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Oz Jerseys. Bringing American Sport To Your Wardrobe. Who are we. Young Entrepreneurs Entering a thriving market Willing to explore and expand. What are we doing. Importing and then exporting American Sporting Jumpers Individual teams NFL, Basketball, Hockey and Baseball. NFL. - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


Business name

Bringing American Sport To Your Wardrobe

Oz Jerseys

YoungEntrepreneurs Entering a thriving marketWilling to explore and expand

Who are we...

Importing and then exportingAmerican Sporting JumpersIndividual teamsNFL, Basketball, Hockey and Baseball

What are we doing...





Selling through AmazonTo all countries around the worldTarget market = Australia

Where are we selling to...

Sport fansFamiliesCustomers with disposable incomeFashionTrend followers Who are we selling to

ExperienceProfit Increasing market due to free to air telecast

Why set up a business...

Location = Ballarat, Australia Capital = $20,000 each totalling $80,000Distribution = Mailing through Australia Post

How are we going to do it...

Match the $80,000Continual support

What we need from you...

Keep you up to date with the progress.Projected return of 50% of your money back after 1 year.

What we can do for you...





Market Strategies

Business risk The risk that product will not sell in the marketForeign exchange risk the cost to import stock may increase due to foreign exchange currency fluctuations.

Considered Risks

High Risk Official merchandise storesOfficial team storesSports store Rebel Sport, Sports-co, Sports BizOnline retailersCompetitive Analysis

Medium Risk Cheap Asian market non authentic versions.Department stores Myer2nd hand sellersOther amazon.com/ ebay.com storesSports VenuesCompetitive Analysis

Low Risk Local market stallsLow cost chain stores Best & Less, KmartCompetitive Analysis

PricesImport Prices840 NFL jerseys = $15,960840 MLB jerseys = $16,800840 NBA jerseys = $15,960840 NHL jerseys = $32,760Exporting PricesSelling each jumper for $80.00

Projected Out come1st 6 months- 50 items per week = 13002nd 6 months- 100 items per week = 2600Total for year 1 = 3900Selling for $80 totals $321,000.Total profit = $164,860Profit after each investor has received 50% back = $84,860

Bringing American sport to your wardrobe A Final Word