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Maximizing the Utilization of ARELLO ® Programs

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Joe McClary ARELLO® Director of Technology, Education, and Special Projects. Maximizing the Utilization of ARELLO ® Programs. Licensee verification Database. ARELLO. National Association of REALTORS®. Regulatory Agency. Regulatory Agency. Regulatory Agency. Regulatory Agency. - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

Text of Maximizing the Utilization of ARELLO ® Programs

Maximizing the Utilization of ARELLO Programs

Maximizing the Utilization of ARELLO ProgramsJoe McClary ARELLO Director of Technology, Education, and Special Projects.ARELLOARELLOLicensee verification DatabaseARELLO.comARELLOARELLO

ARELLORegulatoryAgencyRegulatoryAgencyRegulatoryAgencyRegulatoryAgencyRegulatoryAgencyNational Association ofREALTORSARELLOOverview41 Active Jurisdictions22 submit data monthly2 submit data weekly17 submit data daily2 On DeckSubmission Methodologies17 submit via FTP (open ftp, ftp-authssl, sftp via ssh)7 are retrieved from a jurisdictions public website14 submit via email (1 secure email, 1 compressed with encryption)2 use postal mail to send CDs\DVDs1 secure, direct connection to Jurisdictions DatabaseLicense Verification DatabaseARELLO4Daily SubmittersTo make this an effective tool, data needs to be as current as possible. Therefore, where it is feasible for a jurisdiction to automate their submission, ARELLO encourages jurisdictions to submit daily. AlabamaAlaskaArizonaArkansas District of Columbia FloridaIdahoKansasLouisianaMissouriMississippiNorth CarolinaOklahomaTennesseeVermontUtahWest Virginia

License Verification DatabaseARELLO5Weekly SubmittersNebraskaNorth Dakota

License Verification DatabaseARELLO6Monthly SubmittersAlbertaBritish ColumbiaCaliforniaColoradoDelawareGeorgiaHawaiiKentuckyMaineManitobaMassachusetts

MichiganMontanaNevadaNew HampshireOhioOregonRhode IslandSaskatchewanSouth DakotaTexasWyoming

License Verification DatabaseARELLO7On DeckJurisdictions that have successfully tested an import, but have yet to begin submissionsIowaLicense Verification DatabaseARELLO8




ARELLOAutomated License Verification

ARELLOCompanies using a computer servers to verify licensure in mass.Tom HarryRomonaTonyJoeSafiaSaedAliBob...XML Web ServiceTom HarryRomonaTonyJoeSafiaSaedAliBob...ResultsSearch DataARELLONo ParticipationMinnesotaUSAOntarioCanadaMarylandUSAIndianaUSASouth CarolinaUSAWisconsinUSAWashingtonUSANew JerseyUSANew MexicoUSANew YorkUSAQuebecCanadaVirginiaUSANova ScotiaCanadaLicense Verification DatabaseARELLODisciplinary Action Database (DADB)Aggregating licensee disciplinary action information and enabling searching against it.Disciplinary Action DatabaseARELLOARELLO

Disciplinary Action DatabaseARELLODADB PurposeIs designed to assist real estate licensing authorities in evaluating the honesty, trustworthiness, and competency of license applicants by providing them a mechanism to help determine whether an applicant for licensure has had disciplinary action imposed by a real estate license authority in another jurisdiction. Disciplinary Action DatabaseARELLO

