Mosquito Traps

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  1. 1. How do we trap?Stink water trap suppliesStink Water Attracts some species of femalemosquitos that are ready to lay eggs. Main species include: Culex pipiens,Culex restuans, Ades albopictus,& Ochlerotatus japonicus. Used as a disease surveillance trap. Mosquitos lay their eggs on the water,and are sucked up by a fan into amesh bag. Stink water made with hay & yeast.CDC Trap Female mosquitos seeking ablood meal are attracted tocarbon dioxide(dry ice)& a black light. Attracts a broader amount ofspecies compared to the stinkwater trap. Used for disease surveillance.NJ State Light Trap Attracts a variety of mosquitos & other various insects (requiressorting). Mosquitos are attracted to a light bulb, and are sucked in by afan. They fall into a cup where gases from Vapona Strips kill them. Used for population monitoring.Light TrapBurlington County Mosquito ControlJuliana RuggieriQuestions or Comments? Call us: 609 265 5064