MBA 532 Marketing Communications Strategy with Duane Weaver The Process: Advertising and Integrated Brand Promotion

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<ul><li>Slide 1</li></ul> <p>MBA 532 Marketing Communications Strategy with Duane Weaver The Process: Advertising and Integrated Brand Promotion Slide 2 OUTLINE Introductions Course Overview: outline, assignments, site Advertising and Integrated Brand Promotion What is Advertising? Definitions? Advertising a Communication Process Audiences Brand Promotion Brand Loyalty Brand Equity Inelasticity of Demand Types of Advertising From Ads to IMC to IBP Slide 3 Introductions - Instructor Duane Weaver B.Comm., M.D.E., IESNA Chair of Marketing, Faculty of Managment, VIU Director of Marketing, ABSEL (Assoc. of Business Simulation and Experiential Learning) CEO 2Birds1Stone Marketing, Mgmt. and Computer Applications Instructor 20+ years management experience (marketing) Industry experience: High-tech, Artificial Intelligence, Telecommunications, Computing, Lighting, Automotive, Fashion, Distance Education, B2B, B2C, E-Commerce, E- Learning, Grocery and Floral. Manufacturing, Wholesale and Retail experience. Family, small business, and multi-national corporations Positions: Board of Directors, CEO, General Manager, International Sales Manager, Business Development Manager, Regional Sales Manager, Product Manager, Market Manager, Service Manager, Parts Manager, Acct. Manager, Marketing/Business Consultant, Instructor Enjoy sailing, soccer, badminton, golf and camping Slide 4 Introductions - Students Your name? What do you expect to get out of learning MBA 532 (Marketing Communications Strategy)? What is your personal learning GOAL? Provide an example of one company that in your opinion, manages brand promotion effectively. Why? Slide 5 The Process: Advertising and Integrated Brand Promotion in Business &amp; Society Chapter 1 with Duane Weaver Slide 6 The Process: Advertising and Integrated Brand Promotion in Business &amp; Society What is Advertising? a paid mass-mediated attempt to persuade (OGuinn, Allen, and Semenik, 2007, pp. 8-9) Advertising versus Publicity Slide 7 Definitions: Advertisement: a specific message that someone or some organization has placed to persuade and audience. Advertising Campaign: a series of coordinated ads and other promos that communicate reasonably cohesive and integrated theme. Integrated Brand Promotion (IBP): the use of many promotional tools, including advertising, in a coordinated manner to build and then maintain brand awareness, identity, and preference. (OGuinn, Allen, and Semenik, 2007, p. 12) Slide 8 Advertising as a Communication Process SenderReceiverMedium EncodeDecode Intended Message Perceived Message Slide 9 Audiences Target Audience: group of consumers singled out by an organization for an advertisement or campaign Household Consumers Business Organizations Trade Channels (personal selling) Professionals Government Slide 10 Advertising and Brand Promotion effective advertising as part of an overall integrated brand promotion is a key factor in the success of brands (OGuinn, Allen, and Semenik, 2007, p. 20) advertisingplays a critical role in brand development (OGuinn, Allen, and Semenik, 2007, p. 21) Brand: a name, term, sign symbol, or any other feature that identifies one sellers goods or service as distinct from those of other sellers (OGuinn, Allen, and Semenik, 2007, p. 21) Slide 11 Building Brand Loyalty occurs when a consumer repeatedly purchases the same brand to the exclusion of the competitors brands. Slide 12 Brand Equity is built when a company builds and maintains positive associations with the brand in the mind of the consumer. Slide 13 Inelasticity of Demand Brand loyal consumers tend to be less sensitive to price increases. Economics calls this inelasticity of demand. Slide 14 Types of Advertising Demand Stimulation: Primary create demand for entire product category (usually new products) Selective point out a brands unique benefits compared to competition Response Advertising: Direct act immediately Delayed develop awareness and preference over time Corporate vs. Brand Advertising: Corporate to favour the company (stimulates corporate recognition) Brand heightens awareness of the benefits, features, and values of a particular brand (stimulates brand recognition) Slide 15 Advertising to IMC to IBP Advertising is only one component of the promotional tools available in Integrated Marketing Communications (IMC) IMC = process of using promotional tools so that a unified synergistic communication effect is created (an emphasis on communication). IBP has become the emphasis more recently (with a focus on brand over communication). Slide 16 Thank You! Lets Look at the worst case ads and DISCUSS MBA 532 Marketing Communications Strategy </p>