ARELLORegulatoryAgencyRegulatoryAgencyRegulatoryAgencyRegulatoryAgencyRegulatoryAgencyRegulatory AgencyDisciplinary Action DatabaseARELLOSpecific DADB ApplicationsView general information on a licensees or applicants past disciplinary records.Verify that no licensee has had their license/registration sanctioned. (particularly revocation or suspension.)Check out nonresident licensees who hold multiple jurisdictional licenses.Check licensees as part of renewal.Disciplinary Action DatabaseARELLO19Specific DADB ApplicationsEnsures a better license certification from non-resident licensees.May be used to address issues raised by administrative auditors of the agency.Upgraded DADB coming in Winter 2009.Disciplinary Action DatabaseARELLOTwo Ways the Disciplinary Database is UsedSearch the Data BankSubmit data to the Data BankDisciplinary Action DatabaseARELLO215 Ways to SearchOne-at-a-Time Manual SearchAttended Bulk search via Web SiteUnattended Bulk search via FTPOpen FTPFTP-AUTHSSLSFTP (using SSH)Automated Search via Web ServiceARELLO223 Ways to SubmitOne-at-a-Time Manual EntryAttended Bulk upload from file via Web SiteUnattended Bulk upload from file via FTPOpen FTPFTP-AUTHSSLSFTP (using SSH)Disciplinary Action DatabaseARELLO23Active Participants (Submission)as of 10/20/2009JurisdictionDate of Last UpdateAlabama10/19/2009Alaska7/22/2009Alberta9/28/2009Arkansas9/21/2009British Columbia10/9/2009California10/8/2009Colorado7/21/2009District of Columbia9/23/2009Georgia10/18/2009Hawaii9/29/2009Idaho10/5/2009Illinois8/28/2009Iowa10/15/2009Kansas9/22/2009Kentucky7/24/2009JurisdictionDate of Last UpdateLouisiana9/22/2009Maine10/15/2009Manitoba9/17/2009Maryland9/24/2009Missouri10/20/2009Montana9/1/2009Nebraska10/20/2009Nevada10/01/2009North Carolina9/16/2009North Dakota7/22/2009Ohio10/08/2009Oklahoma10/14/2009Oregon9/17/2009Pennsylvania9/1/2009South Dakota8/17/2009Texas10/7/2009Disciplinary Action DatabaseARELLO24Inactive Participants (Submission)as of 10/20/2009JurisdictionDate of Last UpdateArizona10/2/2003Connecticut1/1/1990Delaware7/6/2006Florida1/1/1990Indiana7/15/2003Massachusetts4/22/2003Mississippi1/1/1990New Jersey3/9/2004New Mexico8/2/2005JurisdictionDate of Last UpdateSouth Carolina9/29/2008Tennessee6/25/2004Utah1/1/1990Vermont1/1/1990Virginia1/1/1990Washington2/13/2007West Virginia7/5/2005Wyoming10/1/2002Disciplinary Action DatabaseARELLO25Jurisdictions with No SubmissionsMichigan Minnesota New Brunswick New Hampshire New York Newfoundland Northwest Territories Nova Scotia

Ontario Prince Edward Island Quebec Rhode Island Saskatchewan Wisconsin Yukon Territory

Disciplinary Action DatabaseARELLO26Search Participation Facts17,037 searches in 2009 through ARELLO System29 Jurisdictions Search the Data Bank17 use our system

PSI uses unattended searching for 6 of those (CO, TN, PA, IA, NJ, HI)AMP and Pearson VUE perform searches for(AL,DC,GA,KS,MS)

Alberta4/1/09Arkansas6/5/09California5/14/04Colorado9/14/09Idaho12/3/08Kentucky9/23/09Louisiana10/15/09Maine10/8/09Missouri10/20/09Montana9/28/09Nebraska10/20/09Nevada3/19/09North Carolina10/19/09Oklahoma10/20/09Oregon5/18/09South Dakota9/15/09West Virginia10/15/09Disciplinary Action DatabaseARELLO27Cost Plan AFlat Rate per SearchUnlimited Searching No Minimums No MaximumsIndividual Searches Batch Upload SearchesIn-House Searches OR Third-Party Searches (no other plan is available to third-party application processing vendors)Fee: (billed at end of month for searches conducted)US$1.00 per search

