Metropolitan class is going to a trip. Who is going to a trip?

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Metropolitan and Northern class are going together.


Where are we going?

CinemaRestaurantZooParkShopsWhen are we going?

MondayTuesdayWednesdayFridayThursdayHow are we going?


Students will be with 1 adult during the trip.

Bus driverCan you remember what adult are you going with?

Lets have a look at Whipsnade Website.

VideosWeb picturesWhen children go to a trip with the school, children need to listen the school rules.

I walk with an adult all the time.

I can ask for break or toilet to an adult. This is OK.

I can look and speak softly to the animals.Remember, animals do not like loud noises.

I can look at the animals and ask an adult before touching them.Remember animals can bite you.

Excuse me, can I touch this animal?I can look at the ponds with the adult.Be careful! I could fall in water and drown.

If I get lost, I will not walk.I will wait for my teacher to find me.

If I do not do good listening, my teacher will be sad and I will need to leave the zoo.

This trip is going to be fun! Children are going to do good listening and look at all the animals.

What are we going to do?9.30h - Children leave the school.10.30h - Children arrive at the Zoo.12.00h - Lunch time.13.30h - Take the bus back to school.15.00h - Home time.