Monday, Sep. 30 th Warm-up

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Monday, Sep. 30 th Warm-up. What is one resource we were hoping to gain from Alaska? What is one unexpected resource we found? What does 5440 or fight mean?. Your Notebook. Complete Cover page Today should be your 6 th warm-up. You should have Green Vocab list In class Vocab activity - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


Monday, Sep. 30th Warm-up

Monday, Sep. 30thWarm-upWhat is one resource we were hoping to gain from Alaska?

What is one unexpected resource we found?

What does 5440 or fight mean?

Your NotebookComplete Cover pageToday should be your 6th warm-up.You should have Green Vocab listIn class Vocab activityYour green grid sheet from the map activityGreen crossword puzzleEffect on Native AmericansUnder Pres. Policy the N.A. had two options.Assimilate by becoming farmers and joining white society.Move west of MississippiMany gave up long-held tribal land & moved west.G.B. tried to rebuild alliances with N.A. and use them against the U.S.Tecumseh and his brother the prophet tried unsuccessfully to unite Indian Tribes.

Causes of the WarU.S. ships caught in the middle of conflict between G.B. and France, hurt U.S. economy. U.S. ships were fired on by G.B. when U.S. sailors resisted impressment. G.B. encouraged N.A. rebellion along frontier.U.S. wanted to show it was strong and not to be pushed around. Effects of the WarBritain and France gain respect for the United States.

National pride grows, Monroe Doctrine.

Native American resistance declines.

No land change.

Monroe DoctrineU.S. would view any European attempts to further colonize the Americas as dangerous to our peace and safety.

The U.S. would not interfere in European affairs.

American Nationalism abroad. October 1st, 2013Warm-upName one cause and one result of the War of 1812.

One cause of the War of 1812 was

One result of the War of 1812 wasThomas Jefferson1801-1809Louisiana Purchase -Lewis & Clark explored it -bought it from FranceNative American policy -make them assimilate or move west of the Miss. RiverEmbargo ActVery UnpopularPicture of Thomas JeffersonWar of 1812

US vs GB Concern over freedom of the seas

Worry about Native Americans in the west

Some wanted Canada

NO LAND BOUNDARIES CHANGED!James Madison1809-1817Picture of James MadisonJames Monroe1817-1825

Monroe Doctrine

State that European nations needed to stay out of western hemisphere

Nationalism is strong after the war of 1812 pride in ones countryPicture of James Monroe-Did not enforce the Supreme Court decision, allowed the N.A. to be removed from the southeast, -Trail of TearsPresident for the common man -all free white men could vote, no property required -fought National Bank SPOILS SYSTEM -jobs for his supporters Nullification Crisis Andrew Jackson1829-1837Picture of Andrew JacksonWednesday, October 2ndWarm-upWrite 20 words about which of the Presidents we have studied so far is your favorite and why?

Count how many words and circle it when youre finished. Industrial Revolution FoldableCreate foldableLabel each flap:Front Industrial Revolution Spreads to the U.S.How it started, 1789Factory SystemUrbanizationTransportation ImprovementsInventionsFront PageRead Industrial Revolution Section on Pg. 251 in the textbook.

Make at least 6 bullets of information, one for each paragraph.

Bullet the most important piece of information from each paragraph.

Factory SystemRead the section titled The North Industrializes on Pg. 252. Dont read The Revolution Spread yet.

Define textiles


Lowell Girls

Draw a picture of a factory or write a note home from a girl describing what you would imagine a day to be like. Thursday, October 3rd Warm-upWhat are two facts you wrote down for the How it started section?

What are two facts you wrote down for the Factory System section?UrbanizationRead the section The Revolution Spreads on Pg. 253

Define Urbanization

Write down the statistics from the section.

Create two pie charts to illustrate the statistics you wrote down.

Answer this question: Do you prefer urban life or rural life? Why?Transportation ImprovementsRead the section Transportation and Communication, just through the railroad Sec. on Pgs.253-255

Canal: Where, when, and why?

Steamboats: Who, Where?

Railroads: 1830, 1840, Why better than railroads?

List some new methods of transportation we use today. InventionsRead the section Advances in Communication on Pg. 255

Telegraph: Who, how does it work, who used it?

Pg. 256-257Cotton Gin: Who, How does it work, effect on slavery?

Interchangeable Parts: allowed for increased production on assembly lines.

What do you think the best invention is today? Why?

Erie CanalSteamboatsRobert FultonUsed on major rivers, Great Lakes, Cheaper than canal and wagon transportationTransportation

City life

Samuel MorseInvention of Morse CodeElectric Currents sent from telegraph to telegraph.\What hath God Wrought May 24th 18Famous use of Telegraph?


Cotton Gin