyam Sekharis a value investor and invest-ment researcher with two de-cades of experience in the do-mestic capital markets.

    The firm has a young team ofprofessionals who will studyinvestments already made anddevise a more profitable strat-

    egy.More details can be had in

    4202 4276, 98403 64995, 9841148177 and www. ithought.co.in Also on facebook and [email protected] ithought wealth.

    By Our Staff ReporterA mat has been used to cover the front of this Electricity

    Board junction box on Janaki Raman Street, T. Nagar whichhas no door.

    Mat instead of door

    Discourses on Saisath SarithaUnder the auspices of Sri

    Shirdi Sai Meditation Mandir(6, Sarojini Street, T. Nagar)there are discourses on SriSaisath Saritha at 6.30 p.mon Sundays in its premises.

    T. Thiruvalluvan (Founder)

    told Mambalam Times thatmass spiritual healing is con-ducted at 7.30 p.m on Thurs-days and Sundays.

    More details can be had inphones 2643 2323, 4212 5118and 94444 53777.

  • CMYK

    MAMBALAM TIMESPage 4 March 26 - April 1, 2011



    Award for contributingprovisions to orphanage

    By Our Staff ReporterR. P. Krishnammachari (Ma-

    naging Director, Textan Ho-use, 75, 4th Avenue, AshokNagar) was presented Sad-guru Gnanananda Social Citi-zenry Award by Manava SevaDharma Samvarthani (Chari-table Trust) on March 12 forhis contribution of dhal, oil andsugar to Duraisamy Founda-tion (which runs an orphanagein Kancheepuram) for the past10 years.

    Swami Nityananda Giri (SriGnanananda Ashram, Thapo-vanam) presented the award.

    Krishnammachari, one ofthe co-ordinators of the DOS(dhal, oil, sugar scheme) ofManava Seva Dharma Sam-varthani, told MambalamTimes that anyone can con-tribute to the scheme. The pro-visions collected are distributedamong 47 orphanages and se-

    nior citizen homes, he added.Krishnammachari said that

    he plans to provide 1000 kg. ofdhal, 1000 kg. of sugar and 500kg. of oil for orphanages and oldage homes during the currentyear.

    He said that his office is theone of the collection points.Contributions may be handedover between 10 a.m and 5 p.mfrom Monday to Saturday.

    More details can be had inphones 4298 8700 and 24891684.

    He said that Manava SevaDharma Samvarthani wasstarted by P. N. Devarajan andhis friends in 1999. 2000 fami-lies now contribute for theproject. There are plans to ropein 3000 more families for sup-porting old age homes and or-phanages in Thiruvallur, Chen-galpattu and Kancheepuramdistricts, he added.

    Fancy dress contest prizewinners

    By Our Staff ReporterStudents who won prizes in the fancy dress competition

    conducted recently by Sivan Arts Academy (5/11, BalakrishnaMudali Street, West Mambalam).

    By Our Staff ReporterSri Sathya Sai Samiti, T.

    Nagar conducts Sai bhajansevery week in the followingvenues in T. Nagar:

    Sai Keshav Hall, 157, G. N.Chetty Road (near PanagalPark, Vijaya Bank building):Saturdays, 5.10 p.m.

    Ayurvedhaasramam, 155,

    Sai bhajans on 3 days a weekG. N. Chetty Road (near Pana-gal Park), Mondays, 6 p.m.

    50/38, Motilal Street (oppo-site Ranganathan Street),Wednesdays, 6 p.m.

    All are welcome.More details can be had from

    D. Srinivasa Rao (9840050875) or C. Ramamurthy(94440 54819).

    Plant more trees

    Rajkumar played leadroles in many genres like family drama,historical, mythology, folk myth, action movie, Bondishentertainment and the lot. He was indeed a phenomenon inKannada and Indian cinema.

