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Mastery: Journey Timeline Personal Development and leadership By:Miriam Benzari

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  • Mastery: Journey Timeline Personal Development and leadership

    By:Miriam Benzari

  • Mastery:Personal development and leadership

    Goal: To understand what mastery is and how I can utilize Mastery in my own personal development. With the Knowledge of mastery I can

    enhance the knowledge of fashion Journalism.

    Strategy: Read Mastery By Robert Greene

    Become knowledgeable of what masters before me did to become the masters they are today.

    Read success stories from Journalist on how they could potentially inspire me. (I.E Arianna

    Huffington, Barbra Walters and Robin Givhan).

  • Goal: To Introduce the concepts of how individual journalist can use new media presentations tools to make sure important work reaches the

    intended audience.

    Strategy: Begin my fist major class in my masters program.

    learn the ins and outs of media.

    learn how to write/ report a story that will grasp the attention of my fashion /pop culture audience.

    Watch tutorials on lynda.com for communications tips. http://www.lynda.com/Business-Skills-tutorials/Communication-Tips/170778-2.html?srchtrk=index:1%0Alinktypeid:2%0Aq:New%2BMedia%2Bcommunications%2B%0Apage:1%0As:relevance%0Asa:true%0Aproducttypeid:2

    New Media communications

  • Goal: To master narrative principles by exploring new ways of telling interactive, narrative stories for visual and digital media. I

    will also explore both mechanics of storytelling.

    Strategy: Read articles on tech prep technologies to prepare for interactive journalism. http://


    keep working on my Tumblr that I have discovered in my mastery class. miriambenzari.tumblr.com

    Watch course tutorials on Media Training http://www.lynda.com/Business-Skills-tutorials/Media-Training/371727-2.html?srchtrk=index:1%0Alinktypeid:2%0Aq:Writing%2Bfor%2Binteractive%2BMedia%0Apage:1%0As:relevance%0Asa:true%0Aproducttypeid:2

    Writing for interactive Media

  • Goal: To Identify complex media legal issues presented by the expansion of digital and mobile technologies. I will think critically about

    how to resolve issues, as well as explore traditional media laws and regulation laws apply to the internet. I will discuss the first amendment

    rights and media laws.

    Strategy: Read the article on The future of mass media/social legal aspects. http://


    Read articles on legal aspects of media to understand and be one step ahead of what I need in my career.http://www.macombdaily.com/article/MD/20130525/NEWS01/130529653

    I will also read laws on how I as a journalist could protect myself from being sued for reporting a story. If you are not sure if a story is true and dont have all the facts you are to say Allegedly.

    Legal Aspects of media

  • Goal: To examine the massive shifts in the media environments and challenge my re-image on how to cover research and produce investigative stories.

    Strategy: Watch lynda.com tutorial on marketing researching. http://


    Receive knowledge on what makes a good journalist http://www.universalbyline.com/whatmakesagoodjournalist.php

    Learn how to be a resourceful journalist.

    Research and investigation skills Development

  • Goal: To teach me how multimedia news production process focuses on news communication technologies. To become knowledgeable in

    photography, Photo management , video production and audio production.Strategy:

    Practice iMovie

    Explore lynda.com Creative multimedia learning and word 2016 essential training. http://www.lynda.com/Word-tutorials/Word-2016-Essential-Training/378044-2.html?srchtrk=index:1%0Alinktypeid:2%0Aq:Multimedia%2Bdevelopment%2Band%2Bediting%0Apage:1%0As:relevance%0Asa:true%0Aproducttypeid:2


    Research various softwares that will help me edit plenty of footage and photos.

    Multimedia development and editing

  • Goal: To prepare me to work in the evolving media environment. I will learn the skills to integrate interactive content and to present online journalism

    holistically. Strategy:

    View fashion journalist that have been doing fashion journalism for a while and look at what their webisodes consist of .


    Watch fashion/ Media journalism on Television or the web and see what works for them and give it my own twist.

    Do mock interviews and broadcastings to hear how I speak and if I give eye contact.

    Learn the essentials from lynda.com about print productions and how digital news works. http://www.lynda.com/Print-Design-tutorials/Print-Production-Essentials-Folding/186804-2.html?srchtrk=index:1%0Alinktypeid:2%0Aq:Digital%2BNews%2Bproduction%0Apage:1%0As:relevance

    Digital News production

  • Strategy: Learn the tips/Tricks of multimedia reporting from lynda.com tutorials http://


    Research once you put a story out or a report for the public to read or watch as a reporter do I own that footage or that writing as a journalist or would the company I work for own all my work since I am not an independent journalist?

    Read the necessary material from my multimedia reporting course.

    Multimedia Reporting

  • Goal: To understand how to leverage social media to find story ideas, engage audience and promote my work.

    Strategy: Research my own stories in fashion.

    Network with potential mentors.

    Attend fashion shows.

    Read magazines and digital press.

    Create stories that no one else would think of.

