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  • Newspaper Advertising Technical Specification

    Advert Artwork Delivery Adfast Internet Artwork Delivery Service (now called Qmuli) The use of Adobe Acrobat PDF files in many pre-press workflows has resulted in an initiative from the Newspaper Society to provide a method of transmitting electronic advert artwork in this format. Adfast (now called Qmuli) is the preferred method of advert artwork delivery for Aberdeen Journals Limited. If you want to learn more about Qmuli Adfast look up their website at or phone their helpline on: 0870 742 0126.

    PDF is Preferred Please ensure saved or exported files for publication are Acrobat 4 (PDF version 1.3). This will avoid potential transparency problems and reduce the possibility of being rejected by Asura (our file-checking software).

    Typefaces Please ensure typefaces are fully embedded or outlined in your PDF prior to sending.

    Sending us other file formats If you are unable to send your advert in PDF format then please contact us and make prior arrangements so we can accommodate your needs.

    Standard Advertising Column Sizes

    No. of Columns 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8

    Display/ROP (mm) 34 71 109 146 184 221 259 -

    Classified (mm) 30 62 95 128 160 193 226 259

    Format: Compact/Tabloid Full Page: 335mm deep - Half Page: 165mm deep

    Please do not include cropmarks or registration marks.

  • Newspaper Advertising Technical Specification

    Colours All colours used with the supplied advert should be defined as CMYK process colours. Pantone or spot colours must be converted to CMYK process colours. Avoid using the over-print function unless it is for vector graphics and/or text reproduced from 100% black or a tint of 100% black.

    Photos & Bitmap Graphics For photographs and bitmap graphics (non vector artwork) in advertisements: all mono files should be saved as GRAYSCALE JPEGs. All colour files should be saved as CMYK JPEGs. Photographs in particular should be colour- corrected, for newspaper use, to take into account dot gain when published. See below.

    Dot Gain & Ink Cover All artwork prepared for our newspaper publications should be altered to take into account an average of between 18-26% dot gain. The maximum ink cover on our press, where four CMYK colours overlap, should add up to no more than 240%.

    Print Resolution At the time of publishing, all photographs or bitmap graphics will be printed at 200dpi. All photos/bitmap graphics must be supplied at a resolution of no less than 200dpi at their final print size.

    Please note that failure to take these directions into account will most likely result in poor reproduction.

  • Newspaper Advertising Technical Specification

    Colour Management to download the ICC colour profile for use with our newspapers.

    Advertisements That Carry Editorial All advertisements that carry editorial must have the words ‘ADVERTISEMENT’ in black capitals and in a sans serif font such as Helvetica Medium or similar. Text must be no less than 12pt in size. This should be placed at the top of the advertisement within the total artboard area. If the advertisement has no border, then use a (0.5pt ) key-line across the top page and place the word ‘ADVERTISEMENT’ in the middle above it, again contained within the total artboard area.

    Queries If you require further clarification - please contact the member of staff who manages your account to provide details.

    12pt Helvetica Medium in black

    Click Here

  • Newspaper Advertising Technical Specification

    Tabloid Poster Specifications 4 page tabloid with poster inside Our 4 page tabloid includes front and back pages and a centre double spread when completely unfolded opens to a full poster on the backside.


    POSTER Specification

    4 M

    ond ay,January

    7,2013 w

    w w

    .evening exp M

    ond ay,January

    7,2013 w

    w w

    .evening exp 5

    B R

    E A

    K F A


    H o

    n e

    y o

    r b

    e rry

    p o

    rrid g


    M ake

    p o

    rrid g

    e fro

    m 35g

    o ats

    an d

    150m l skim

    m ed

    m ilk,

    ad d

    in g

    w ater

    if req

    u ired

    . Stir in

    1tsp o

    f h

    o n

    ey o

    r a


    fresh o

    r d

    efro sted

    fro zen

    b erries.

    Q U

    IC K

    M E

    A L

    Sc o

    tc h

    b ro


    Place 30g

    b ro

    th m

    ix, h alf

    a cru

    m b

    led veg

    etab le

    sto ck

    cu b

    e, ½ ch

    o p

    p ed

    leek, 1 ch

    o p

    p ed

    carro t, 150g

    g rated

    tu rn

    ip /sw

    ed e

    an d

    275m l w

    ater in

    a sau

    cep an

    . B rin

    g to

    th e

    b o

    il th en

    sim m

    er 45

    m in

    u tes. A

    d d

    m o

    re w

    ater as

    req u

    ired .

