OO Collaborations and Projects Cuyahoga County Land Reutilization Corporation

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OOCollaborations and ProjectsCuyahoga County Land Reutilization Corporation

The Mission Cuyahoga Land BankStrategically acquire propertiesReturn properties to produce useReduce blightIncrease property valuesSupport community goalsImprove the quality of lifeDay-to-Day Operations Normal Course of Business

CitiesCounty CDCsExternal Partners

Land Bank Business CollaborationsAcquireDisposition(Return to Productive Use)Demolition(Reduce Blight)Production SummaryTotal Properties Transacted to date = 5829

Total Properties in inventory (title) = 1786

Total Properties Disposed to date = 4043

Total Properties Demolished to date = 3780

Total Facilitated Renovations to date = 1182Land Bank Business CollaborationsInternal Collaborations of the CCLRC

6Cities: 1. Agency AgreementNuisance Abatement ActivitiesDemolitionBoard-UpLot/Dumping Clean-UpCode Enforcement2. Tax Foreclosure Land Affidavits3. MOUsAdministration of Side LotsVacant Lot Transfer PoliciesResearch and Strategy6Internal Collaborations of the CCLRC

7 AuditorHandling the Consent Process for Deeds-in-LieuDeed Preparation and Pre-Sale ResearchTreasurerProvide Strategic Scrubbing Services and Filters for Foreclosure of Vacant/Abandoned PropertiesProsecutorDevelop Land Affidavit Forms, Complaint, Adjudication and Orders of Sale for Board of RevisionLand Affidavit Inspection Process to Determine Legal Forum (Board of Revision v. Judiciary)Criminal EnforcementCOUNTY7Internal Collaborations of the CCLRC

8 Clerk and Forms DevelopmentInternal AccessParcel Designation on Docket and Docket FormsNotice and Summons5.SheriffDraft Sheriff DeedsRegulate Timing of Filing DeedsBudget Commission Calculations for Costs for Land Bank AcquisitionCOUNTY8Internal Collaborations of the CCLRC

9 Community Development CorporationsDevelopment AgreementsDeed-in-EscrowTax Foreclosure PrioritizationSide-Yard Management and Urban GardensCDCs9

Community External Collaborations(Social Service, Faith-Based, Other Non-Profit)*Law Enforcement-Safety Force-Prosecutor

Engaging with Existing Community Resources and Capacity:

Special Projects

CCLRC Special ProjectsMaranatha Bible CollegePurple HeartsSouth Euclid Green HomesFatherhood InitiativeWorkforce/Career Development and Placement StrategiesPolish American Cultural GardensCourt Community ServicesMetro Catholic SchoolSt. Colmans ChurchCity of Berea water meter technician training

International Services Center RefugeesCleveland Restoration SocietyUrban Search and Rescue (police and fire fighters)Community Arts EPA/Sewer district sustainable demolitionTransitional HousingCleveland CropsKoinonia greenhouse site/grass cuttingBerea Community Gardens

Purple HeartsVeterans

Purple Hearts/VeteransVeterans Housing PartnerScreening and Counseling Qualified VetsRenovation FundingCommunity EngagementCCLRC PartnershipSupply Inventory of Homes for RehabRestore PropertiesOutcomesCompleted Homes, Increased Property ValuesHome OwnershipServing the Nations VeteransFatherhood Initiative

Fatherhood InitiativeWorkforce Development PartnerFunding for Screening Workforce CandidateFunding for Client Wages and Classroom TrainingSupervise Clients Rehab WorkCCLRC PartnershipSupply Inventory of Homes for RehabLower Cost Home Rehab for ResaleOutcomesCompleted Homes and Increased Property ValuesHome Ownership at Affordable PricesTraining for Formerly Unemployed/Incarcerated CitizensCourt Community Service

Court PartnerWork with Probation Departments for Community Service Eligible OffendersSupervision of OffendersCCLRC PartnershipSupply Local Vacant Lots for Clean-UpProvide Low-Cost Funding for SupervisorsOutcomesClearing of Vacant LotsProvides Alternative to Costly Incarceration and Prison Over-PopulationCourt Community ServicesInternational Services CenterRefugees

Refugee Services PartnerFunding and Screening of Qualified RefugeesHome Services, Counseling, Work Referral ServicesCCLRC PartnershipSupply Inventory of Houses for RehabRestore Properties for Sale to AgencyOutcomesCompleted Homes and Increased Property ValuesTransitional HousingHome Ownership at Affordable PricesRepopulation of Urban Neighborhoods

International Services CenterRefugeesSafety ForcesPolice/Fire Department PartnerPolice/Fire Cadets ScreeningTraining for Fire and SWAT ActivitiesCCLRC PartnershipIsolating Specific Condemned Homes (Pre-Demolition)Provide Access, Liability WaiversOutcomesTraining Community Safety Forces to Deal with Emergency in Real-Time Urban Environments

Transitional Housing PartnerCounseling, AA-12-Step Classes: Substance AbuseClient Supervision and FundingWork-Referral ServicesCCLRC PartnershipIdentifying Homes Suitable for Transitional HousingConnecting with Workforce Providers for RehabOutcomesPromotes Substance Abuse RecoverySystem-wide Support for Transitional Housing ProvidersRehab of Homes

Transitional Housing

KoinoniaPartnership:Land BankCity of ClevelandDisability Community

Disability CommunityDisabilities Services PartnerScreens and Funds Eligible Disabled Clients for:Greenhousing DevelopmentWork Force DevelopmentCommunity EngagementCCLRC PartnershipResearch for Eligible Gardening LotsProviding LotsFunding for Infrastructure: Irrigation, FencingOutcomesIntegration of Disabilities Clients into CommunityProvide Training Wages for Disabled ClientsMarket Gardens and Neighborhood GardeningNeighborhood GardeningRe-Establish Vacant Lots into Productive UseHow the Land Bank Assists:

Screening of Organizational CapacitySupport Roles Research: Land, Title, ValuationTechnical AssistanceBusiness PlanSpecificationsLegal ResearchNavigating Public Policy/Political Process Partnerships with Cities CDCsLeadership

Success and ChallengeFaith-Based CommunitySafety-Net Housing OpportunitiesWorkforce OpportunitiesSocial Service NeedsTrade SchoolsConstruction and TradesEstimating and Spec WritingCommunity Arts LOFT Homes

Future CollaborationsBe Creative!!!

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