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Meet the Teacher FIU Graduate BS in Early Childhood Education MS in Curriculum Development Ninth year teaching at MGA Mom to 6-month old baby boy Love

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Welcome Parents!

To Mrs. Patinos first grade bilingual class!Please find your childs name on the left hand side of the desk!Make sure you sign in for volunteer hours! (The paper is on the computer table)

Meet the TeacherFIU GraduateBS in Early Childhood EducationMS in Curriculum DevelopmentNinth year teaching at MGAMom to 6-month old baby boyLove teaching!

Teachers Website

There you can see:Class newsHomeworkSpelling and Vocabulary wordsHigh-frequency wordsOther

Parental InvolvementCollaboration between parent and teacher = better educational opportunity for students.Parental monitoring of student work helps keep students on task.It contributes to student success!

Class MessengerBe informed on class news and events!Download App or go to www.ClassMessenger.comRegister as New UserSelect Join a ClassEnter Class Code: P3KDP9Enter your informationClick Submit!

For Parent CommitteeClass Code: Q3D7XH

Student deskStudents will share their desk with another student. Students are to put their things on the side of the desk that their name is on.Mrs. PatinoMrs. VasquezMrs. Patinos thingsMrs. Vasquezs thingsExample:Classroom Rules1) Arrive to class prepared and on time.2) Follow directions.3) Complete work on time.4) Raise your hand to speak.5) Do not speak while others are speaking.6) Keep your hands and feet to yourself.

How will you know how your child behaved for the day?At the end of the day:If they behaved, they will get a point on Class Dojo. If they did not behave, they will not get a point on Class Dojo.

What happens if they break a rule?First time:I will give them a first warning.

Second time:I will give them a second warning.

Third time:I will take away a point on Class Dojo.

What if they behave good all week?If your child gets a point for each day, they get to go to the Treasure Chest at the end of the week!

They ONLY get to go if they get a point for each day of the week!

Classroom EconomyTeaches financial responsibilityStudents earn classroom currency that is used to pay classroom bills and earn rewardsEach student in the class will have a job for 2 weeks (jobs will rotate every 2 weeks)Students will get paid Reward Dollars at end of 2 weeks$4 if they did their job and behaved (points on Class Dojo)$2 if they did their job but did not behave$0 if they did not do their job and did not behave$2 for each week if they completed ALL homework$1 for each weed if they partially completed homework$0 for each week if they did not submit homeworkBonus dollars will be given for outstanding behavior/character/academic performanceDollars will be taken away for negative behavior, including failure to comply with school uniform

Classroom Economy (cont.)Students will pay $5 rent to teacherIf student cannot afford to pay rent, he/she will not be able to participate in coupon purchase They can buy affordable coupons with remaining money or save for higher-priced couponsCoupons includeWrite with a pen for the daySit at the teachers deskNo homework for one dayBring a toy to school

What do I do if I have an issue/concern?Contact Ms. Lola or myself firstIf not satisfied, contact leadership team but please CC us, as administration will contact us anyway.

Grading Scale90%-100%AOutstanding Progress80%-89%BAbove Average Progress70%-79%CAverage Progress60%-69%DLowest Acceptable Progress0%-59%FFailure0%IIncomplete

How do students use the bathroom?We go as a classThey raise number 1A yes nod means they can goA no nod means they cannot

What do students do if they need a new pencil?They raise number 2A yes nod means they can stand up and put their pencil in the Dull blue bucket and take a new one from the Sharp green bucket.No sharpeners are allowed!They must put a pencil INbefore they can take one OUT!

What do they do if they finish their work?They can read a book from the Reading Corner.Take a Book Report from the Blank tray and put it in the Complete tray when you finish.They have all week to work on it!At the end of the week, they will get a treat for each correctly completed book report!

Classroom SuppliesStudents are responsible for having their own supplies AT ALL TIMES! They will have to pay reward dollars for supplies borrowed from teacher!crayonsscissorsglue stickeraser(s)

AttendanceIt is important for students to be in school on time EVERY DAY! If not, it is considered a tardy.If students are absent they must bring a note so that their absence is EXCUSED. If not, it will be UNEXCUSED.3 unexcused absences will result in a referral!10 tardies will result in a referral!Every learning opportunity counts!

