NEWSLETTER - Pembina Trails School Division Submitted by J. Thomas Starting on Tuesday October 11, I page 1
NEWSLETTER - Pembina Trails School Division Submitted by J. Thomas Starting on Tuesday October 11, I page 2
NEWSLETTER - Pembina Trails School Division Submitted by J. Thomas Starting on Tuesday October 11, I page 3
NEWSLETTER - Pembina Trails School Division Submitted by J. Thomas Starting on Tuesday October 11, I page 4
NEWSLETTER - Pembina Trails School Division Submitted by J. Thomas Starting on Tuesday October 11, I page 5

NEWSLETTER - Pembina Trails School Division Submitted by J. Thomas Starting on Tuesday October 11, I

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Text of NEWSLETTER - Pembina Trails School Division Submitted by J. Thomas Starting on Tuesday October 11, I

  • October 2016


    Dates to Remember

    Parent Advisory Council News

    W.E. Team

    Lunch Behaviour

    News from the Band Room

    School Pictures

    Phys. Ed. News


    Wpg Police Service School

    Resource Officer

    Music News

    Milk Order Form

    The Principal’s Message

    Dear Parents,

    We have had a busy start to our school year and it has been great getting to know all the

    students, parents, and new staff of the Laidlaw community. Teachers are examining the

    Strong Beginnings data, creating class profiles, and planning for the success of each

    student. We would like to welcome Miss Caitlin Albl to the Laidlaw staff, as our new

    Educational Assistant covering Mrs. Mann’s maternity leave for the remainder of the year.

    We also welcome Miss Abby Nykvist, who is joining us as an Educational Assistant

    practicum student from the University of Winnipeg.

    There have been many changes as we update the learning spaces and address student safety

    at Laidlaw. Over the summer, a new paging system was installed and the wifi was upgrad-

    ed. The library construction at the Laidlaw School is almost complete. Soon, we should

    see the final phase of the library/learning commons upgrade, new shelving around the

    perimeter of the library with built-in reading nooks for students to curl up in. During the

    first week of October, Laidlaw is being completed refitted with new computers as part of

    regular cyclical replacement. The new furnishings are in place in the grade 7/8 science/

    math room and was met with excitement and positive comments from students and Mrs.

    Denolf. In the future, we are planning minor changes to the space in the computer lab in

    order to better facilitate the teaching of coding and robotics.

    The Laidlaw staff will continue to focus on improving student math scores, improving the

    quality of student writing, and addressing student engagement needs. Laidlaw teachers

    have developed a writing continuum to better monitor student progress. They are also

    familiarizing themselves with the new ELA curriculum that will be in place for next year,

    as we as the new Divisional Standards for Success in Literacy document. In math, teachers

    are focusing on improving students’ basic math facts in order to improve problem-solving

    skills. As a school, we continue to work to provide students with a variety of opportunities

    in which they can demonstrate their learning. Student engagement means that all students

    are in charge of their learning and that it is not a passive process. Through questions, hands

    -on activities, and self-reflection, students work to acquire and share knowledge. Students

    are encouraged to think about how they learn best and feel safe enough to take risks. This

    also involves helping all of our new students feel that they are a valuable part of our

    Laidlaw community.

    September is always both busy and exciting. I truly hope that we can keep the students

    busy and excited about their learning as the rest of the year progresses. I encourage you to

    watch and celebrate the growth that you will see in your children as they learn and explore

    over the next months. The teachers look forward to meeting with you on October 13th and

    14th to discuss your children and their learning. Until then, enjoy the fall colours and the

    crisp autumn weather!

    Ryan Scott



  • Parent Advisory Council News Submitted by J. Thiessen & L. Kemp, PAC Co-Chairs

    Laidlaw’s 4th Groove-a-thon is planned for Thursday,

    October 20th…and it’s sure to be “Out of this


    Your pledge packages will be coming home soon.

    All donations will be going directly to our Laidlaw School

    Outdoor Space Renewal.

    Concept designs of these plans are in display in the school

    library. Please take a look and see what all the excitement is


    Fun lunches this month:

    October 13 - Taco Del Mar

    October 28 - Pita Pit

    Laidlaw Athletic Apparel orders are due October 11th.

    Mark the Date:

    Laidlaw’s first movie night fundraiser will be Thursday,

    November 17th!