    Bedara Kannappa was remade in Telugu as KalahasthiMahatmyam 1954) and in Hindi as Shiv Bhaktha (1954). Inthe Telugu version, Rajkumar played the tribal hunterand Pandari Bai was replaced by a noted actress of Telugu andTamil cinema, K. Malathi, who made a name in the Telugu filmsof the famed filmmakers B. N. Reddi and K. V. Reddi, likeSumangali, Pathala Bhairavi and Gunasundari Katha. Shealso acted in lead roles in Tamil films like Rajakumariand Ratnakumar. Later she acted in elderly roles. Afterretirement she lived in Hyderabad where she met with a tragicend when the old building she lived in collapsed, killing her.

    Meiyappan introduced a new and box-office element in theTelugu version. The dancer Padmini, by a now an actress-star,was cast as a traditional temple dancer, and she performedexcellent dance numbers. These sequences were a bonus tomoviegoers.

    The Hindi version Shiv Bhaktha (1954) had Padmini play-ing the same role and this was her debut in Hindi. The film wasalso the first Hindi mythological of AVM Studios. Pandari Baiwas the female lead under her own name.

    Later Meiyappan dubbed his Tamil and Telugu films intoHindi, like Bhakthi Mahima (1960) (original in Telugu) andBhaktha Prahalada (1967) (original in Tamil and Telugu).

    The tribal hero in Shiv Bhaktha was the well known Marathiand Hindi film star Sahu Modak who played many mythologi-cal roles as Lord Krishna and folk myth saints. The film wasdirected by H. L. N. Simha and the AVM Studios editor K.Shankar also worked with him, and the two were jointlycredited with direction.

    In 1956 Meiyappan took the step in another direction whenhe produced a Sinhalese film Doctor (1956) with the popularCeylon (now Sri Lanka) star couple Eddie Jayamanne and thestunningly beautiful actress Rukmini Devi. K. Shankar di-rected the film.

    During those years the motion picture industry in the islandcountry was not well developed and most Sinhala movies were produced in South Indian studios with Indiantechnicians. Such films were made in Madras, Salem andCoimbatore. An enterprising Sri Lankan film person, S. M.Nayagam, even built a studio in the outskirts of the famedtemple town Madurai named Chitrakala Movietone but it didnot last long. When conditions and filmmaking facilities in SriLankan capital Colombo improved, many technicians fromMadras went to Sri Lanka where they worked for some yearsin Sinhalese movies. Such technicians included S. V.Venkataraman (film laboratorian and father of the latter-daydrama and movie star S. V. Sekhar), M.Masthan (cinematographer and director) and A. B. Raj (direc-tor).

    With the AVM movie enterprise expanding its wings,Meiyappan formed more than one unit which could makefilms simultaeously and independently, all under his supervi-sion, like Hollywood moguls. No film ever left his studio unlesshe saw and approved its every frame. He watched the rushesof the films many times, each time with a different purpose andreason: To view how the sets had been exploited; To view thecostumes and such, and judge their appropriateness withrespect to the milieu, ambiance, and also aesthetic values andvisual appeal. India being a hot and humid country and Ma-dras being more so, one sweats much, especially in the closedatmosphere of a studio floor. So, ugly unsightly wet patchesappear in the costumes under the arms of artistes - a sightwhich Meiyappan disliked most, especially in actresses! Hewould insist that such shots to be re-shot. In AVM Studios itwas the practice to have many sets of blouses and othercostumes to avoid such wet patches. (As they say, Madras hasthree kinds of weather - hot, hotter and the hottest!).

    (To be continued)

    THE AVM STORY - 59


    March 26 - April 1, 2011 Page 5

    By Our Staff ReporterT. K. V. Rajan (Founder, In-

    dian Science Monitor, G. N.Chetty Road, T. Nagar) has

    Exhibition on Cricket and science

    organized an exhibition onGreat cricket controversiesand science behind in Rus-sian Centre of Science and

    Culture, 74, Kasturi RanganRoad, Alwarpet.

    The exhibition will be inau-gurated by K. Jayarama-krishnan (Vice President, TataConsultancy Services) at 4 p.mon Thursday, March 31.

