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NCAR Aviation: Past Queen Airs (2) 1960- 70’s DeHavilland Buffalo 1960’s

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Text of NCAR Aviation: Past Queen Airs (2) 1960- 70’s DeHavilland Buffalo 1960’s

  • NCAR Aviation: PastQueen Airs (2) 1960-70sDeHavilland Buffalo 1960s

  • NCAR Aviation: Past contdSabreliner 69-93Schweitzer Sailplane 80-90s

  • NCAR Aviation: Past contdBeech King Air 82-96General DynamicsWB-57F 93-97

  • NCAR Aviation: PresentLockheed Electra 1973-PresentLockheed C-130 1993-Present

  • Staff CapabilitiesProject engineeringWorldwide field supportIn-field maintenanceScientific researchInstrument R & DAirframe modificationShop fabricationSheet metal fabricationFAA DER approvalTechniciansPilots or Co-pilotsFlight EngineersMechanicsScientists/Project ManagersEngineers (aero, EE, software)--------------~37 Total

  • Global Project SupportFrequent Complexities: Remote locationsLimited airport capabilitiesPoor access to parts and servicesScientist(s) as customers 2-4 projects/year, each aircraft Any continentUnique payloads

  • Project PreparationUtilize max floor space, volumeAccess to apertures, inlets critical

    Highly customized3-12 week prep periodChanging instruments, inlets

  • External SensorsHumidity sensorWing tip particle probesPod-mounted probesShrouded air inlets

  • Maintenance NeedsNeeds Accommodation for low yearly flight hoursCapability for field serviceCost-effectivenessMinimized down time for inspection

  • Maintenance Practices Current PracticesProgressive (quarterly) maintenance plansMaintain store of spare parts & spare aircraftFlyaway kit for deploymentsStaffing: 6 A&P mechanics plus Maintenance Chief

    UCAR Staff FunctionsVendor FunctionsQuarterly maintenanceRoutine airframe inspec.ADs and Svc BulletinsUnscheduled maint.Engine/prop exchangesMajor engine repairsOverhaulsC-checksAvionics support

  • Special Repair CapabilitiesFabrication and replacement of WB-57F wing spar.

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