    Dates to Remember 2016-2017

    October 7 Terry Fox Walk/Run

    October 10 Thanksgiving Day—No School

    October 11 Gr. 6 & 8 HPV Shots—PM

    October 13 Tri-Conference 4—8 PM

    October 14 Tri–Conference—AM

    School PD—PM

    No School all day

    October 20 LifeTouch Picture—AM

    PAC Groove-a-Thon—PM

    October 21 MTS (SAGE) Day—No School

    November 11 Remembrance Day—No School

    November 14 School PD Day—No School

    November 16 LifeTouch Picture Retake—AM

    November 17 PAC Movie Night

    December 5 Christmas Concert

    December 9 Report Writing Day—No School

    Dec 23—Jan 8 Winter Break—No School

    January 9 Classes Resume

    February 2 Tri-Conference 4—8 PM

    February 3 Tri–Conference—AM

    School PD—PM

    No School all day

    February 14 Gr. 4 Men-C—AM

    February 20 Louis Riel Day—No School

    March 17 Report Writing Day—No School

    March 25—April 2 Spring Break—No School

    April 3 Classes Resume

    April 14 Good Friday—No School

    April 21 School PD Day—No School

    May 4 Gr. 6 & 8 HPV Shots—PM

    May 22 Victoria Day—No School

    June 15 PAC School BBQ—4PM

    June 16 Evaluation Day—No School

    June 29 Last day of School

    June 30 School PD—No School

    The W.E. Team

    We are still collecting tabs from

    cans (soft drinks, cat food cans etc.) to raise money to

    help out other's in our local and worldly communities!

    Please bring in your tabs and place them in the green

    containers in your classroom, or in the large bin on the

    bench in the front hall. Thanks!

    Lunch Behaviour

    It is very much appreciated that Laidlaw Parent Council provides

    a supervised 1-hour Lunch Program for the students at Laidlaw

    School. The first 25 minutes the students eat in their classrooms,

    and the remainder is for outside activity or organized clubs/

    activities as offered. Without this program, parents would have to

    make other arrangements. Please remind your children that they

    are to follow the direction of the supervisors at all times. We rely

    on the cooperation of students, parents and lunch staff to ensure

    the safety of all students during the lunch hour.

    Golf on School Property

    If anyone is aware of anyone golfing on the school grounds after

    hours, could you please report it to the principal or to the office.

    So far we have half a garbage can of golf balls and one broken

    window. This has also become a hazard when the grounds crew is

    mowing the lawn. Before we incur more expense or an injury, we

    would like to see this stopped.

  • PE News October Submitted by M. Stupak

    Cross Country season has come to an end.

    Congratulations to all grade 4-8 students that participated

    on a great season.

    Grade 7/8 Boys and Girls Volleyball season begins.

    Grade 7/8 Flag football intramurals will be starting during

    lunch hour.

    Early Morning Games will continue on Tuesdays (Gr 3-5)

    and Thursdays (Gr 6-8).

    Terry Fox Walk/Run Friday Oct 7th.

    Picture Day Is Coming!

    Mark your Calendar for our School Picture Day on the

    morning of Thursday, October 20, 2016. Lifetouch has

    an exciting photography program with online ordering

    capabilities. There are over 100 looks and backgrounds

    to choose from.

    For this pre-pay program, each student will receive a

    flyer and have the ability to view and order from all of

    these different looks online at Orders

    can also be placed using the paper flyer on photo day.

    Students may order up to 48 hours after Picture Day

    online. The online site will open and be available to

    accept your order 2 weeks prior to the photo day.

    Be ready to bring your smiles on picture day! For best

    results, please have your child/children wear brightly

    colored clothing. For hygiene—students should bring

    their own comb/brush.

    Questions call Lifetouch at 1-866-457-8212

    Library News Submitted by S. Hjalmarson

    The Power of Shared Reading Daily reading with a significant adult is one of the most pow-

    erful learning supports we can give a child. Here are some

    ways to support your young readers at home.

    1. Set aside a reading time that works for everyone.

    Reading together should be a fun and relaxing activity.

    2. When reading a picture book, sit so that everyone can

    enjoy the illustrations. Use the illustrations to make pre-

    dictions about what may happen next in the story.

    3. Be willing to read the same story over and over again.

    Children build confidence and fluency by rereading a