Disciplinary Action DatabaseARELLOCost - PlanFlat Rate per YearUnlimited Searching No Minimums No MaximumsIndividual Searches Batch Upload SearchesIn-House Searches (not available to third-party application processing vendors)Fee: (billed annually at the following rates based on number of licensees)ARELLOCost Plan B Flat Rate Per Year Continued1to 500501to 1,0001,001to 2,0002,001to 3,0003,001to 4,0004,001to 5,0005,001to 10,00010,001to 15,00015,001to 20,00020,001to 30,00030,001to 75,00075,001and above$30$60$120$240$320$450$750$1,700$1,900$2,250$4,800$7,700ARELLO

Disciplinary Action DatabaseARELLOTimeshare RegistryOne stop shop for developers and regulators to store and collaborate on timeshare registration filings. ARELLOARELLO



ARELLOARELLO Timeshare Registry SystemRegulatorsDevelopersWhat is the ATR?Centralized registry used by regulators and timeshare developers.Secure Internet application designed to be used in a web browser.ARELLOATR ObjectivesReducing redundant registration procedures and the associated costs for regulatory agencies and timeshare developers. Promoting increased uniformity and recognition in timeshare registration processes among jurisdictions.

ARELLOActively Using the SystemAlabamaArizonaArkansasColoradoConnecticutIdahoNorth CarolinaLouisianaOhioTexasWashington

DisneyHiltonMarriottOrange Lake PropertiesStarwoodWeinstock and Scavo, P.C.*Wyndham

Timeshare RegistryARELLOEnvironmental Impact ReportAccording to statistics from, that ATR has saved: 2,033 lbs. of paper24.2 trees5,738 lbs. of greenhouse gas byproducts of paper production

Need To Go Green?

Timeshare RegistryARELLOStates Moving ForwardHawaiiNew JerseyMassachusettsNevadaRhode IslandSouth CarolinaUtahTimeshare RegistryARELLOUsage Update767 registrations from six companies submitted to regulators.More than 202,000 documents are currently stored in ATR.ARELLO continues to monitor needs of regulators and developers and upgrade the system as necessary.Recently completed an information technology system audit to ensure the ATR system meets federal standards for application and network security.

Timeshare RegistryARELLO41Documents By Jurisdiction:

Alabama: 21,905 Arizona: 7,433 Arkansas: 32,217 Colorado: 16,626 Connecticut: 16,641 Idaho: 8,400 Louisiana: 8,573 North Carolina: 25,532 Ohio: 4,538 Texas: 46,684 Washington: 12,901Timeshare RegistryARELLO




ARELLODocuments By Jurisdiction:

Alabama: 21,905 Arizona: 7,433 Arkansas: 32,217 Colorado: 16,626 Connecticut: 16,641 Idaho: 8,400 Louisiana: 8,573 North Carolina: 25,532 Ohio: 4,538 Texas: 46,684 Washington: 12,901ARELLODistance Education CertificationARELLOARELLOThe Distance Education Standards at a Glance Helps Ensure:Quality and measureable objectivesAppropriately designed and rigorous assessmentsCourses are offered for the appropriate clock hoursVerification instructional support procedures Quality technical deliverySuperior course evaluationCourses are taught as certified via auditing and ongoing monitoring

Distance Education CertificationARELLOWhere ARELLO Certificationis required.

Distance Education Certification21 real estate regulatory jurisdictions require certification prior to approval.ARELLOWhere ARELLO Certification is required or endorsed.

24 real estate regulatory jurisdictions endorse the standards and in most cases give some tangible benefit to providers for having certified courses.Distance Education CertificationARELLOTips for Requiring ARELLO CertificationDont just require ARELLO alone. There are alternatives although more expensive and less thorough.Or, require course certification for the instructional design by an entity approved by the commission/board. Dont mention ARELLO as a sole entity. If small providers wont permit it, require only for primary providers. The majority all ready have it and would thank you for leveling the playing field in your jurisdiction.Distance Education CertificationARELLOEducation & Technology ServicesARELLOARELLOEducation and Technology Services

Education Solutions*Course designDeliveryInstructional DesignConsultingTechnologyWeb ServicesGraphical DesignSecurity AuditsConsulting


ARELLOAfter ARELLOs New Design