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Pasture Jerseys. Experience with Jersey cows from 1965/66 at the age of 6 years old My father milked 15-20 Jersey cows once a day by hand from natural pastures in a dry area with rainfall of about 500 mm/annum Production between 5-15 lit/cow/day. Own farming career. - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Pasture Jerseys

Pasture Jerseys

1Experience with Jersey cows from 1965/66 at the age of 6 years oldMy father milked 15-20 Jersey cows once a day by hand from natural pastures in a dry area with rainfall of about 500 mm/annumProduction between 5-15 lit/cow/day

Own farming careerOwn farming career started in 1981 together with my father sheep farmingBought 10 cows in Feb 1981Bought cheapest cows available, any breedAI with relevant purebred sires from the startSold milk in cans to Nestle no bulk tanks

Slowly build numbers to about 50 cows in milk by end 1982Turn to dairy only in 1983Build 8 a side switch over herringbone parlourIncrease to 150 cows by 1986

Bought own farm in 1986Increase numbers to 250 cows Bought present farm in 1994Milk 800 cows 90% + purebred Jerseys36 unit rotary125 ha centre pivot irrigation250 ha dry land pasturesMy Jersey ExperienceGrow up with Jersey cowsJoin Albany Jersey cattle Club in 1982Register with Jersey SA in 1984Production was about 4000lit/cow/yearLocal AI bulls - mostly sons of Milestone Generator, Marlu Fashion Legend

Import first semen from USA in 1984 A Nine Top BrassDaughters started to milk in 1987Lowest first lactation production was more than that of mother six daughters average over 5000 lit compared to herd average of 4000 litBest daughter did 6000 lit

Top Brass daughters 1000-1500 lit better then local progenyImportation quota'sUsed maximum allowedLion Pride Lynx, Brass Major, Brass Top, Mills Homestead, Be Magic, JS Quicksilver Royal, Opportunity, Hermitage, Lester, Yankee Chief, Boomer Sooner, MalcolmAlthea sons Alf, Dunker, Adonis

Highlight Picked Lester as a young bull in 1990/130 Lester daughters born in 1992Sold two Lester sons out of Royal daughters to AIKamma widely usedSold 4 Lester daughters at 1994 National Sale for highest average priceHerd production 5700 litAdonis/Sooner/Opportunity 8000 first lactationThe systemStarted off as cow farmer. Focus on cow - productionVisited NZ in 1993Become a grass farmerFocus on grass cow harvester to turn grass into milk/profitFrom about 2010 pasture yields droppedNow a soil farmerFocus healthy sustainable soil Grow quality pastures and use cow to convert to profitNot organic rather environmental friendly Compost, chicken manure, combinations of pastures, clovers etc. less chemical fertilizerSoil health and sustainability high priority

Feeding system11-12 kgs DM from pastures4-5 kgs concentratesMaize and mineralsAdd silage when pastures not enoughAdd protein Jan Apr supplement pasture quality

Right cows for the system?1981- 1993 High genetic merit Focus on production and type -mostly USA1994- 2010 Focus changed cow must utilize pasturesFeeding to much concentrates- not healthy for the cowsFind that 2.5- 3 kgs of concentrate/milking is maximum for healthy rumen.Lower concentrate feeding High producers lost to much weightCows milked to much Fertility problems increase

Turn more towards NZ geneticsImport Judds Admiral and Parkwood Casper semenErnest, Senator Sam , Panache, Charlies Lad, Rivers Imperial, Erect, Mans Man Lost to much production from third generation NZCross between NZ and High merit

High merit genetics not enough strength.2006 Aus - Badger very good.Select NZ semen for high production/good typeManhatten , MurmerAus - Larfalot, GainfullBalance between production and strength

Profit driversPasture utilisationReduction of costs

Pasture cowsProductionMedium productionFirst lactation 4000- 4500Second lactation 4500 5000Mature lactations 5000-5500Not more than 6000-6500!!!!!!!Peaks First lactation 18 Mature 25

Reduce replacement costAverage of 5 lactationsRear 25 % - 25 heifers/100 cowsTypeHealth traitsStrength must not lose to much condition at peak fertilityGood uddersLow somatic cell countFeet and legs

BullsMost impressiveTop BrassRoyalLesterJudds AdmiralBadgerManhatten

Biggest disappointmentsGreat MagicSquireJas Byg