    It will be open to the publicfrom 11 a.m to 7 p.m on April1 and 2.

    Rajan told Mambalam Timesthat the exhibition explores thedynamics of cricket and re-veals the role of science in thegame.

    There will be about 40 dis-plays on techniques, graphsand methodology related toscience involved in cricket.

    He can be contacted in phone93805 54557

    By Our Staff ReporterThe premises of Devi Sri

    Aachi Amman Temple (48,Siddhi Vinayagar Koil Street,Kannammapet, T. Nagar) isavailable free for conductingbhajans, discourses, concertsand other spiritual programs,according to M. Muthaian(Temple In-charge).

    A number of devotees par-ticipated in Thiruvillaku poojaon March 19 (Pournami).

    More details can be had inphone 92831 03990.

    Temple premises offered forspiritual programs

    By Our Staff ReporterA cotton candy seller sound asleep on his cart on Sadullah

    Street, T. Nagar on March 24.

    Having sweet dreams?Calling volunteersfor free servicein TirumalaBy Our Staff Reporter

    Sevas (50, Darga Road,Rajaji Nagar, Pallavaram) issending volunteers for week-long service to pilgrims inTirumala starting on Sundaysand ending on Saturdays.

    Men and women who arephysically fit and are willing tostay in Tirumala for a week arewelcome to offer their servicesfor 6 hours everyday. The workwill be of supervisory nature.

    Accommodation, lunch anddinner will be provided free ofcost. They can have specialdarshan of Lord Venkates-wara.

    Travelling expense and thecost of breakfast must be borneby the volunteers.

    Those interested can con-tact Nalini Ravikumar (18/43,Jubilee Road, West Mamba-lam) in 99621 53644, P.Sundaram (98417 26695) orD. Gopinath (94442 09751).

  • MAMBALAM TIMES March 26 - April 1, 2011Page 6

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    PUBLIC NOTICEMY client M. Krishnan, son of An.

    Meiyappan, resident of 57,Dhandapani Street, T. Nagar,Chennai 17 (M. No. 96260 57679)has proposed to purchase the undermentioned property from its presentowners S. Rajagopal, son of G.Sivarajan, V. Parvathavarthini, wifeof S. Venkataraman, N. Girija, wifeof P. Narasimhan, who are legal heirsof original owner Late T. S. Gowri-shankaran through their power agentMr. G. H. G. Harihara Subramanian.Anybody who has objection relatingto ownership or relating to power ofattorney can lodge the same eitherwith me or my client, at respectiveaddress within 15 days of this notice.If nobody lodges his / her objection,my client will proceed with the saletransaction as if nobody has objectionto it. DESCRIPTION OFPROPERTY: Flat No. B-30-A, B-Block in second floor with undividedshare over the land, situated in DoorNo. 5, Babu Rajendra Prasad Road,West Mambalam, Chennai,comprised in T. S. No. 6/1A, 6/2 and6/3 in Block No. 6. (N. Vallinayagam,Advocate, Madurai. Off: No. 1, D. D.1st Street, Arappalayam, Madurai 16).


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    By Our Staff ReporterB. Manimegalai (resident of 9/2, Ramasamy Street, T. Nagar) has

    been rendering service for students for several years.She adopted a Chennai School in Aminjikarai a year back. She

    conducts various programs including medical camps, counseling ses-sions, and talent revealing and personality development programs.She organizes programs in villages too.

    Manimegalai is President of Central Government Employees Wel-fare Association, Founder-President of Shastri Bhavan SC/ST WomenEmployees Welfare Association and an honorary member of AtchayaaFoundation. Manimegalai works in the Audit Department in ShastriBhavan.

    She told Mambalam Times that she arranges educational assis-tance including scholarships, and medical assistance for under privi-leged students through Central and State Government schemes.

    She said that her mother Susheela had worked as Headmistress ofKolar Gold Field School during British rule. Her father Deviasigamani,an advocate, was the first Dalit candidate of the Republican Party whohad contested the Assembly election from Egmore constituency.

