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  1. 1. Men and women are increasingly experimenting with leather fashion Leather definitely adds to the oomph factor
  2. 2. People are straying from traditional browns and blacks to red, green, blue and citrus. Tops, shorts, dresses even shirts theres no end to how you can spruce up with hide wear
  3. 3. Its not just the ladies who are choosing to wear bold colors. Men are opting for bright colored leather pants as well These come in a variety of cuts and styles
  4. 4. Funky Trousers for Women
  5. 5. Versatile and chic, funky leather wear is becoming a great favourite with women. Leather wear is no more restricted to the cine or rock star image. It is increasingly being opted for street fashion as well. They come in different cuts and styles. Funky designs with metallic buttons, zippers and studs add to the style quotient
  6. 6. Live It Up with Leather Wear
  7. 7. So buy yourself some bright colored leather pants this season. Team them with plain or printed tops and high heeled pumps