    Read articles on how to engage social media and online audience. http://gateway.proquest.com/openurl?url_ver=Z39.88-2004&rft_val_fmt=info:ofi/

    Social Media and online community engagement

  • Goal: To Address the ethical responsibilities of Multimedia journalism as they apply to the story development as well to learn how consumers absorb,

    act and react upon news based on the medias format.

    Strategy: Learn what public relations means in the media industry.

    Read articles on how to handle your brand reputation. http://www.marketingprofs.com/articles/2013/11004/brand-reputation-management-your-seven-point-game-plan

    Listen to Deidre Breakenridge (lynda.com) on how to develop social media, engage reporters and bloggers. http://www.lynda.com/Marketing-Public-Relations-tutorials/Public-Relations-Fundamentals/186110-2.html?srchtrk=index:1%0Alinktypeid:2%0Aq:Multimedia%2BReporting%0Apage:1%0As:relevance%0Asa:true%0Aproducttypeid:2

    The public relations and reputations Management

  • Goal: To Address issues of newsroom organization, content development, budgeting , responsibilities and standard in a 24 hour

    multimedia news environment. Strategy

    Practice Preparing a Budget for potential media.

    Brush up on my Excel so that I can properly plan out a budget sheet.

    Read articles on how to budget media footage and broadcasting. http://www.documentary.org/feature/dont-fudge-your-


    Read on various publishing . (I.E. Corporate, Technical and News) http://www.eric.ed.gov/contentdelivery/servlet/


    New media publishing and distribution

  • Goal: To utilize what I have learned about missions, methods and experience.

    Strategy: From all that I have learned after the year with Full sail university I will have my

    Master in new media journalism.

    Research potential job offers that are looking for my qualifications.

    Keep networking through LinkedIn.

    Make my Tumblr my portfolio for potential jobs to see my journalistic work.

    New media Journalism final project

  • Leaders in Fashion/ Media Journalism to


  • Barbra Walters: Tv Personality, Broadcaster and


    Agent Information: 212-421-1700 445 Park Avenue , New York Ny,


    Arianna Huffington: Founder of The Huffington post,

    Journalist, entrepreneur.

    E-Mail: [email protected]

    Office number: 646-274-2430

  • Robin Givhan:Fashion Editor for the

    Washington Post and journalist. E-Mail:

    [email protected]

    LinkedIn: @Robin Givhan

    Wendy Williams: Radio Personality, TV host and

    producer Twitter: @wendyshow

    Studio: 221 West 26th Street, New York,Ny 10001

  • Robin Roberts: News Anchor and journalist. Facebook: Robin Roberts Twitter: @RobinRoberts

    Anna Wintour: Magazine editor and fashion

    journalist. Twitter: @RealAnnaWintour Vogue address: 4 time square,

    New York, NY

  • Clubs /Organizations to Join

  • Women Of Full sailWomen of Full Sail provides a safe space for women enrolled at Full Sail to discuss issues pertinent to their academic and professional long term goals. Women of full Sail is committed to empowering women by building a supportive community of diverse peers, providing guidance and bringing awareness to issues women face in the workplace.

    Gain Getting to know my peers and to empower one another by being supportive with

    what we may be going through in the work place.

  • Creative writing Club This club is a source to Full sail students to show their creativeness through the works of writing.

    Gain To learn how to be more creative in my writing and receive pointers from

    my peers and groups leaders.

  • Digital UIn this club students will take time to discuss trends and current events happening on platforms such as YouTube and Vine also learn ways to build members' personal brand and online presence as well as allow students a comfortable place to showcase their content and receive feedback.

    Gain To learn how specific media platforms could help my career path and know which media sites would be best for my fashion/pop culture target audience.

  • Creative student networking

    The Creative student networking group's purpose is to provide a space for college students to network. They meet monthly to talk about goals and build friendships and help students find employment after graduation.

    Gain To network with fellow peers and find a job in my field . This club will

    help network with fellow job developers as well on campus

  • Black student union (BSU)

    Full Sail's Black Student Union works to address issues related to African Americans and the media. The BSU serves as a platform to promote networking amongst Full Sail's black student body across various degree programs.

    Gain BSU will be a platform to learn and address various issues that are happening in

    the African American community through the media.

  • Entertainment networking society

    Entertainment Networking Society provides Full Sail students with the skills to cultivate personal and business relationships in an effort to enhance their careers.

    Gain With the help of ENS I will network with various individuals and learn

    how to build relationships in school as well as my future career path.

  • Fashion/ Media Brands to follow

  • People Magazine:Is a weekly publication delivering the latest celebrity news .

    Vogue Magazine:

    A fashion and lifestyle


    Harpers Bazaar:A womens Fashion

    magazine and style Resource.

    ABC: media news network division of

    the Walt Disney company.

    E! news:Reports

    Celebrity news , films and Pop


  • My Characteristics of a mentor

  • Timeline Goals



    Pop Culture

  • Begin My Masters

    program in new media


    Start my new media journalism classes and ask as many questions

    needed to be successful.

    Connect with future mentors .

    Travel To Winter park Florida from

    NJ for Graduation.

    Finally stepping into the fashion/ media journalism industry and starting my

    career as a respected journalist.

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