Marketing Resources for Small Churches Travis Morgan.

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Marketing Resources for Small Churches Travis Morgan MULVANE UNITED METHODIST CHURCH IN MULVANE, KS OBJECTIVES Gain a basic understanding of marketing Share three specific ideas to get your message out using print, electronic media, and community engagement Explore the heart of marketing The Sunday night mens Bible study will meet on Saturday at the park, unless it rains. In that case they will meet at their regular Tuesday evening time. Eight new choir robes are currently needed due to the addition of several new members and to the deterioration of some older ones Jean will be leading a weight-management series Wednesday nights. Shes used the program herself and has been growing like crazy! WHAT IS THE PURPOSE AND VISION OF YOUR CHURCH? Our Purpose: To build a Christian Community where non religious and nominally religious people are becoming deeply committed Christians. Our Vision: Changing Lives, Transforming Communities, and Renewing the Church. WHY WOULD A NON-RELIGIOUS OR NOMINALLY RELIGIOUS PERSON WANT TO VISIT YOUR CHURCH THIS WEEKEND? WHY WOULD THEY COME BACK? HOW IS GOD USING YOUR CHURCH? 3 KEY TIMES FOR DIRECT MAIL Christmas Eve Easter Fall Back to School NEWSPAPER AD BUSINESS CARDS Images Google Images 3 TECHNIQUES FOR USING ELECTRONIC MEDIA IN YOUR CHURCH Social Media Being Found on the Web Having a Quality Website TECHNIQUE #1 SOCIAL MEDIA FACEBOOK, TWITTER, INSTAGRAM Social Media Not as helpful Post Internal Audience Repetitive Evaluate Your Time! Social Media Helpful Post Fun, engaging, invitational Use good pictures and video that relate to your community TECHNIQUE #2 BEING FOUND SOME KEYS TO WEB SEARCHES Being Found Claiming your spot on Google Google My Business, Being Found (cont.) Use of Key Words Think like a person searching: church, wedding, divorce, Web advertizing Google Grant, TECHNIQUE #3 QUALITY WEBSITE Quality Website Hosting Services Dreamhost: search Dreamhost for non profit Dont get too complicated Is it sustainable once the creator leaves? Put things that change into sub-pages. Keep it up to date! Quality Website Does the website work on mobile devices? VS. 3 WAYS TO ENGAGE WITH THE COMMUNITY Community Gatherings Become Known for Serving Get to know your neighbors IDEA #1 PRESENCE WHERE PEOPLE GATHER IDEA #2 BECOME KNOWN FOR SERVING OTHERS KIDS SERVING COMMUNITY VIDEO KIDS SERVING COMMUNITY VIDEO PASTOR RUSS HALL FROM HIGHFILL UMC IN HIGHFILL, AR IDEA #3 GET TO KNOW NEIGHBORS MOVIE NIGHT VIDEO MOVIE NIGHT VIDEO PASTOR DAVID MCGLOCKLIN FROM ST. PAULS UMC IN SAN BERNARDINO, CA THE HEART OF MARKETING IS PEOPLE.


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