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New Zeland. Drahokoupil Jakub.  island country in the southwestern Pacific Ocean the North Island, or Te Ika -a- Māui and the South Island, or Te Waipounamu one of the last lands to be settled by humans - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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New Zeland

New ZelandDrahokoupil Jakub

island countryin the southwestern Pacific OceantheNorth Island, orTe Ika-a-Muiand theSouth Island, orTe Waipounamuone of the last lands to be settled by humansTheRealm of New Zealandalso includesTokelau(adependent territory); theCook IslandsandNiue and theRoss Dependency

First inhabitants - Polynesiansin 12501300 CE and developed a distinctiveMori cultureFirst europeans - Abel Tasman, a Dutch explorer, in 1642 CEduring the 19th century, inter-tribalMusket WarsIn 1840 the British Crown and Mori signed theTreaty of Waitangi, making New Zealand a British colonyMajority of population are European descentMaori are the biggest minority

legislative authority is vested in a Parliamentexecutive political power is exercised by theCabinet, led by thePrime Ministerqueen Elizabeth IIis the country'shead of stateand is represented by aGovernor-General.Geographytwo main islandsThe South Island is the largest landmass of New ZealandDevided with Southern alpsThe north island ismarked by volcanismLake Taupo, nestled in thecalderaof one of the world's most activesupervolcanoes

BiodiversityIsolated for 80 million yearsunique species ofanimals,fungiandplantsevolved fromGondwananwildlifeKiwi, tuataras, half the world'scetaceans population

Demography and economicsThe population is approximately 4.5 million53 percent od population is living in the four largest cities ofAuckland,Christchurch,Wellington and HamiltonNew Zealand is heavily dependent on international trade, particularly inagriculturalproducts