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Meats Unit. Meat Processing. History Fresh Meat Processing Sausage Processing. Meat Processing. Meat Processing. History. Salting (curing)-Oldest known form of meat preservation 3000 B.C. Smoking-American Indians Sausage Babylonians-1500 B.C. History. Middle Ages-Europe - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Meat Processing

Meat ProcessingMeats Unit1Meat ProcessingHistoryFresh Meat ProcessingSausage Processing

Meat ProcessingHistoryHistorySalting (curing)-Oldest known form of meat preservation3000 B.C.Smoking-American IndiansSausageBabylonians-1500 B.C.

Sausage ContinuedMiddle Ages-EuropeClimate dictated varietyColumbus was looking for spicesNamed after townsBologna, ItalyFrankfurt, GermanyTodayAverage U.S. citizen per yearSpends $188 on cured meats and sausagesHot Dog Season (Memorial Day-Labor Day)7 billion hot dogs consumed in USA (23 per person)818 hot dogs per second

Cured & Smoked ProductsBaconHamCanadian BaconCorned BeefDried BeefJerky

Fresh Meat ProcessingFresh Meat ProcessingFresh meat-cut and packagedGround Beef44% of U.S. beef consumptionProduction StepsCourse GrindingBlendingFine GrindingPatty forming

Fast Food Meat ProductsBeef Products, Inc.-Dakota Dunes, SDRaw Material: fatty beef trimmings (less than 5% visible lean)ProcessHeat to cattle body temperature (about 100F)Centrifuge to separate fat, protein, and waterAdd protein and water and then freezeFast Food Meat ProcessingFinal Product: 95% lean beefUsed in almost all McDonalds and Burger King patties

Enhanced fresh MeatsInject a solution to enhance tenderness and juicinessEspecially helps to retain juiciness if over-cookedEnhanced with water Enhanced with water salt solutionsMeat ProcessingSausageSausage typesFresh SausageFresh meat not curedMust be refrigerated or frozenMust be cooked thoroughly before eatingExamples:Fresh pork sausage (patty, link, bulk)Italian sausageBratwurstChorizo

Cooked SausageLargest volume sausage type in the USReady-To-EatUsually cured and smokedExamplesFrankfurters (wieners, hot dogs)Smoked dinner sausagesRing bolognaLuncheon meatsCured and fully-cookedCooked in pans, molds, or casingsUsually sliced at plantExamples:BolognaHead CheesePimento LoafDry and Semi Dry SausageFermented sausageLower pH 4.3-5.0PreservationTangy FlavorExamples:Summer SausageSalamiPepperoni

Sausage and Cured Meat IngredientsMeatTrimmingsBeef, Pork, Veal50-95% leanMechanically Separated MeatPoultry MeatCheaperDifferent labeling lawsVariety MeatsHearts, tongues, liversMust be on label

Sausage and Cured Meat IngredientsWaterDispersing agent for other ingredientsMoist juicy end productCompensate for moisture loss during cookingReduce product cost

Sausage and Cured Meat IngredientsSaltMost important curing ingredientFlavorPreservationLowers water activityReduces bacterial growthProtein extractionSolubilizes myosin and actinCreates Bind

Sausage and cured Meat IngredientsSugarFlavorCounteracts the harshness of saltNeeded for acid formation in fermented sausageCommon sweetenersDextrose, sucrose, corn syrup solids, brown sugar, honeySausage and cured Meat IngredientsSodium NitratePrevents botulismLimits lipid oxidationFlavorColor-Pink colorAlso used to treat chest pains and heart problemsAverage Nitrate/Nitrite COnsumption85% from vegetables8% from saliva5% from cured meats2% from other sourcesSausage and cured Meat IngredientsExtenders and bindersReduce costAffect texture and flavorExamplesNon-fat dry milkCereal floursSoy proteinMust be in product nameBologna, Soy Protein Added

Sausage and cured Meat IngredientsSpices and FlavoringsSeasoning whole or ground aromatic vegetable substancesFlavorings ExtractsSmokingFlavor, aroma, color, preservationNatural smoke or liquid smoke

Sausage CasingsTwo typesNaturalManufacturedSausage CasingsNatural CasingsCommonly used for bratwurst, Italian sausageIntestines, stomachs, and bladders of hogs, sheep, and cattleAdvantages bite (snap) and image

Sausage casingsManufactured casingsMost commonAdvantages price, uniformity, versatility

CelluloseCommonly used for skinless hot dogs, dry sausages, and boneless hamsInedible- pealed off before eatingStrongPermeable to smoke and moistureUsed to make skinless products

Poly (Plastic) casingsCommonly used for bologna, braunschweigerInedibleStrongestImpermeable

Collagen CasingsCommonly used for breakfast linksEdible but uniformLower strength than cellulosePalatability depends on thickness

Product ProfileSelect 3 productsWrite out the name of the product and answer these questionsWhat types of meat were used?What type of sweeteners were used?What type of added flavorings were used?What type of variety meats were used?Is it cured?What was used to cure it?