    She is a member of Lions Club International and other serviceorganizations.

    She can be contacted in phones 98401 28040 and 4212 9042.

    She has adopted a Chennai School

  • MAMBALAM TIMESMarch 26 - April 1, 2011 Page 7

    Classified Advertisements under the heads Accommodation Required, Old Age Home,Marriage Hall, Mini Hall,Real Estate (Buying & Selling) and Rental will be published on

    this page. The charges are Rs. 300 upto 35 words; Bold Rs. 450. Ashok Nagar- K.K. Nagarand Mambalam-T.Nagar Editions: Rs. 400 (upto 35 words); Bold Rs. 600; Display:

    Rs. 220 per col. centimeter. Each advertisement of Real Estate and Rental must relateto only one house /flat. Advertisement will be received upto 1.00 p.m on Friday.


    MINI HALLWEST MAMBALAM, Mahadevan Street

    (State Bank Building) 2 Halls Kamakshi MiniHall A/c (100 guests), Kamakshi Hall A/c (200guests) just opened. Ph: 4351 2233, 4351 2556,99404 54545, 94450 54545.

    T. NAGAR, Sri Malola Mini Hall, New No.174, Habibullah Road, near KodambakkamRailway Station, available for small functions,non A/c. Ph: 2814 3406, 92831 12153, 9543703073.

    OLD AGE HOMESENIOR citizens home in Madipakkam, 3

    times food, 2 times coffee, food prepared byBrahmins. Rs. 5000 per month. Doctor, attendantavailable. Bedridden accepted, bank, hospital,temple very near. Ph: 98840 56233, 2247 3586.


    ONLY Senior Citizens, in West Mambalam.Contact: B. Vijayalakshmi. Ph: 2474 0886, 9566028520.


    NEED individual plot more than half ground to5 grounds, approved or unapproved in Ponmar(Thyagarayar Nagar), Oragadam, Padappai.Contact: Arkan Estates. Ph: 99419 12905.


    CHOOLAIMEDU, Door No. 110, VanniarStreet, near Pillaiyar Kovil, single bedroom, 400sq.ft, 2nd floor flat, clear title, price Rs. 17 lakhs(negotiable). Ph: 97899 03583, 98846 27706.

    T. NAGAR, Ramaswamy Street, 1 bedroom,hall, kitchen, spacious, renovated, 3rd floor flat, 25years old. Ph: 98408 52996.

    RENTALWEST MAMBALAM, Hanumar Koil Street,

    near Mambalam Railway Station and market, 2bedroom flat, 800 sq.ft, ground floor, primelocation, brokers excuse, Brahmins only. Ph:90032 88918.

    T. NAGAR, No. 36/25, Sarojini Street, nearMambalam Railway Station & bus terminus, 1bedroom, kitchen, ground floor, rent Rs. 3500,small Brahmin family. Contact: Premises 1st floor,interested party please come with advance.

    WEST MAMBALAM, No. 25/13,Krishnamoorthy Street, 2 bedroom, spacious halland dining, kitchen, study & pooja room, groundfloor, complete woodwork, 24 hours water,separate entrance, covered car parking, rent Rs.20000, brokers excuse, Brahmins only. Ph: 9444713596.

    T. NAGAR, Neelakanta Mehta Street, 1bedroom, hall, kitchen, 2nd floor flat, 2-wheelerparking, rent Rs. 8000, brokers excuse,vegetarians only, visit on Sunday 10 a.m. Ph:94446 14164.

    T. NAGAR, Soundararajan Street, 2 bedroom,hall, kitchen, 625 sq.ft, ground floor, rent Rs. 10K,Brahmins only. Contact from 28/3/11. Ph: 9841691386.

    WEST MAMBALAM, Srinivasa Pillai Street, 3bedroom, new super deluxe flat, 2nd floor, 2 coveredcar park, lift, fully furnished, MNC / Corporate,executives, vegetarians. Ph: 97910 17435, 9444927435.

