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Fall / Winter Issue of McKnight's Home & Garden Magazine.

Text of McKnight's Home & Garden Magazine

  • FALL 2012


    Gardening Author Rob SprouleWinter Container Gardening

    Forcing Bulbs IndoorsBernie Whetter

    Houseplants 2012 with Canada's Favourite Gardener, Ken Beattie

    Backyard BirdingCarrisa Nykamp

    Cobi on ColourStyle and Colour with Cobi Ladner

    Trends Meet TraditionsJackie Cornwall

    Martha Vandepol How to Decorate an Artificial Tree



  • CONTENTSContainer Gardening in the Winter 8 Gardening Author Rob Sproule

    Providing Cold Protection 10- Charlotte Roggie

    Forcing Bulbs Indoors 12- Bernie Whetter

    Houseplants 2012 14- Canada's Favourite Gardener, Ken Beattie

    Backyard Birding 16 Carrisa Nykamp

    Cobi on Colour 18 Cobi Ladner

    Trends Meet Tradition 20- Jackie Cornwall

    Fall & Winter Fashions 22

    How to Decorate an Artificial Tree 24- Martha Vandepol

    Creating Memories with Rosemary 28- Mark DeWolf

    Thomas Kinkade Top of the Season

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    Special Thomas Kinkade

    Bradford Exchange ornament offer!

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  • The most common thing we hear people say when they visit us is, I didnt know you had all this stuff... you should tell people! This magazine is our first attempt to share with you the fun we have had putting

    together the collections of goods and services that is McKnights.

    Because we are one of the few remaining independent retailers, we take a great deal of pride in finding, stocking and serving things you simply wont find in any mall or major retailer.

    The collection this fall is simply amazing! Fashion is an explosion of trend and colour and you need to see for yourself! Floral includes a Christmas display equal to the best we have ever created! Gift is full of great ideas for everyone on your list (including yourself)!

    Yes, Heather and I select every product we carry: we

    sample the gourmet, body and fragrance products, hand pick the giftware, test the clothing and accessories for fashion, fit and finish and inspect the flowers and plants for quality. If its in our store we feel it offers good value at a fair price.

    The other thing you may be surprised at when you visit is our staff asking you if you are having fun. We have created a fun place to browse that allows you to leave your busy life behind for a bit. In our store, we simply want you to enjoy what we have presented for your consideration. You will learn something, laugh about something and maybe try something on. When you need assistance, we are ready to help you with information, truth and unbiased opinion... simple really.

    So before the mad rush to Christmas gets underway, please drop in to see us and experience what we have created this year...and dont miss the free taste of our homemade fudge before you leave!

    We genuinely look forward to look of surprise and pleasure on your face when open our door to explore what we have in store for you!




  • KiennaDo you own a Keurig single cup brewer? Well there is a new Canadian invention that will allow you to adapt and use compostable coffee pods in your keurig brewer. These Canadian made, compostable pods come in 20 flavours and sell for only $7.99 for a box of 18. Stop in for a demo. (See ad on opposite page for free adapter offer)

    McKnight's Fashion Floral Gift New Products for Fall 2012

    Theres a new tattoo in town! Glimmer Body ArtThis new tattoo and stencil kit will allow kids and moms to create a fun and sparkling waterproof tattoo that lasts for over a week. The sparkles make it obvious the tattoo is not a real one so folks of all ages can enjoy the fun of body art in a lasting but non-permanent way

    Potato Chip makerTheres a new tray for your microwave that allows you to slice an ordinary potato or sweet potato and make crisp chips in 3 minutes... controlling everything about the process except your craving. The complete kit comes with tray and slicer!

    ZokuThis runaway sensation is finally here in Canada! The patented Zoku Quick Pop Maker freezes ice pops in as little as seven minutes right on your countertop without electricity!

    BytoxToo much Christmas Cheer? ...the solution is right hereThe cure for the hangover is now here. Yes, you read that right. This little patch looks like a smokers patch and is

    applied before you go out. It releases Vitamin B through your skin eliminating the effects of a hangover. Only $5.00 a patch and yep it really works! Perfect for those older children in your life or dare we say cough cough ...husbands.

    Razorpit The perfect mens gift ...everyone can use!If you can keep your razor blades clean, they lasts for up to 150 days! I can honestly say that I have used THREE blades in the last YEAR! The special rubber cleans the blades. In fact, a female colleague of mine sent me an email saying that she got a cheap disposable razor to last 6 months on her legs! So how much money would you save if you only need three blades next year? Ladies, this is the perfect mens gifts...that you can use without him knowing!


  • Sam says: "This really works...

    used 3 blades all year!"


  • Fresh greens have exploded in popularity in recent years because they offer cold climate gardeners a chance to be creative outside over the holidays. Large garden centres offer dozens of varieties of boughs, not to mention branches, cones, and countless accessories that allow you to be as creative as you were in the spring.

    In this article, Im teaming up with Megan Hahn, a professional visual artist with Salisbury Greenhouse, to show you how to create your own winter container garden one step at a time.

    Recommended Varieties For outdoor use, look to cedar, pine, fir and spruce to form the foundation of your creation. Pine and spruce are very robust and are ideal for strength and structure, especially near the center.

    Western red cedar is one of my favourites. Its a playful, fragrant green and brings a deliciously smooth texture. Silver fir is excellent because the undersides of the needles have a subtle silver tinge that glimmers under porch-lights.

    There is a parade of coloured ingredients available to add visual pizzazz. Ilex, or winterberry, boasts stems of clustered red berries that catch the eye wherever they are. Avoid Ilex with shrivelled berries or if considerable berries fall off when you handle the stem.

    Stems like curly willow, dogwood, or even birch add a bold vertical appeal. Curly willow is my favourite as the twisted stems bring a jesters twist to the overall silhouette. Choose dogwood or birch if you prefer more contemporary straight lines.

    Container Gardening in the Winter Using Fresh Evergreensby Rob Sproule


  • Rob is a published author of several gardening books including: "Gardening with Colour; Creative Design Ideas for Canadian Gardens".

    Making your Own Fresh UrnMegan Hahn is a designer with Salisbury Greenhouse and has been making innovative arrangements with fresh greens for years. For this article, she offered to create an urn liner, step by step, to show that anyone with a little creativity can make their own.

    Here are the ingredients that Megan is using for this arrangement:3 bundles We