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New Teacher Gradebook Training

New Teacher Gradebook Training

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New Teacher Gradebook Training. New “Dashboard” Style Home Page. Can customize with widgets Can move windows around. Teacher Access. Use this menu to access your gradebook and attendance. Post Daily Attendance. By Name Alert Legend Student Indicators. Post Daily Attendance. - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

Text of New Teacher Gradebook Training

New Teacher Gradebook Training

New Teacher Gradebook TrainingCan customize with widgetsCan move windows aroundNew Dashboard Style Home Page

Use this menu to access your gradebook and attendance

Teacher Access

By Name

Alert Legend

Student IndicatorsPost Daily Attendance

Assign SeatsCreate number of rows and seats per rowCan auto assign seats or manually assign

Take Attendance By Seating Chart

Post Daily Attendance

My Classes > Class Options

My Classes

Profile Demographic informationClass Summary Grade informationScheduleDiscipline Referrals entered by you. Can add a referral here.Family Access History Can see when parents have logged in.Information ReportMy Students

Students icon beside student name will display demographic information.My Gradebook

Choose category if teaching elective course and no categories are setup, let me know.Description Name of assignment.Assign Date Must be within reporting period.Due Date Must be within reporting period.Max ScorePost to Family Access This must be checked for assignment to show in Family Access.

My Gradebook Add Assignments

Attach can add attachments to be viewable in Family/Student Access.

Options can create online assignments.My Gradebook Add Assignments

After adding assignment > Save and Score

Scoring Assignments

Score Entry screenAdd grades for all students for this assignmentCan mass assign a grade for all students

Scoring Assignments

Quick ScoringCan add scores for all students for all assignmentsScoring Assignments Quick Scoring

Assignments > List AssignmentsDelete assignment

This will delete the assignment and all scoresEdit/Delete Assignments

Student Display - Choose how you want student names/information displayed in your gradebook.Assignment Display information about assignments that you want to displayGrade Period Display information about grading periods you want to displayDisplay Options

Class RosterSkyward templates or create your ownChoose information you want to display on the reportGrade Sheet report printout of screen in gradebookProgress Summary all students, name and current gradeProgress Detail assignments and grades, one sheet per studentReportsOther Access > Message Center

Can post to Family AccessCan send email to guardiansCan select which students will receive messageCan add attachmentsMessage Center

WFISD homepage > Departments > Information Technology

Enterprise SystemsGradebook Documentation