    KODAMBAKKAM, Trustpuram Main Road,near bus stand and railway station, 1 bedroom,hall, kitchen, balcony, bath attached, 2nd floor, rentRs. 6200, family or bachelors also. Ph: 2433 3477,98411 93685.

    T. NAGAR, Bhagavantham Gupta Street (offVenkatanarayana Road), opp. TTD Temple,independent bungalow, fully renovated, groundfloor, 2 bedroom, 2 hall, kitchen, 2 bath, 1100 sq.ft,1st floor, 2 bedroom, hall, kitchen, 2 room, 2 balcony,pooja, store, service area, 1400 sq.ft, 2nd floor, 1bedroom, 1 bath, 200 sq,ft, 1 covered park,available full building/ individual floor. Ph: 9444896261.

    T. NAGAR, Thilak Street, near Bazullah Road,1 bedroom, hall, kitchen, 425 sq.ft, ground floor,rent Rs. 7500, Brahmins only, no fee for brokers.Ph: 2834 3316, 94440 65574.

    ASHOK NAGAR, 100 Feet Road, nearLakshman Sruthi, double bedroom, balcony, 900sq.ft, 3rd floor, lift, covered car parking, woodwork,IT professionals or executives. Ph: 98844 22119.

    WEST MAMBALAM, K. R. Koil Street, singlebedroom portion, independent, self sufficientground floor, vegetarians only. Ph: 94447 62615.

    WEST MAMBALAM, Station Road, nearMambalam Railway Station, double bedroom,kitchen, attached bathroom, toilet, portion on 1st

    floor. Contact: P. S. Kumar, Pandian WorkingWomens Hostel. Ph: 93802 45189.

    T. NAGAR, off Giri Road, near schools, 2 bigbedrooms, spacious hall, dining, kitchen, storeroom, 3 big balconies, posh area, independenthouse, upstairs, open terrace, plenty of water,covered car park, rent Rs. 30000. Ph: 9444224929.

    WEST MAMBALAM, Lake View Road, singlebedroom, hall, kitchen, 600 sq.ft, 3rd floor, lift, carpark, rent Rs. 7500, Brahmins only. Contact:Appu. Ph: 98414 67463, 97908 25121.

    KODAMBAKKAM, Gangaiamman Koil Street,2 bedroom, hall, kitchen, 1300 sq.ft, flat, 2 A/c,covered car park, rent Rs. 13500, advance Rs.50000. Ph: 94441 67851.

    WEST MAMBALAM, Chakrapani Street, 1bedroom, hall, kitchen, dining, service area, EBactual, rent Rs. 8000, Brahmins only. Contact:Agent Sridhar, call after 9 a.m. Ph: 98846 96090.

    WEST MAMBALAM, Ellaiamman Koil Street,2 bedroom, hall, kitchen, independent house,ground floor, rent Rs. 10000 (negotiable),Brahmins/vegetarian only, no parking, brokersexcuse. Ph: 4551 3881.

    WEST MAMBALAM, Satyapuri Street, nearDoraisamy Subway & Jain School, singlebedroom, 560 sq.ft, 1st floor, rent Rs. 7000,inspection on Sunday 10 a.m to 1 p.m, no brokers.Ph: 2723 8033, 95972 61690.

    WEST MAMBALAM, No. 11/6, Rajaji Street, 2rooms, hall, kitchen, western & Indian toilets, 24hours water, ground floor, rent Rs. 7200, advanceRs. 50000, Brahmins only. Ph: 92831 80834, 9042763416.

    T. NAGAR, Griffith Road, 2 bedroom, hall,kitchen, 2nd floor, no lift, brokers excuse. Ph: 9710390329, 98410 59856.

    T. NAGAR, Habibullah Road, near PadmaSeshadri / TCS / Hexaware, 1 bedroom, hall,kitchen, A/c, self contained, vegetarians, employedsoftware, brokers excuse. Ph: 2834 0871, 9677050155.