    Serve w

    ith 1

    w h

    o lem

    eal ro ll.

    M A

    IN M

    E A


    M in

    c e

    a n

    d ta

    ttie s

    B ro

    w n

    100g lean

    m in

    ce w

    ith ch

    o p

    p ed

    o n

    io n

    . D rain

    an y

    fat. A d

    d ch

    o p

    p ed

    carro t

    an d

    150m l w

    ater. Sim m


    co vered

    u n

    til carro ts

    are ten

    d er.

    Stir in

    1 d

    essert sp

    o o

    n (d

    sp n


    lo w

    -fat g

    ravy g

    ran u

    les o


    p o

    w d

    er. Place in

    o ven

    p ro

    o f

    d ish

    . B o


    200g p

    o tato

    w ith

    so m

    e tu

    rn ip

    an d

    carro t, th

    en m

    ash w


    a little

    skim m

    ed m


    Sp read

    m ash

    o ver

    m in

    ce an

    d b

    ro w

    n in


    m o

    d erately

    h o

    t o

    ven o


    u n

    d er

    th e

    g rill.

    Serve w

    ith g

    reen b

    ean s.

    E SSE

    N T

    IA L

    E X

    T R

    A S

    C H

    O O

    SE T

    W O

    IT E

    M S

    F R

    O M

    T H

    IS L

    IST E

    A C

    H D

    A Y

    ■ 200m

    lu n

    sw eeten

    ed fru

    it ju

    ice ■

    2 sach

    ets lo

    w -calo

    rie h

    o t

    ch o

    co late

    d rin

    ks ■

    125m lg

    lass o

    f w

    in e

    ■ H

    alf-p in

    t averag

    e stren

    g th

    b eer,

    lag er

    o r

    cid er

    ■ 2

    x 25m

    lsh o

    ts b

    ran d

    y,g in

    ,ru m

    , w

    h isky,vo

    d ka

    SA V

    O U

    R Y

    SN A

    C K

    S ■

    A n

    y sm

    allp ack

    B o

    o ts

    Sh ap

    ers C

    risp s/Sn

    acks ■

    21g p

    ack lo

    w fat

    crisp s

    ■ W

    alkers 25g

    p ack

    B aked

    o r

    23g p

    ack Po

    tato H

    ead s

    o r

    24g p

    ack Lig

    h ts

    o r

    20-22g p

    ack Fren

    ch Fries

    SW E

    E T

    T R

    E A

    T S

    ■ 2

    M cV

    itie’s Lig

    h t

    D ig

    estives o

    r Lig

    h t

    H o

    b N

    o b

    s ■

    2 A

    lp en

    Lig h

    t C

    erealB ars

    ■ 1

    K ello

    g g

    ’s Sp

    ecialK B

    ar ■

    1 H

    arvest C

    h ew

    ee B

    ar ■

    1 Tu

    n n

    o ck’s

    Teacake ■

    2-slice p

    ack G

    o A

    h ead

    ! Yo

    g h

    u rt

    B reak

    ■ 26g

    b ar

    M ars

    M ilky

    W ay

    ■ 2-fin

    g er

    N estle

    K it-K

    at ■

    50g b

    o x

    Su la

    su g

    ar-free sw


    F R

    O M

    co m

    fo rtin

    g p

    lates o

    f m

    in ce

    an d

    tatties an

    d h

    earty so

    u p

    s to

    fresh Sco

    ttish salm

    o n

    ,th is

    easy-to -fo

    llo w

    Sco ttish

    Slim m

    ers Eatin

    g Plan

    sh o

    w s

    yo u

    h o

    w to

    en jo

    y eatin

    g yo

    u r

    favo u

    rite Sco

    ttish fo

    o d

    an d

    lo se

    w eig

    h t

    at th

    e sam

    e tim

    e. Start

    2013 feelin

    g b

    etter, g

    ettin g

    lig h

    ter an

    d eatin

    g th

    e Sco

    ttish Slim

    m ers

    w ay!

    H E

    R E

    ’S W