Arrival/DismissalSchool begins promptly at 8:30 a.m.Students that arrive before 8:15 a.m. are to report to the CafeteriaStudents will be picked up at 8:15 a.m. from the Cafeteria by their teacherStudents will be dismissed at 3:00 p.m. (2:00 p.m. on Wednesdays)Gate will not be opened prior to this timeStudents WILL NOT BE ALLOWED to go home with someone that is not on the contact cardAfter Care and Bus students will be taken to their location by a teacher

Only Excused AbsencesStudent illnessDeath in familyMedical appointmentObservance of a religious holiday (when it is mandated for all members of faith to observe holiday)School-sponsored event or activityEducational or enrichment activity that is not sponsored event (must be approved)Other individual student absence beyond control of parent or student, as approved by the principalHomeworkHomework newsletters will be passed out on the first day of the week.Homework is to be completed on lined paper at home and stapled to the back of the newsletter.It will be collected on the last day of the week.Homework and newsletter will ALWAYS be posted on my website!

Homework (cont.)Homework reinforces what is done in class.Parents should supervise and help students complete homework.Reading is an important part of home learning!

Homework FolderThis is what goes in the homework folder:HomeworkAnything to be taken homeAnything from homeHomework FolderVolunteer HoursParents are to complete 30 volunteer hours per student (15 for each additional child) by the end of the school year.Field tripsHelping out in the classroomClass donationsParticipating in school activitiesOther opportunities provided by Mater Gardens Academy

Please remember to send me your receipts with your childs name on them or you cannot be granted hours!Uniform PolicyIt is mandatory for students to wear their uniform every day.Uniform is stated in Parent Contract.How to order: Place order online on Mater Gardens Website under Parents-Make a Payment; distributed on Tuesdays to students.Pants and shoes must follow codeProcess: note home, referral

On Fridays, students may wear jeans if they bring $1.00

BirthdaysWill be celebrated last Friday of the month for all students having birthdays that monthLast half hour of the dayParents coordinate who brings what

Classroom Expectations: Reading/Language ArtsKey DetailsComprehension Strategy: VisualizeAsk and Answer QuestionsGenre: Realistic FictionFantasyNon-fictionPlay and Non-fictionCharacter, Setting, EventsComprehension Strategy: Make and Confirm PredictionsGenre: Realistic Fiction

Classroom Expectations: WritingSet up Writers NotebookFocus: SentencesOpinionInformativePersonal NarrativeDescriptive Sentences About a PlaceDescriptive Sentences About an AnimalStories

Classroom Expectations: Social StudiesRules at Home, School, CommunityQualities of a Good CitizenConflict ResolutionSymbols of Our CountryHistoryPast and PresentAmerican HeroesMap SkillsMaps and GlobesLocation and EnvironmentGoods and ServicesBarter vs. MoneyBuyers, Sellers, and ProducersMaking Economic Choices

Award CriteriaPerfect attendanceNo absences in entire marking period (nine weeks)Principals Honor RollAcademic average: 4.0 (All As)Effort Grades: All 1sConduct Average: 4.0 (All As)High Honor Roll:Must have met Principals Honor Roll for at least 2 quarters (might have missed A in one subject)Academic Average: 3.6Effort Grades: All 1s and 2sConduct Average: 3.6 (All As and Bs)Regular Honor RollAcademic Average: 3.50-3.59 (All As and Bs)Effort Grades: All 1s and 2sConduct Average: 3.0 and Higher (All As and Bs)Citizenship AwardCan be given to more than one student for following rules/respecting othersEffort Grades: All 1sConduct Average: 4.0 (All As)No more than 5 tardies within a grading periodComputer AchievementComputer WhizBest computer operatorCompleted most in: IXL, REFLEX, FCAT FOCUS, LEXIAB.U.B. CertificateBringing up grades throughout school yearIncredible growthHard work

Award Criteria (cont.)Golden Apple CertificateRunner up to Best All AroundExtra Effort (mini-certificate)Runner up to Most Improved: 2nd hardest workingReading Genres CertificateMost points in ARVoracious readerSpelling CertificateExcellent work in spellingWriting (mini-certificate)Wonderful storiesCreative writerHandwriting AchievementNeatnessBeautiful handwritingBest All AroundGreat work all year longSchool SpiritAlways participated in school events (dressed up, etc.)Office/Library Recognition AwardExcel at library/office dutiesCompetition AwardStudents who participated in competitions throughout the year

MGA Parent CommitteeFirst General MeetingTuesday, September 22, [email protected] Cafeteria6:00 p.m. (snacks)6:30 p.m. (meeting)

Open to everyone-Earn Volunteer Time-

Executive Board

Ileana Valle, Finance ChairShantall Vega, Social ChairAlina Garcia, Publicity ChairMarilyn Escobar, Fundraising ChairMaria Perez, Hospitality Chair

Contact a TeacherContact MGAParent CommitteeGo to www.ClassMessenger.comOr Download the App for FREE


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