    Ground Floor & 1st Floor, Old No.19, Arya Gowda Road,Near Ayodhya Mandapam, West Mambalam, Chennai 33.

    Estd: 1969MURUGAN STORES

    Provisions, Oil Items, Health Drinks, Baby Diapers,Provisions, Oil Items, Health Drinks, Baby Diapers,Provisions, Oil Items, Health Drinks, Baby Diapers,Provisions, Oil Items, Health Drinks, Baby Diapers,Provisions, Oil Items, Health Drinks, Baby Diapers,Sanitary Napkins, Household Cleaning Items,Sanitary Napkins, Household Cleaning Items,Sanitary Napkins, Household Cleaning Items,Sanitary Napkins, Household Cleaning Items,Sanitary Napkins, Household Cleaning Items,

    Household Plastic Items, Gift Items, Brooms, Mops etc...Household Plastic Items, Gift Items, Brooms, Mops etc...Household Plastic Items, Gift Items, Brooms, Mops etc...Household Plastic Items, Gift Items, Brooms, Mops etc...Household Plastic Items, Gift Items, Brooms, Mops etc...

    High Class Provisions

    Products U Buy Offer U GetHorlicks 500gm Ref. Rs. 7 Off + Rs. 15 worth Nutribar FreeHorlicks 1 kg Ref. Rs. 14 Off + Rs. 30 worth Foodles FreeBoost 500 gm Ref. Rs. 7 Off + Rs. 5 worth Tiger Bisc. FreeComplan 500 gm Ref. Plain Rs. 8 Off + Rs. 45 worth Shaker Bot. FreeColin Glass Cleaner 500 ml Rs. 5 Off + Buy 1 Get 1 FreeViva 500 gm Refill Rs. 10 Off + Beautiful Glass Plate FreeHarpic 750 ml Rs. 5 Off + Rs. 25 worth Lizol FreeMy Toliet Cleaner 500 ml x 2 Rs. 20 Off + Rs. 30 worth Bucket FreeLizol 2 ltr. Pack Rs. 10 Off + Rs. 54 worth Harpic FreeQuaker Oats 1 kg Ref. Rs. 16 Off + Rs. 30 worth 200 gm Oats FreeSurf XL 1 kg Rs. 8 Off + Rs. 45 worth Handwash FreeSurf Blue 713 gm Rs. 5 Off + Rs. 25 worth Surf Free



    Whisper Ultra 15s Pack - 125/130 Now only Rs. 99

    FIAMA Gel Soap @ Rs. 29 Buy 2 Get 1 FREEBambino Snax Buy 1 Get 1 FREEAachi Badam Mix Buy 1 Get 1 FREELion Honey 250 gm / Jam Buy 1 Get 1 FREE


    Toor Dhall (1 kg) 76/72 72/68Fortune Sunflower Oil 90.00 73.50Aiswaryam Pooja Oil 1 ltr. 139.00 119.00Dodla Cows Ghee 500 ml 162.00 137.00Hatsun Butter 500 gm 135.00 127.00Cardia Life Cooking Oil 1 ltr. 125.00 109.50Silky Rice 25 kg Bag 900.00 840.00Sona Rice KRN Per kg 30.00 27.00Sona Diamond R. Rice 10 kg 340.00 310.00Diarice (for diabetics) 59.00 52.00Saffola Oats 1 kg Ref. 99.00 88.00Appalam Kallidaikurichi 300 gms (50 nos) 51.00 46.00Agmark Ging Oil 1 ltr. 140.00 116.00

    Product MarketPriceMurugan

    Stores Price

    Perungayam Special OffersP.C. Perungayam Bar (pcs) 50 gm 36.00 29.00P.C. Perungayam Pdr. (Granules) 100 gm Pkt 76.00 57.00P.C. Perungayam Pdr. (Granules) 100 gm Jar 84.00 64.00P.C. Perungayam Pdr. 100 gm 77.00 59.00L.G. Powder 100 gm 76.00 65.00

    Roast & Ground Coffee PowderOutlet in West Mambalam

    Special Blend 1 kg. - Rs. 300Special Peaberry 1 kg. - Rs. 330

    All Major Credit Cards accepted. (Above Rs. 1,000, no service charge) T. Nagar/ K.K.Nagar home delivery - Min. Rs. 1,500. Purchase Offer valid till stocks last

    Ph: 6587 4044, 6515 5265,2489 5332, 2474 0386, 93825 95332

    Home delivery orders for monthly provisions accepted in

    Weekly Holiday - Tuesday *Conditions apply


    A song sequence featuring actorSuriya shot on busy RanganathanStreet in T. Nagar recently caughthundreds of shoppers, street hawk-ers and shopkeepers by pleasantsurprise.

    They spontaneously joined himto dance to the music played throughspeakers.

    It was a sequence planned andexecuted by Director Murugadossfor the actors next big film 7uamArivu.

    On how he managed to do so,Murugadoss said that it took a lotof planning and practice. The crew,including Suriya and 700 dancers,rehearsed for three days in AVMStudio.

    On the day before the actualshoot, the Director and his teamwent to the street well past mid-night and placed cameras in sixlocations.

    We wanted the whole sequenceto be natural. We wanted to cap-ture the genuine reaction of sur-prised shoppers and vendors. Wecould not afford to make anymistake because there was no ques-tion of a second take, Murugadosssaid.

    Another interesting elementabout this sequence, which is theintroduction song in the film, isthat the 700 dancers included somesenior artistes who have made a re-entry into the field after a break ofover 10-15 years.

    As more and more young danc-ers enter the field, the senior artistsretire from active performance infilms. We thought it would be niceto include many of them in thissong. It was an enjoyable experi-ence for all of us, the Directorsaid.

    With the equipment being placedin advance and the techniciansassembling quietly, the whole shootwas completed in about 10 min-utes.

    The film, being produced byUdhayanidhi Stalins Red GiantMovies, is said to have many suchlittle surprises. We are most likelyto complete the filming by the endof this month. Post-productionand computer graphics work willbe taken up after that, Murugadosssaid. Report: courtesy The Hindu

    Shoppers dance with Suriyaon Ranganathan Street

    By Our Staff ReporterDung from a cow shed and rubbish are being dumped on a vacant plot on Patel Street, West Mambalam.

    Vacant plot converted into rubbishdumping site

    Your window to thewhole of Mambalam &


    Child Helpline1098

  • Page 8 March 26 - April 1, 2011 CMYK


    Edited & Published by K.S. Ramakrishnan. Office: 7/3, Madley Road, T. Nagar, Chennai 17. Ph: 2434 9236, 2431 39 37. Printed by Ramesh Adityan at Powerfull Printers, 74, Kannappan Street, Aminijikarai, Chennai 29.

    By Our Staff ReporterOfficials of Chennai Cor-

    porations Public Health De-partment sealed Star City, aservice apartment complex onCrescent Park Street, T. Nagaron March 24 for not havingdrainage and sewage connec-tions.

    This follows a contempt pe-tition filed by T. G. Rajagopa-lan, resident of the street, inthe Madras High Court.

    The officials led by S. Sara-swathi (Asst. Health Officer)sealed all 16 flats in the com-plex, besides the office room,store room and washing areaon the ground floor.

    Corporation seals serviced apartment complexCorporation seals serviced apartment complex

    The owner is said to haveapproached the Chennai Met-ropolitan Water Supply andSewerage Board for connec-

    tions but was directed to sub-mit the completion certificatefrom Chennai MetropolitanDevelopment Authority for

    deviation-free construction.The Madras High Court had

    directed the Corporation inDecember to take appropriateaction within four weeksagainst the building owner forrunning the serviced apart-ments without basic amenities.Rajagopalan had complainedthat sewage was collected in asump and pumped to lorriestwice a day, causing unbear-able smell and posing healthhazards for other residents.

    Justice Basha, who hadheard the case, said it was clearthat Star City is running theserviced apartments withouteven applying for sewage and

    108 ambulance shifted to Ashok Nagar

    By Our Staff ReporterA 108 ambulance of Emer-

    gency Management Researchand Institute is now parked in

    Fire & Rescue Service Station,Ashok Nagar.

    M. Mohammed Billal (Dis-trict Manger) told Mambalam

    Times that the vehicle will re-spond to calls from AshokNagar, K. K. Nagar, MGR Na-gar, Nespakkam, Jafferkhan-pet, West Mambalam, T. Na-gar and nearby areas.

    It will also be rushed to anyother area if other vehicles arenot immediately available.

    Billal said that earlier a 108ambulance used to be parkedin Ashok Nagar police stationbut it was shifted to T. Nagarpolice station about 1 1/2 yearsago from where it was latermoved to Saidapet.

    He said that the new vehicleis equipped with advanced lifesupport equipment.

    Billal said that the vehicle hasresponded to more than 70 callssince it was stationed last week.

    By Our Staff ReporterAs the days are becoming

    hotter, traffic constables havestarted wearing pith hats keepto off the heat. Picture wastaken at the junction of G. N.Chetty Road and ThirumalaiRoad in T. Nagar on March 24.

    Traffic cops start wearing pith hats

    drainage connections.This is a very serious issue

    as the conduct of Star City willcause serious health hazardsto the public, particularly dur-ing rainy season. The buildingis located in a prime locationand such being the position,Star City cannot be allowed torun serviced apartments with-out providing basic facilitiesand amenities, the Judge ob-served. It goes without say-ing that it is the duty and re-sponsibility of Chennai Cor-poration to take all coercivesteps and actions in a mannerknown to law to stop the saidmenace, the Judge held.

    Bank told to reverse Rs. 111wrongly debitedBy Our Staff Reporter

    The District Consumer Dis-putes Redressal Forum di-rected ICICI Bank Ltd. (48,Arya Gowda Road, WestMambalam) on Feb. 21 to re-verse the amount of Rs. 111 it

    had wrongly debited to the ac-count of G. Vijayakumar (resi-dent of 142, Lake View Road,West Mambalam) in 2006along with 12% interest withquarterly rest from the date ofdebit till the date of reversalwithin 6 weeks of the passing ofthe order.

    It also directed the bank topay the petitioner Rs. 10000as compensation for mentalagony and Rs. 3000 as costwithin 6 weeks failing whichthe amount will carry an inter-est of 9% till the date of pay-ment.

    Free computer coursefor poor youths,senior citizens

    Bharatiya Vidya BhavansGandhi Institute of ComputerEducation & Information Tech-nology will conduct a free com-puter course for educated un-employed youths belonging tothe economically backward sec-tion and senior citizens in itsMylapore (18, 20 & 22, East MadaStreet) and T. Nagar (12, Thani-kachalam Street) centers fromMay 4. The course includes Tally,DTP, C & C++, VB.NET andMultimedia.

    Application forms can be hadfrom Mylapore center (10 a.mto 6 p.m) and T. Nagar center (9a.m to 3.30 p.m).

    The last date for submittingapplications is April 18.

    Details may be had in personat both centers.

    41,000 copies ofthis edition aredelivered FREEevery Saturday!


    Holy Angels Conventevery Sunday

    from 11.30 a.m to 1 p.m.All compulsive gamblerswho wish to get rid of the

    habit are welcome

    Blood donationcamp tomorrowBy Our Staff Reporter

    Vatsalyam (12th Avenue,Ashok Nagar) has organized ablood donation camp from 9.30a.m to 1.30 p.m on Sunday,March 27 in Panigraha Kal-yana Mandapam, Arya GowdaRoad, West Mambalam.

    V. Nandhakumar (DeputyDirector, Investigation, IncomeTax Department) will inaugu-rate the camp.

    More details can be had inphone 99406 38972.

    page 1.pdfPage 2.pdfpage 3.pdfpage 4.pdfpage 5.pdfPage 6.pdfPage 7.pdfpage 8.pdf

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